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Last Updated on March 7, 2023 Leslie Wolfe is the author of the Alex Hoffman thriller series,  the Tess Winnett series, the Baxter and Holt series, and the newer Detective Kay Sharp series.

The Alex Hoffmann series is part political, part spy, part techno-thriller. Alex is the female response to Jason Bourne, Jack Ryan, and Jack Reacher. The series currently includes five books.

Tess Winnett is an FBI Special Agent who is working with her team to stop serial killers who want nothing more than their prey. Unlike the author’s first series, Tess Winnett has a strong psychological serial-killer thriller vibe. If you enjoy this genre, you will be in for a thrill!

The latest Leslie Wolfe series features Detective Kay Sharpe. The series started in 2021.

Here are the Leslie Wolfe books in order for her series and standalone novels in publication and reading order.

New Leslie Wolfe Books

Missing Girl at Frozen Falls
Missing Girl at Frozen Falls (Detective Kay Sharp #5), 2022

Alex Hoffmann Series in Publication Order

  1. Executive (Alex Hoffmann #1), 2011
  2. Devil’s Move (Alex Hoffmann #2), 2014
  3. The Backup Asset (Alex Hoffmann #3), 2015
  4. The Ghost Pattern (Alex Hoffmann #4), 2015
  5. Operation Sunset (Alex Hoffmann #5), 2016

Tess Winnett Series in Publication Order

  1. Dawn Girl (Tess Winnett #1), 2016
  2. The Watson Girl (Tess Winnett #2), 2017
  3. Glimpse of Death (Tess Winnett #3), 2017
  4. Taker of Lives (Tess Winnett #4), 2018
  5. Girl With a Rose (Tess Winnett #5), 2020
  6. Not Really Dead (Tess Winnett #6), 2020
  7. Mile High Death (Tess Winnett #7), 2020
  8. The Girl They Took (Tess Winnett#8), 2021 

Baxter and Holt Series in Publication Order

  1. Las Vegas Girl (Baxter and Holt #1), 2018
  2. Casino Girl (Baxter and Holt #2), 2018
  3. Las Vegas Crime (Baster and Holt #3), 2018

Detective Kay Sharp Series in Publication Order

  1. The Girl From Silent Lake (Detective Kay Sharp #1), 2021
  2. Beneath Blackwater River (Detective Kay Sharp #2), 2021
  3. The Angel Creek Girls (Detective Kay Sharp #3), 2021
  4. The Girl on Wildfire Ridge (Detective Kay Sharp #4), 2022
  5. Missing Girl at Frozen Falls (Detective Kay Sharp #5), 2022

Other Leslie Wolfe Standalone Novels in Publication Order

Anthologies by Leslie Wolfe

Leslie Wolfe Biography – About the Author

Leslie Wolfe was born in 1967. She had a strong interest in reading books from a very young age. Encouraged by her mother who would give her books to read and literary assignments ranging from easy to more and more difficult ones to complete, Leslie found herself reading books by authors like Alexandre Dumas and Jules Verne by the age of 10 and Tolstoy, E.A. Poe and Margaret Mitchell by the age of 16.

During her teen years, Leslie Wolfe tutored children in literature.

Even though she wrote several short stories before leaving school, life took Leslie in another direction for a while, as she went on to study business. She attended the University of Maryland and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. Before becoming a full-time author, she worked in the corporate world for a while as a senior business leader.

In 2011, Leslie Wolfe wrote her debut novel, Executive, which became the first in the Alex Hoffman series. With currently five books in the series, another few books in her Tess Winnett novel series, a first book in the new Baxter and Holt series, a standalone novel, and a screenplay (based on her debut novel as a big screen adaptation), the author Leslie Wolfe has joined the ranks of established mystery and thriller authors.

While reading about the author’s life, I’m musing on how the path took us in so many different directions, while we started so similarly in life. I was born just one year after the author, I also read the same books by the age of 10 (we always had wall-to-wall libraries at home and my mother would push me to read as much as I could – thankfully I always loved reading). My Bachelor’s degree is also in MIS.

Yet I am not an author, but I am a blogger and book reviewer. Our love for books remained the same, however.

Several of the Leslie Wolfe books are techno-thrillers. This is no surprise to those who know that the author has a passion for technology and psychology. Her standalone novel is a psychological thriller as well.

To write her novels, Leslie Wolfe, as an author, does extensive background research for the above-mentioned fields. For example, in Glimpse of Death, she brings a lot of modern exploration of the DNA forensics, along with general avantgarde forensic science and modern investigative procedures on how to capture serial killers, along with a bit on the psychology of serial killers as well.

Before publishing the book, the author runs the manuscript through the eyes of several professionals in the medical, law enforcement and science fields. Thus, the accuracy of modern technology in the book is maintained. Leslie Wolfe creates unforgettable, strong women heroes in her action adventure, thrilling suspense novels.

While I enjoyed reading the Alex Hoffman series, the author’s Tess Winnett book series first released by Italics Publishing really stole my heart. Tess Winnett is a strong character. In the series’ latest book, The Watson Girl, she is an FBI agent who is recovering at the hospital from a brutal attack. Still, Tess Winnett is brought back to work since she can help with a case that might be even more gruesome than the one her team closed in the previous book.

Tess Winnett has eight books so far, with the latest one published in 2022, and I strongly believe that there will be more to come.

In 2021, Leslie Wolfe started yet another book series, featuring Detective Kay Sharp, which currently has five books to day.

The author is a very private person, she calls herself a recluse even, so there are no actual photos of her. When she keeps in contact with her fans, she does it so through email or social media. She is currently living in Florida with her husband and her dog.

Reading the Leslie Wolfe books in publication order is certainly a true pleasure for any thriller fan.

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  1. I love the Hoffman series. It amazes me that I hear of something on the national news that correlates with one your books.
    I have read the entire series and I am so ready for a next one.
    Very talented writing, research, and development of characters.
    You’ve left me wanting more.

  2. Just finished Las Vegas Girl and want more stories about Holt and Baxter. Great read and since I moved from Las Vegas a year ago, actually Henderson, it was fun to “ride the streets” of my former city again. Thank you!

  3. I just finished Las Vegas Girl. Great read! Can’t wait for the next Baxter/Holt novel.

  4. I have read the Tess Winnett books and am now into Stories Untold. I am hooked on whatever you write. Keep going for you have an anxious reader waiting. Stan S.

  5. I loved the Tess Winnett books and am now enjoying Stories Untold. I love Leslie Wolfe’s work! I hope to see the return of Tess Winnett .

  6. I loved Tess Winnett, nice work!

    Character development and the depth of the plot was incredible!

    Can we expect a book 4, enquiring minds would like to know?


    Mike H, Colorado

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