List of Clive Cussler Books In Order

Last Updated on May 12, 2022 Clive Cussler passed away at the age of 88 on Monday, February 24, 2020, surrounded by his family. Rest in Peace, Clive Cussler.

The Clive Cussler books in order include several popular book series such as Dirk Pitt, NUMA Files, Oregon Files, etc. Each of the series is well worth reading in chronological order, although it is not necessarily a must. If you do want to read the Dirk Pitt series in proper chronological order, you should start with Pacific Vortex which was published after The Mediterranean Caper but the events within come first.

So how many Clive Cussler books are there? Currently, if we combine all his series together, there are close to 80 books in total, all this without the author’s standalone novels, which are another five, a mixture of non-fiction books and children’s books.

So here are the Clive Cussler books in the right reading order for each fictional series – the books are in chronological order, with the publication date listed next to each book.

Below you will also find the latest Clive Cussler books.

New Clive Cussler Books

Dark Vector

Dark Vector (NUMA Files #19), 2022

Dirk Pitt Novels In Order

The first Dirk Pitt book (and the author’s debut novel), The Mediterranean Caper was written back in 1973, however chronologically it comes second after Pacific Vortex, which was published in 1983, but takes place some years before The Mediterranean Caper. Where the order of publication differs from chronological order, I will list the orders in brackets next to the books.

  1. Pacific Vortex, 1983 (Dirk Pitt series #1 chronologically, but #2 publication wise)
  2. The Mediterranean Caper, 1973 (Dirk Pitt series #2 chronologically, but first written book ) – was published under the title Mayday in England
  3. Iceberg, 1975 (Dirk Pitt #3)
  4. Raise The Titanic!, 1976 (Dirk Pitt #4)
  5. Vixen 03, 1978 (Dirk Pitt #5)
  6. Night Probe!, 1981 (Dirk Pitt #6)
  7. Deep Six, 1984 (Dirk Pitt #7)
  8. Cyclops, 1986 (Dirk Pitt  #8)
  9. Treasure, 1988 (Dirk Pitt #9)
  10. Dragon, 1990 (Dirk Pitt #10)
  11. Sahara, 1992 (Dirk Pitt  #11)
  12. Inca Gold, 1994 (Dirk Pitt #12)
  13. Shock Wave, 1996 (Dirk Pit #13)
  14. Flood Tide, 1997 (Dirk Pitt #14)
  15. Atlantis Found, 1999 (Dirk Pitt #15)
  16. Valhalla Rising, 2001 (Dirk Pitt #16)
  17. Trojan Odyssey, 2003 (Dirk Pitt #17)
  18. Black Wind, 2004 (Dirk Pitt #18)
  19. Treasure of Khan, 2006 (Dirk Pitt #19)
  20. Arctic Drift, 2008 (Dirk Pitt #20)
  21. Crescent Dawn, 2010 (Dirk Pitt #21)
  22. Poseidon’s Arrow, 2012 (Dirk Pitt #22)
  23. Havana Storm, 2014 (Dirk Pitt  #23)
  24. Odessa Sea, 2016 (Dirk Pitt #24)
  25. Celtic Empire, 2019 (Dirk Pitt #25)
  26. The Devil’s Sea, 2021 (Dirk Pitt #26)

The NUMA Files Reading Order

The NUMA Files book series has been co-authored with several other authors, including Paul Kemprecos, popular for his nautical mystery novels, including Neptune’s Eye, Cool Blue Tomb, and The Mayflower Murder, and Graham Brown. The NUMA Files is the author’s second series, started right after Dirk Pitt.

  1. Serpent, 1999 (NUMA Files #1)
  2. Blue Gold, 2000 (NUMA Files #2)
  3. Fire Ice, 2002 (NUMA Files #3)
  4. White Death, 2003 (NUMA Files #4)
  5. Lost City, 2004 (NUMA Files #5)
  6. Polar Shift, 2005 (NUMA Files #6)
  7. The Navigator, 2007 (NUMA Files #7)
  8. Medusa, 2009 (NUMA Files #8)
  9. Devil’s Gate, 2011 (NUMA Files #9)
  10. The Storm, 2012 (NUMA Files #10)
  11. Zero Hour, 2013 (NUMA Files #11)
  12. Ghost Ship, 2014 (NUMA Files #12)
  13. The Pharao’s Secret, 2015 (NUMA Files #13)
  14. Nighthawk, 2017 (NUMA Files #14)
  15. The Rising Sea, 2018 (NUMA Files #15)
  16. Sea of Greed, 2018 (NUMA Files #16)
  17. Journey of the Pharaohs, 2020 (NUMA Files #17)
  18. Fast Ice, 2021 (NUMA Files #18)
  19. Dark Vector, 2022 (NUMA Files #19)

The Oregon Files Books In Order

The Oregon Files book series has been co-authored by Clive Cussler with Craig Dirgo, known for his John Taft series, with Jack Du Brul, an author known for Philip Mercer archaeological/adventure thriller series, and with Boyd Morrison. The Oregon Files is the author’s third written book series, right after his Dirk Pitt series and the NUMA Files series.

  1. Golden Buddha, 2003 (Oregon Files #1)
  2. Sacred Stone, 2004 (Oregon Files #2)
  3. Dark Watch, 2005 (Oregon Files #3)
  4. Skeleton Coast, 2006 (Oregon Files #4)
  5. Plague Ship, 2008 (Oregon Files #5)
  6. Corsair, 2009 (Oregon Files #6)
  7. The Silent Sea, 2010 (Oregon Files #7)
  8. The Jungle, 2011 (Oregon Files #8)
  9. Mirage, 2013 (Oregon Files #9)
  10. Piranha, 2015 (Oregon Files #10)
  11. The Emperor’s Revenge, 2016 (Oregon Files #11)
  12. Typhoon Fury, 2017 (Oregon Files #12)
  13. Shadow Tyrants, 2018 (Oregon Files #13)
  14. Final Option, 2019 (Oregon Files #14)
  15. Marauder, 2020 (Oregon Files #15)

Isaac Bell Adventures Reading Order

Clive Cussler co-authored the Isaac Bell Adventures with Justin Scott, known for his Ben Abbott mystery series. Isaac Bell is a private investigator with the Van Dorn Detective Agency, an establishment he based on the real-life Pinkerton Agency. The Isaac Bell series is the author’s fourth one written after his Dirk Pitt series, NUMA Files, and Oregon Files.

  1. The Chase, 2007 (Isaac Bell Adventures #1)
  2. The Wrecker, 2009 (Isaac Bell Adventures #2)
  3. The Spy, 2010 (Isaac Bell Adventures #3)
  4. The Race, 2011 (Isaac Bell Adventures #4)
  5. The Thief, 2012 (Isaac Bell Adventures #5)
  6. The Striker, 2013 (Isaac Bell Adventures #6)
  7. The Bootlegger, 2014 (Isaac Bell Adventures #7)
  8. The Assassin, 2015 (Isaac Bell Adventures #8)
  9. The Gangster, 2016 (Isaac Bell Adventures #9)
  10. The Cutthroat, 2017 (Isaac Bell Adventures #10)
  11. The Titanic Secret, 2019  (Isaac Bell Adventures #11)
  12. The Saboteurs, 2021 (Isaac Bell Adventure #12)

Fargo Adventures Order of Reading

The Fargo Adventures book series has been co-authored with Grant Blackwood, Thomas Perry, Russell Blake and Robin Burcell. The book series focuses on a team of two professional treasure hunters, Sam and Remi Fargo. The Fargo Adventures is the author’s fifth series, after the Dirk Pitt novels, NUMA Files, Oregon Files, and Isaac Bell.

  1. Spartan Gold, 2009 (Fargo Adventures #1)
  2. Lost Empire, 2010 (Fargo Adventures #2)
  3. The Kingdom, 2011 (Fargo Adventures #3)
  4. The Tombs, 2012 (Fargo Adventures #4)
  5. The Mayan Secret, 2013 (Fargo Adventures #5)
  6. The Eye of Heaven, 2014 (Fargo Adventures #6)
  7. The Solomon Curse, 2015 (Fargo Adventures #7)
  8. Pirate, 2016 (Fargo Adventures #8)
  9. The Romanov Ransom, 2017 (Fargo Adventures #9)
  10. The Gray Ghost, 2018 (Fargo Adventures #10)
  11. The Oracle, 2019 (Fargo Adventures #11)
  12. Wrath of Poseidon, 2020 (Fargo Adventures #12)

Other Clive Cussler Books

So there you have them, all the Clive Cussler books in chronological order from the first to the latest in each adventure book series the author wrote, and often co-authored with other writers.

Clive CusslerClive Cussler Biography

Born in 1931 in Aurora, Illinois, the author Clive Cussler grew up in Alhambra, California. He went to the Pasadena City College where he remained for two years after which e dropped out in order to enlist in the US Air Force where he got to the rank of sergeant. During his time with the army, he worked as a flight engineer and aircraft mechanic in Hawaii during the Korean War. It was during this time that he discovered scuba diving and his passion for it, one that will be with him throughout his entire life.

His first job after leaving the army was that of an advertising copywriter, after which he became a creative director for two important advertising agencies in the country.

Clive Cussler wrote his first book in 1965, 15 years after he’s been working as a copywriter while being at home with the kids as his wife was working night shifts at the police department. It took him 18 years to publish his very first novel under the title Pacific Vortex.

Over the years he wrote numerous books alone and in cooperation with other authors, in creating several popular book series, including his Dirk Pitt series, the NUMA Files, the Oregon Files, the Isaac Bell Adventures and the Fargo Adventures. He also wrote several non-fiction books, with his first one being The Sea Hunters, written in 1996.

With so many books written under his belt, if you’re looking to read the Clive Cussler books in order, considering that there are several series that he put out so far, it might be a tad difficult to navigate the sea of his novels and find out which comes before which book and what is the right order of his many book series.

I’ve started reading the books by Clive Cussler in chronological order (his Dirk Pitt series) back in the 80s when I first discovered them. At the time he and Tom Clancy where my main mystery authors that I was religiously following – Tom Clancy with his political thrillers and Mr. Cussler with his maritime adventure mysteries called Dirk Pitt, with the main character named after the author’s son called Dirk Cussler, with whom he actually co-authored some of his later Dirk Pitt books.

Now just to see the huge amount of books written by this author, the Dirk Pitt series has so far 25 books, the NUMA Files series includes 15 books, the Oregon Files 13 books, the Isaac Bell Adventures 10 books and The Fargo Adventures 10 books, not to mention the several standalone and non-fiction books he has written during his lifetime. That makes it a total of over 70 books published to date, with each year the number getting bigger and bigger.

He also wrote 2 kids’ books and 4 non-fiction books, among which one is a book I’ve read called Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt Revealed. It’s worth checking it out.

Even at this advanced age (over 80-years-old), our favorite novelist, Clive Cussler, still likes to scuba dive (a hobby which is well reflected in his Dirk Pitt adventure novels). He is living in Paradise Valley, Arizona where he writes (in his shed) his next book. He co-authors with 5 other novelists, one of them being his own son, Dirk who helped his dad write several of the latest Dirk Pitt novels.

Of course, the main character of his most popular book series, Dirk Pitt, was named after his son. Dirk started working with Clive Cussler in 2004, after he left his job as a controller at Motorola Iridium in Phoenix.

When he does the research for the next books, the author Clive Cussler likes to take real-life events and twist them to suit the needs of his main characters and storyline. For example, in his novel The Assassin, Isaac Bell #8, he invented a story about investigating real-life John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil monopoly.

While he still writes books, Clive Cussler is more in a rewriting stage these days. The authors write the first 100 or so pages, which they then send them to Clive to check and edit, following which they get it back from him to continue the stories.

An interesting fact about Mr. Cussler, a few years after starting his Dirk Pitt series, which features a fictitious National Underwater Marine Agency focused on finding underwater artifacts, he actually created the same-named nonprofit organization to find and preserve maritime history.

So far this agency found over 60 shipwrecks and donated their findings to museums or various related government agencies.

In an interview, Cussler was asked whether he believes his Dirk Pitt series (his most popular book series to date) will go on after he is gone. His answer was, “I hope Dirk Pitt will go on after me.”

As for the question of whether we should read the Clive Cussler book series in order, I think it’s not absolutely necessary. Each book has a starting and ending story, so they can be perfectly read on their own, out of order.

Having said that, many books have references to previous novels that might enrich your reading experience if you know what the author is talking about.

I personally prefer reading all my mystery series in order, even when if they really don’t have to strictly be.

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  1. Bill white says:

    How many additional books are in the works, where does built for thrill and built for Adventure fit as far as when they published. I had the majority of the entire series in paperback, when my basement flooded and most of my collection had to be replaced and at the time I could only find his work in hardcover so I started over again only this time in hardcover.

  2. Andy Nicholls says:

    Like a lot of people I came across CC by accident when reading Tom Clancy. I soon converted and set about building my collection – I now have the full collection of 1st’s. The collection is my pride and joy. That feeling of the new book arriving – opening the covering page – checking to see it’s the right one – then closing it and putting it on the shelf can’t be beaten! (I then read on the kindle – my partner doesn’t get it🤣). It won’t be the same without him – but hey life does go on and I have a feeling so will the ‘franchise’.

  3. Jeff Tiner says:

    Came across the Cussler body of work 10 or 15 years ago. I’ve been an avid fan ever since. I was very saddened to hear of Mr. Cussler’s passing. I will tell you I deeply enjoy his novels, re-read them frequently and they have been instrumental in my sharing the passion of reading with my two children who are now young adults. It is something very special that we have shared through the years. It is with mixed emotions that I look forward to my next purchase of the last of his novels this month to read but will add to my collection which includes everything he ever wrote 🙂

  4. Paul Eilander says:

    Clive has been my all time favorite author since the first book I read was Raise the Titanic. I have almost all of his books and am trying complete the whole set. Tremendous writer. Glad to have the list to find which ones I’m missing

  5. Douglas Toth says:

    I have 84 Clive Cussler books. This includes all the Dirk Pitt novels, NUMA Files, The Oregon Files, Issac Bell Adventures, Fargo Adventures, The Sea Hunters & Sea Hunters II, CC and Dirk Pitt Revealed, and The Adventures of VinFiz and The Adventures of Hotsy Totsy. 2 summers ago my wife surprised me with a detour on our way back from Breckenridge with a side stop in Arvada, CO. A visit to the Clive Cussler auto museum & some friends who live in the Denver area showed up to surprise me. So I decided that between the Covid-19 lockdowns and this being one of the hottest & driest summers I can remember in Pittsburgh that I will try to read through all these books again. I know I will enjoy all of these once again.

  6. John Probst says:

    Long time fan. My Cussler shelf is about 5ft long, but room for more. But I think it’s time to do something I have been wanting to do and the Covid thing gives me time to do. Start at the beginning and reread them ALL! Thank you Clive for the many many hours of entertainment you gave us all. As long as your stories live, you still live in our hearts!
    Sleep well… Dirk still lives!

  7. Pierre Fourie says:

    I am sad to hear of the passing of Clive I have read most of the Dirk Pitt books and some Numa books he will be missed I would like to see most of the Dirk Pitt novels produced as a movie.

  8. Anthony Price says:

    i have just heard the sad news of Clive’s passing. my condolences to his family and friends.
    his novels thrilled us in this world, his next novels will thrill those in the next.

  9. Declan Hennessy says:

    Sad to hear the news of Clive Cusslers passing…
    I have just finished reading “wrath of Poseidon “…yet another fantastic novel from a brilliant author who will be missed.

  10. A"Ray Humphrey says:

    I was very saddened when i heard of his passing, Requiecat in pace. I’v enjoyed every one of his books and waited patiently for the next on. I have read every one, BUT, the Gray Ghost with co author Robin Burcell was the worst book of his that i tried to read. I got halfway thru then gave up on it. Maybe I’ll finish it one day.

  11. P Spencer says:

    I was very saddened to recently come across the news of Clive Cussler’s passing.
    Many years ago at a challenging and difficult time in my life I had the good fortune to see his books at the library. I read one and was addicted. Voraciously I read each and every series available and delighted in loosing myself in the pages of all the adventures and then waited in anticipation of each new book release. I have read all of his books with the exception of the last release, ‘Wrath of Poseidon’ (from the Fargo series), which is waiting on a shelf for me a my local library.
    To the Cussler Family, please accept my deepest and most sincere condolences.
    To Mr Clive Cussler, my gratitude for your wonderful talent, masterful story-telling, delightful humour and generosity of spirit, Rest in Peace dear Sir. You will be missed.

  12. Jeff Trentadue says:

    I was not a reader most of my life. I mostly read magazine articles or condensed books. At age 60, I was suggested reading Clive Cussler. I have read 53 of his books. Better late than never!

  13. Brad Cowden says:

    As a 15 yr. old, fascinated by the Titanic sinking, I stumbled upon Mr. Cussler’s “Raise The Titanic,” and my adventure with Dirk Pitt was spawned. As a voracious reader, I would put Mr. Cussler in my Top 5 fiction writers. I was stunned to hear of his passing today after a casual web search upon reading a article in Costco’s Connection Magazine, selecting “Wrath of Poseidon” as a recommended read. One of my favorite aspects of the Dirk Pitt series was Cussler’s penchant for instilling himself into chance meetings with this Pitt fellow from time to time in his story writing. Condolences to the Cussler family, and fans of his writing, we can only hope to “stumble” upon another of his ilk in our lifetimes.

  14. tom dinkin says:

    i feel as though i have known you all of my life ,as i have read most of your books,rest in pease friend

  15. Una Hopkins says:

    I am so saddened to read of Clive’s passing.
    He is the only author I have read. My bookshelf is filled with his writings and will be missed.

  16. Robert Tierson says:

    Clive cussler was in my opinion THE best writer ever. I Have and read everyone of his books and enjoyed all. Will miss you Mr. Cussler

  17. Cal Desmond-Pearson says:

    So sad to hear of Clive Cussler’s death. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP.

  18. Ken Asper says:

    I love all the series and characters. One of the best things is the way the mysteries are wrapped in actual historical events. The books also get you involved in learning about geography. Clive paints everything with such detail that you can almost picture being there. I even got my daughter and grandaughter interested.

  19. Ron says:

    What was the title of the first book he wrote in 1965 that must not have been published? The earliest Clive Cussler book was published in 1973. Just curious.

  20. Glenn Beckerton says:

    I am well and truly cusslerated, I am a tragic. Got rid of one collection and started another. Just cannot put those books down. If I don’t have a new book , I re-read one of the 35 at my bedside.

    • Mystery Sequels says:

      That’s a great way to spend your time. I love the Clive Cussler books as well, can’t get enough of them, especially of his Dirk Pitt series.

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