Linda Howard Books in Order

Linda Howard is the author of numerous popular romance and romantic suspense novels, some included in series such as Blair Mallory, and Rescues, while others are standalone books.

Here are the Linda Howard books in order for her numerous stories. Please note that the contemporary and historical romance books, like the Western Ladies, are not included in this list, as they are beyond the scope of this site.

New Linda Howard Books

After Sundown
After Sundown, 2020

Rescues Series

  1. Midnight Rainbow (Rescues #1), 1984
  2. Diamond Bay (Rescues #2), 1987
  3. Heartbreaker (Rescues #3), 1987
  4. White Lies (Rescues #4), 1988

Mackenzie Family Saga

  1. Mackenzie’s Mountain (Mackenzie Family #1), 1989
  2. Mackenzie’s Mission (Mackenzie Family #2), 1992
  3. Mackenzie’s Pleasure (Mackenzie Family #3), 1996
  4. Mackenzie’s Magic (Mackenzie Family #3.5), 1996
  5. A Game of Chance (Mackenzie Family #4), 2000

CIA Spies Series

  1. Kill and Tell (CIA Spies #1), 1998
  2. All the Queen’s Men (CIA Spies #2), 1999
  3. Kiss Me While I Sleep (CIA Spies #3), 2004

Blair Mallory Series

  1. To Die for (Blair Mallory #1), 2004
  2. Drop Dead Gorgeous (Blair Mallory #2), 2006

Standalone Linda Howard Books

Linda Howard authorLinda Howard was born in 1950 in Gadsden, Alabama and she grew up in Walnut Grove. She first started to write books at the very young age of 9 (the story of two children lost in the woods), and she never stopped writing ever since, creating new tales several times from those early times.

She loved reading from a young age, Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell being one of her favorite stories.

Linda enrolled at the Gadsden State Community College to study journalism, however, after a semester she dropped out because writing stories seemed much more interesting for her than real-life stories.

Thus she went on to work at a trucking company, at  Bowman Transportation, where she stayed for 17 years. This is where she also met her husband, Gary F. Howington.

Some 20 years after writing books, in 1980, she contacted publishing houses and agents to get her first manuscript released. In the process, she did a lot of research about publishing at the library, so she would pick the right publisher.

Two years later, in 1982, her first book, All That Glitters, a contemporary romance novel, was published by Silhouette. Since then, she has written numerous books, first in the contemporary and historical romance genres, soon moving onto writing hot and sexy romantic suspense, which is a genre she is still writing today.

So far the Linda Howard book list includes over 50 (if not 60) books. However, here we only list the romantic suspense stories, so the list is somewhat smaller.

Mackenzie’s MissionThe author was always fond of men in uniform. In an interview, she mentioned that “when they put on that uniform, that is proof that they are willing to put themselves between you and danger.” So from her passion for army men and Tomcats, the novel Mackenzie’s Mission, book #2 in the Linda Howard Mackenzie series, was born.

In the book, we have top-secret projects, men in uniforms, and, of course, fighter planes. Not to mention lots of adventure and romance. It features Air Force Colonel Joe “Breed” MacKenzie, and civilian Physicist Caroline Evans who both get to work on the project involving some new Night Wing prototypes and who both get attracted to each other.

While there are several books by Linda Howard in series, the latest novels are mostly standalones, with The Woman Left Behind being a new one published in 2018. Incidentally, it also features the military in the book. Jina Modell works for a paramilitary organization, in Communications.

While she is a tech geek, she is assigned to a task that requires from her heavy physical activity, so she has to go through very rigorous training. Levi (called Ace), the team leader, initially looks down on her and doesn’t trust her skills. But as usual with this genre, soon things will change.

Linda usually writes two books a year for major New York publishing houses, so we should see another book (probably another standalone) towards the end of 2018 as well.

The latest publication is in 2020, titled After Sundown, which will most probably be another New York Times Bestseller.

One of my personal favorites of the genre, she’s a founding member of the RWA (Romance Writers of America). She lives in Gadsden, Alabama, with her husband, Gary F. Howington, and their two beautiful golden retrievers, where she works on her next book. Many of the author’s tales earned prestigious awards, and one of her short stories, Loving Evangeline, was made into a movie with the same title.

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  1. Are you doing another book on the blood born series? Just read the 2nd book warrior raising. Love them

  2. Just read blood born and the warrior raising. Is there a 3rd book in the making. So much more to cover in the series.

  3. I love Linda Howard’s stories. In fact I have them all except for “What a Day!” by various authors including Linda Howard. Is it possible that she could make her story available on Kindle as I am unable to obtain a copy of this book, living in South Africa.

  4. Please, please, I really want to purchase the audiobooks for MacKenzie’s Mountain series, but they are not available here in Mexico from Amazon. Please let me know if and where I can obtain these books. Email if possible as I do not want to get into Facebook. I would really appreciate this, as I have been trying to buy them for a fairly long time. I’m 74 and we retired here from Canada. Thank you so much, as I do love your novels.

  5. Please follow up with Son of the Morning.
    I have read all of your books, that was my favorite

  6. I recently discovered Linda Howard books, and I’ve already read most of them. I’ve really enjoyed them all. I especially enjoyed the Blair Mallory stories and want to know if there are any plans to write books about her sisters.

  7. Your books have gotten me through the passing of my beloved husband. It’s been a very difficult time. Thank you

  8. I have read every MacKenzie book. I want to see one about Little Wolf and Nick. Being teenagers, young adults with skills beyond their years! Can’t wait-hurry–I’m 70! katrina sutton

  9. I’ve finished reading the MacKenzie books. I was wondering why you did not write about the other sons of Mary and Wolf?I am not a Facebook member so please email me.

    1. I have read all of your books and enjoyed them immensely. My favorite was ‘TheWoman Left Behind.’ I hope you will make a series of these. I also do not do Facebook.

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