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John A. Connell (website) is the author of the Mason Collins historical crime mystery series.

The author was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Until the age, of 13 he lived in Columbus, Ohio, NYC, and D.C., after which he moved back to his place of birth.

He enrolled at the Georgia State University from which he graduated with a BA in Anthropology and a minor in Psychology.

To finance his college studies, he had several odd jobs, including being a stock boy in a brassiere factory, courier for medical offices, a repairer of newspaper vending machines, apprentice machinist, and printing-press operator.

After he left the university, he played and sang in jazz and rock bands. At the same time, he also wrote short stories. Eventually, he switched careers to working in films as a cameraman. Later on, he became a camera operator and assistant aerial cinematographer, a job which took him around the globe.

He married his French wife while he was working as a camera operator, and the family promptly moved to Europe. The author is currently living in Madrid, Spain, where he is working on his Mason Collins series.

The series features Mason, a former Chicago homicide detective, who fought in WWII and was captured as a prisoner. He is now a U.S. Army criminal investigator in Berlin, Germany.

The series currently includes two books, with the latest titled Spoils of War, published in 2016.

Here are the John A. Connell books in order for his new series.

Mason Collins Series

Mason Collins is an ex-police detective in Chicago who is working now as a U.S. Army criminal investigator in the American Zone of Occupation.

1. Ruins of War (Mason Collins #1), 2015

2. Spoils of Victory (Mason Collins #2), 2016

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