Paul Finch Books In Order

Paul Finch is a British author best known for his D.S. Heckenburg crime mystery series, as well as his Doctor. WHO audio dramas. He is a book author, screenwriter, and journalist, who previously worked as a policeman.

Paul Finch (website) was Born in Wigan. He attended the Goldsmiths College, London University where he got a degree in history.

Before becoming a novelist, he was a police officer with the Greater Manchester Police until 1988, and later on a journalist, working for the Wigan Observer, the Lancashire Evening Post, the St Helens Reporter and the Manchester Evening News.

In 1998 he began working as a full-time writer, after being made redundant twice from his job in one year. His first writing gig was for The Bill, an ITV police drama, while still working as a journalist in the 1990s.

In 2001 his first horror novel, a short story with the title Cape Wrath was published, which started his career in writing fiction in earnest.

Apart from writing his novels, Paul Finch also worked on several Doctor Who stories, which started with a legacy from his dad, Brian Finch, who during his life was also a scriptwriter, as well as a dramatist. In addition to writing novels, he also worked on the script for the New Zealand horror movie The Devil’s Rock, which came out in 2011.

Paul lives in Lancashire, UK, with his wife Cathy and his children.

Here are all the Paul Finch books in order of publication and reading order for his series and standalone works.

DS Heckenburg Series In Order

1. A Wanted Man (DS Heckenburg #0.5), 2015

2. Stalkers (DS Heckenburg #1), 2013 – book review

3. Sacrifice (DS Heckenburg #2), 2013 – book review

4. The Killing Club (DS Heckenburg #3), 2014

5. Dead Man Walking (DS Heckenburg #4), 2014

6. Hunted (DS Heckenburg #5), 2015

7. Ashes to Ashes (DS Heckenburg #6), 2017

Lucy Clayburn Series

1. Strangers (Lucy Clayburn #1), 2016

2. Shadows (Lucy Clayburn #2), 2017

Other Books And Short Story Collections By Paul Finch

Cape Wrath, 2002 (novella)

The Extremist, 2004 (short story collection)

Stains, 2007 (short story collection)

Ghost Realm, 2008 (short story collection)

Groaning Shadows, 2009 (short story collection)

Stronghold, 2010

Sparrowhawk, 2010

Walkers In The Dark, 2010 (short story collection)

One Monster Is  Not Enough, 2010 (short story collection)

Devils of Lakeland, 2011 – short story in the Terror Tales Of The Lake District anthology

Medi-Evil 1, 2011 (short story collection)

Medi-Evil 2, 2011 (short story collection)

Medi-Evil 3, 2011 (short story collection)

Dark North, 2012

Bog Man, 2012 – short story in the Terror Tales of the Cotswolds anthology

Wicken Fen, 2012 – short story in the Terror Tales of East Anglia anthology

Enemies At The Door, 2012 (short story collection)

Don’t Read Alone, 2013 (short story collection)

The Incident At The North Shore, 2013, short story in the Terror Tales of the Seaside anthology

In A Deep, Dark December, 2014 (short story collection)

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