Beverly Connor Books In Order – Complete List

Beverly Connor is an American archaeologist who also doubles as a successful archaeological mystery writer of two popular series: Diane Fallon and Lindsay Chamberlain book series. Here are the Beverly Connor books in order for her series and standalone novels.

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Lindsay Chamberlain Books in Publication Order

  1. Rumour Of Bones, 1996
  2. Questionable Remains, 1997
  3. Dressed To Die, 1998
  4. Skeleton Crew, 1999
  5. Airtight Case, 2000

Forensic Anthropologist Diane Fallon Books in Publication Order

  1. One Grave Too Many, 2004
  2. Dead Guilty, 2004
  3. Dead Secret, 2005
  4. Dead Past, 2007
  5. Dead Hunt, 2008
  6. Scattered Graves, 2009
  7. Dust to Dust, 2009
  8. The Night Killer, 2010
  9. One Grave Less, 2010

Standalone Novels in Order of Publication

Beverly Connor Biography – About the Author

Beverly Connor was born in 1948 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. She attended and graduated with a B.A., B.S., and an M.A. in Archaeology from the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.

She grew up with the Nancy Drew and Judy Bolton Mysteries. She kept alive her love for these types of books throughout the years, even while she worked full time as an archaeologist doing fieldwork as well as analyzing artifacts, the next step in her career was to blend her two loves into one.

Thus her journey into writing archaeological mysteries has begun with a first novel written and published in 1996 titled Rumour of Bones. This would be the first book in her Lindsay Chamberlain series which currently includes 5 books.

She started her second, Dianne Fallon series in 2004 with One Grave Too Many, a series that at this time has 9 published books.

Her archaeological career has taken her through Georgia and South Carolina, where the author would do actual digging, as well as analyze recovered artifacts.

The Diane Fallon series focuses on the forensic anthropologist who is also a museum director as well as a detective (not by choice, mind you) who solves crimes related to her field of work. The series currently has 9 books, with the latest one published in 2010.

The Lindsay Chamberlain series is about an archaeologist with deep experience in Native American artifacts who loves solving old crimes related to archaeology. Currently, the series has only 5 books, with the latest one published in 2000. The author is now working on a 6th book, with an unknown publishing date. Hurry up, Beverly Connor!


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