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Simon Gervais is a Canadian author who has written so far two thriller series: Mike Walton and Pierce Hunt. Compared to many other authors, he is a relative newcomer to the scene, with his debut novel published in 2015.

The year 2019 saw the released of his second series, featuring Pierce Hunt, with the book Hunt Them Down.

Here are the Simon Gervais books in order for the author’s series and any eventual standalone novels. The list is updated with new books regularly.

New Simon Gervais Book

Hunt Them Down
Hunt Them Down, (Pierce Hunt #1) 2019

Mike Walton Thriller Series

  1. The Thin Black Line (Mike Walton #1), 2015
  2. A Long Gray Line (Mike Walton #1.5), 2016 (novella)
  3. A Red Dotted Line (Mike Walton #2), 2016
  4. A Thick Crimson Line (Mike Walton #3), 2018

Pierce Hunt Thriller Series

  1. Hunt Them Down, 2019
  2. Trained to Hunt, 2019

About Simon Gervais

Simon Gervais
author Simon Gervais

Simon Gervais is a Canadian author who had his debut novel published in 2015. He was born in Montreal, Québec. After leaving school, he joined the Canadian military as an infantry officer.

Simon loved and was encouraged by his mother to read from a very young age. He began reading from the age of 10-11 when they were on holidays with the family. He would read wherever he could, including while laying on the beach.

In 1997, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant. A few years later, in 2001, Simon became a federal agent after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) recruited him.

His first job started in Toronto, where he became a drug investigator, often working in collaboration with the DEA, his American counterpart. As such, he worked on several drug-related cases for the next three years, until in 2004, he began working in a counterterrorism group based in Ottawa.

Having spent nearly twenty years in the military and in law enforcement, Simon Gervais often traveled to European and Middle Eastern countries as part of his work-related deployment.

He also worked for a few years as an air marshall, going across various parts of the globe. During his time, he always had a cover story that anyone asking about his job was told. He would be a gambler, a writer, reporter, or anything else but what he actually was in his day job.

He again switched careers in 2009, when he took on an assignment to protect and guard foreign heads of state visiting Canada. Some of the leaders he worked with were Barack Obama, the Chinese president Hu Jintao, and Queen Elizabeth II.

The idea to write a book came to him during his time working in the counterterrorism unit. He was reading thriller novels by contemporary author, and he was never fully satisfied by the action. fist fights, and firefight scenes in the books. Having personal experience with these, he knew he could write better scenes that existed today.

The author never really studied creative writing or any other related classes. He is self-taught through reading hundreds of crime mysteries and especially spy=thrillers.

And it finally happened during a flight from England to Canada. The itch to write grabbed him, and by the time the plane landed, he had already begun drafting a first manuscript based on the premise of the main hero being part of an organization dealing with terrorists where the group didn’t have to deal with as much tape as he had to deal with in real life.

With full-time work and a family with two kids to support, it took Simon Gervais five years to write his first book. In April 2015, The Thin Black Line was written and published. Within the initial year of its publication, the first Simon Gervais book sold over 25 000 copies. In 2016 it was also sold in Germany as a German translation with the title Wir Werden Toten.

His background in law enforcement at the RCMP helped Simon Gervais create realistic stories. His second series featuring Pierce Hunt is inspired by his work in Toronto as a drug investigation in conjunction with the DEA in the US.

In September 2014, once he had a two-book deal signed, he retired from law enforcement as he wanted to devote his time to writing books all day long and become a full-time novelist. In an interview, he mentioned that his goal is to write one book every year, or even every 8-10 months.

In 2017, Simon signed a new book deal with Amazon’s Thomas and Mercer imprint for the new series Pierce Hunt. While the first book was published in January 2019, the second book is awaiting publication in September 2019 with the title Trained to Hunt.

The author’s two series are very different from each other, yet, in each book Simon Gervais injects his knowledge from his time working at the RCMP. Also, there is non-stop action across both series. 

Currently, Simon Gervais lives in Ottawa with his family (wife (Lisane) and two children, as well as their golden retriever), and is working on his next book. He initially met his wife while they were both in the military. His wife was a military dentist and now has a dental office. Simon is a member of the International Thriller Writers organization.

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