Elizabeth Adler Books In Order

Elizabeth Adler is a British romantic suspense author known for her several standalone novels and her Mac Reilly series. While many of her books are in the romantic suspense genre, the author has also written several chick-lit / contemporary and historical fiction novels. Reading the Elizabeth Adler books in chronological order centers mostly around her series, since her standalone books can be read in any order you choose.

Here are the Elizabeth Adler books in order for her Mac Reilly series and her romance and romantic-suspense novels.

Mac Reilly Series In Order

  1. One of Those Malibu Nights (Mac Reilly #1), 2008
  2. There’s Something About St. Tropez (Mac Reilly #2), 2009
  3. It All Began in Monte Carlo (Mac Reilly #3), 2010
  4. From Barcelona, with Love (Mac Reilly #3), 2011

Standalone Elizabeth Adler Books

Elizabeth Adler was born in 1950 in Yorkshire in the Northern England, where she also grew up. She studied at the University of Leeds. While working at a talent agency in London, she met her future husband, a young American, Richard. At the time, Richard was working at a TV channel while in England. When he moved to Rio de Janeiro, he sent her a ticket and she followed him there. Over the years, they lived in several countries, including Brazil, Ireland, Spain, France, Canada, and the USA.

Elizabeth Adler authorThe author Elizabeth Adler began her writing career in 1985 when she wrote her debut novel, Private Desires, a romantic story. Many of her books in the romance genre feature some of the author’s trait of a romantic person, a foodie, and a travel-addict. Her love of travel takes her to all sorts of places, which she travels to with her husband when she is not writing books.

In fact, travel plays an important part of the author’s research process. To do the best research, she loves going back to places she’s been years ago, to see if those places are the same as she remembers them. Also, since she loves history, historical romances come easily to her, which is what she started initially writing back in the day.

Some of those places that the author Elizabeth Adler discovered in her travels actually feature in her novels, including Venice, Capri, St. Tropez, Capri, Monte Carlo, Malibu, as well as the sunny Tuscany. When you read her books, you actually feel like you are there, even if you have never traveled to those parts of the world at all. Also, her current home, California, is the setting of several of her books.

Some of the author’s prominent protagonists, including Mac Reilly, Sunny Alvarez, and Malibu PI, are loosely based on the traits of her own husband, whom she dearly loves. He has been supporting Elizabeth throughout her entire career as a published author.

Currently, the writer lives in the US in Palm Springs, California with her husband and her daughter, Annabelle, where she is working on her next novel. So far Elizabeth Adler has written 30 books, with a latest one published called The Charmers, a romantic suspense novel, been released in 2016. A new Elizabeth Adler book is being released in 2018 with the title Better Than Revenge.

Elizabeth is writing a book a year, so she is busy every single day. She first starts with editing her previous pages and then sits down to write new ones. Her books are mostly traditional, classic romantic-suspense novels, with somewhat gentler stories than books by other authors like Iris Johansen, Allison Brennan or Catherine Coulter.

Although truth be told, some of the author’s newer books are a bit on the darker side. For example, Last to Know, published in 2014, deals with deranged killers and psychopaths.

The author’s characters are always fully fleshed out, and the tension can be felt throughout the entire novel. There is tons of suspense in her books, along with love, romance, and mystery. Her books have been published in over 25 countries and have sold tens of millions of copies worldwide. Some of her novels include recipes that the author has actually made at home a yummy foods or desserts.

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  1. Better Than Revenge, 2019

    I haven’t been able to find this book on Amazon and the libraries don’t have it either. Does anyone know anything about this book? I don’t think it was ever released.

  2. Elizabeth Adler was my school friend & we lived close to one another I have visited her in California & we always send a birthday card/message as there is just one week between us. I am concerned as I seem unable to contact her. Any info would be appreciated
    Tricia Widdall, Leeds UK

  3. I have read ALL Elizabeth Adler books and loves them all. I feel like I’ve travelled to all these wonderful destinations due to her thorough descriptions and she makes me feel like I’m actually there. I call myself a visual reader because I visualize the scenes, smell the fragrances, speak the languages. I guess I’m just wrapped up in my book so much that I lose myself. That’s a great read from a very Exceptionally talented author. Thank you Elizabeth Adler for taking me on a vacation with each novel. I await your next book with bated breath. Keep up the fantastic work.

  4. FYI..Under your list of Elizabeth Adler books, I found The King’s Shadow and purchased it online. The author is NOT Elizabeth Adler, but Elizabeth ALDER instead! You can confirm my findings and should remove from list. Thank you.

    1. Jennifer here, again. I was able to read all Elizabeth Adler’s books through libraries except three and purchased these online. I thoroughly enjoyed every one!

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