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Jack Vance (John Holbrook Vance) was an American author who wrote several science-fiction, fantasy and mystery books. He is probably best known for his Demon Princes series about Kirth Gersen who makes his mission in life to hunt down the so-called “demon princes” who once killed his family.

The author was born in 1916 in San Francisco where he spent his early years. After his parents separated, his mother took him and his siblings to his grandfather’s ranch in California near Oakley in the delta of the Sacramento River. This time spent outdoors gave the young Vance the time to love nature and indulge in his love for reading.

When his grandfather died, he was force to leave junior college to work for a living, in order to support himself and his family. During this time he had several short term jobs until he enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley to study physics, mining engineering, journalism and English over a period of 6 years.

His first writing, a short story which he handed in to his teacher earned him his first negative review.

While studying he also worked as an electrician in the naval shipyards at Pearl Harbor, where he left just one month before the attack on Pearl Harbour.

Graduating in 1942 he didn’t get drafted to military due to weak eyesight. Over the next year he found jobs that kept him near the water, one of his most favorite places, which would also appear quite frequently in his books.

In 1946 he met and married Norma Genevieve Ingold (who died in 2008). The family lived in a house designed by himself.

His first official writing was The World-Thinker, a short story published in 1945. During his life the author has written over sixty books.

Jack Vance died May 26, 2013 at the ripe age of 96 in his home in the Oakland Hills.

Here are all the Jack Vance books in the various series and standalone novels in order of publication.

The Dying Earth Series

Fantasy series
1. The Dying Earth (The Dying Earth #1), 1950

2. The Eyes of the Overworld (The Dying Earth #2), 1966

3. A Quest for Simbilis (The Dying Earth #2.5), 1974

4. Cugel’s Saga (The Dying Earth #3), 1986

5. Rhialto the Marvellous (The Dying Earth #4), 1984

Lyonesse Trilogy

Fantasy series
1. Lyonesse: Suldrun’s Garden (Lyonesse #1), 1983

2. Lyonesse: The Green Pearl (Lyonesse #2), 1985

3. Lyonesse: Madouc (Lyonesse #3), 1989

The Demon Princes Series

Science Fiction/mystery series
1. The Star King (Demon Princes #1), 1964

2. The Killing Machine (Demon Princes #2), 1964

3. The Palace of Love (Demon Princes #3), 1967

4. The Face (Demon Princes #4), 1979

5. The Book of Dreams (Demon Princes #5), 1981

The Cadwal Chronicles Series

Science Fiction series
1. Araminta Station (Cadwal Chronicles #1), 1987

2. Ecce and Old Earth (Cadwal Chronicles #2), 1991

3. Throy (Cadwal Chronicles #3), 1992

Alastor Trilogy

Science Fiction series
1. Trullion: Alastor 2262 (Alastor #1), 1973

2. Marune: Alastor 933 (Alastor #2), 1975

3. Wyst: Alastor 1716 (Alastor #3), 1978

Durdane Trilogy

Science Fiction series
1. The Anome (Durdane #1), 1973

2. The Brave Free Men (Durdane #2), 1973

3. The Asutra (Durdane #3), 1974

Tschai Series

Science Fiction series
1. City of the Chasch (Tschai #1), 1968

2. Servants of the Wankh (Tschai #2), 1969

3. The Dirdir (Tschai #3), 1969

4.The Pnume (Tschai #4), 1970

Standalone Novels By Jack Vance

The Five Gold Bands (sci-fi novel), 1953

Vandals of the Void (young adult sci-fi novel), 1953

To Live Forever (sci-fi novel), 1956

Big Planet (sci-fi novel), 1957

Take My Face, written as Peter Held (mystery novel), 1957

Isle of Peril, written as Alan Wade (mystery novel), 1957

The Languages of Pao (sci-fi novel), 1958

Slaves of the Klau (sci-fi novel), 1958

The Man In the Cage (mystery novel),  1960

The Four Johns, written as Ellery Queen (mystery novel), 1964

Space Opera (sci-fi novel), 1965

A Room to Die In, written as Ellery Queen (mystery novel), 1965

The Blue World (sci-fi novel), 1966

The Fox Valley Murders (mystery novel), 1966

The Madman Theory, written as Ellery Queen (mystery novel), 1966

The Pleasant Grove Murders (mystery novel), 1967

Emphyrio (sci-fi novel), 1969

The Deadly Isles (mystery novel), 1969

Bad Ronald (mystery novel),  1973

The Gray Prince (sci-fi novel), 1974

Showboat World (sci-fi novel), 1975

Maske: Thaery (sci-fi novel), 1976

The View from Chickweed’s Window (mystery novel), 1979

The House on Lily Street (mystery novel),  1979

Galactic Effectuator (sci-fi novel), 1980

Night Lamp (sci-fi novel), 1996

Ports of Call (sci-fi novel), 1998

Lurulu – sequel to Ports of Call, completing a short multi-part novel (sci-fi novel), 2004

Novellas, Collections And Other Books

Son of the Tree, 1951

Abercrombie Station and Cholwell’s Chickens (two linked novellas), 1952

Telek, 1952

Three-Legged Joe (short story), 1953

The Houses of Iszm, 1954

The Moon Moth, 1961

Gateway to Strangeness, 1962

The Dragon Masters, 1963

Future Tense, 1964

The World Between and Other Stories, 1965

The Many Worlds of Magnus Ridolph, 1966

The Brains of Earth, 1966

The Last Castle, 1966

Eight Fantasms and Magics, 1969

The Worlds of Jack Vance, 1973

Lost Moons, 1982

The Narrow Land, 1982

The Augmented Agent and Other Stories, 1986

The Dark Side of the Moon, 1986

Chateau D’If and Other Stories, 1990

When the Five Moons Rise, 1992

Tales of the Dying Earth, 1999

The Jack Vance Treasury, 2007

Wild Thyme, Green Magic, 2009

Hard-Luck Diggings: The Early Jack Vance, 2010

This Is Me, Jack Vance! (autobiography), 2010

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