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Sam Hakwen is the author of the Camaro Espinoza crime mystery series.

Sam Hawken was born in south Texas in 1970. While he no longer lives there (he currently lives in Maryland), he hasn’t left the American Southwest behind.

He trained as a historian, which helps him greatly with setting the much-needed realism in his crime mystery novels.

He became a published author in 2011 when his debut novel, The Dead Women of Juárez was published. It is a crime novel focused on corruption, greed, and despair set in Ciudad Juárez in Mexico. The book was shortlisted for the CWA “New Blood” Dagger Award in 2011.

His next book, Tequila Sunset was published in 2012 and it once again featured Ciudad Juárez as the backdrop of its story. This book was nominated for the for the Gold Dagger – best crime novel of the year.

The author lives with his wife and his autistic child and is deeply involved in autism- and special needs-related causes, which includes Autism Speaks and the Special Olympics.

Camaro Espinoza is what I would call the female Jack Reacher version. Tough as nails, with tons of military training, with an iron will, Camaro does everything she has to do to survive, make a living and help those in need. We really need more female hero types where male ones abound.

Here is the list of Sam Hawken books in order for his series.

Camaro Espinoza Series In Order

  1. Hero (Camaro #0.05), 2013
  2. Camaro Run (Camaro #0.1), 2013
  3. Crossfire (Camaro #0.2), 2013
  4. The Drum (Camaro #0.3), 2013
  5. Sisters In Arms (Camaro #0.4), 2013
  6. The Night Charter (book #1), 2015 – book review
  7. Bully (Camaro #1.1), 2015
  8. Walk Away (Camaro #2), 2017 – book review
  9. Make Them Sorry (Camaro #3), 2018

Other Books By Sam Hawken

  • The Dead Women Of Juárez, 2011
  • Tequila Sunset, 2012
  • Juárez Dance, 2013
  • La Frontera, 2013
  • Rosie The Ripper, 2014
  • Missing, 2014

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