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Nelson DeMille (website) is an American author of several crime mystery novels. He has written many standalone novels, as well as three series: John Corey, Paul Brenner, Joe Ryker, and John Sutter.

Nelson deMille was born in New York City in 1943, and as a child he moved with his family to Long Island, where he attended the Elmont Memorial High School. After he left highschool, he enrolled at the Hofstra University, where he remained for three years before going to the army and enrolling at the Officer Candidate School.

He fought in Vietnam during 1966-1969 and received numerous medals and badges of honor for his outstanding service.

After leaving from the army, he returned home where he finished his last year of university, graduating in Political Science and History. He holds three honorary doctorates.

The author’s first novels were detective mysteries. His debut novel was By the Rivers of Babylon, published in 1978. This was also the first book I have read by him in the early 1980s.

In his books, Nelson deMille uses first person point of view, and most of his books are well-known for their dry humor and sarcasm. Also most of his books are very long (often well over 600 pages). A number of his books are set on Long Island, the place where the author lives with his family.

Three of the author’s books have been made into movies, namely The General’s Daughter, Word of Honor, and Mayday.

The latest book written by Nelson deMille is The Cuban Affair, a standalone novel published 2017.

Here are the Nelson deMille books in order for his series and standalone novels.

John Sutter Series

1. Gold Coast (John Sutter #1), 1990

2. The Gate House (John Sutter #2), 2008

Paul Brenner Series

1. The General’s Daughter (Paul Brenner #1), 1992

2. Up Country (Paul Brenner #2), 2002

3. The Panther (Paul Brenner #2, John Corey #6), 2012

John Corey Series

1. The Book Case (John Corey #0.5), 2011

2. Plum Island (John Corey #1), 1997

3. The Lion’s Game (John Corey #2), 2000

4. Night Fall (John Corey #3), 2004

5. Wild Fire (John Corey #4), 2006

6. The Lion (John Corey #5), 2010

7. The Panther (John Corey #6, Paul Brenner #2), 2012

8. Radiant Angel/A Quiet End (John Corey #7), 2015

Joe Ryker Series

Written under the pseudonym Jack Cannon

1. The Sniper (Joe Ryker #1), 1974

2. The Hammer of God (Joe Ryker #2), 1974

3. The Agent of Death (Joe Ryker #3, 1975

4. The Smack Man (Joe Ryker #4), 1975

5. The Cannibal (Joe Ryker #5), 1975

6. The Night of the Phoenix (Joe Ryker #6), 1975

Other Books by Nelson deMille

The Quest, 1975

By the Rivers of Babylon, 1978

Cathedral, 1981

The Talbot Odyssey, 1984

Word of Honor, 1985

The Charm School, 1988

Spencerville, 1994

Mayday, 1998

The Cuban Affair, 2017

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