Robert Dugoni Books in Order – Complete List

Robert Dugoni is a New York Times bestselling author best known for his Tracy Crosswhite crime mystery series. In addition, he has also written a few other series including the David Sloane legal thriller series, the Charles Jenkins spy thriller series, and his newer legal thriller Keera Duggan series, which he started in 2023.

Here are the Robert Dugoni books in order for his popular series to be read in the right chronological order.

New Robert Dugoni Books

One Last Kill
One Last Kill, (Tracy Crosswhite #10) 2023

Tracy Crosswhite Books in Publication Order

  1. The Academy (#0.1), 2014 (short story)
  2. Third Watch (#0.5), 2015
  3. My Sister’s Grave  (#1), 2014
  4. Her Final Breath (#2), 2015
  5. In the Clearing  (#3), 2016
  6. The Trapped Girl (#4), 2017
  7. Close to Home (#5), 2017
  8. A Steep Price (#6), 2018
  9. A Cold Trail (#7), 2020
  10. In Her Tracks (#8), 2021
  11. The Last Line (#8.5), 2021
  12. What She Found (#9), 2022
  13. One Last Kill (#10), 2023

Tracy Crosswhite Short Stories and Novellas

Keera Duggan Books in Publication Order

  1. Her Deadly Game (#1), 2023

Charles Jenkins Series in Publication Order

  1. The Eighth Sister (#1), 2019
  2. The Last Agent (#2), 2020

David Sloane Books in Publication Order

  1. The Jury Master (#1), 2008
  2. Wrongful Death (#2), 2009
  3. Bodily Harm (#3), 2010
  4. Murder One (#4), 2011
  5. The Conviction (#5), 2012

Standalone Novels in Publication Order

Short Story Collections in Publication Order

Non-Fiction Books in Publication Order

Robert Dugoni Biography – About the Author

Robert Dugoni was born in 1961 in Idaho and was raised in Northern California. He is currently living in Seattle, Washington.

He always knew that he wanted to become a writer. He grew up as the middle child among other nine siblings, so he often liked to retreat to solitude and write. Also, being among so many kids, he once joked that he never got a chance to actually speak. He knew he wanted to become an established author by the seventh grade.

Robert Dugoni

Robert Dugoni attended the Stanford University, where he majored in communications/journalism and creative writing, where he got several writing awards. At the same time, he was also working as a journalist for the Stanford Daily. After graduation with the Phi Beta Kappa honor from the university, he went to work for a while at the Metro Office and the San Gabriel Valley Office of the Los Angeles Times.

Next, he went to the  UCLA School of Law, after which he began working as an attorney at Gordon & Rees in San Francisco. He remained there for 13 years until one day, in 1999, he decided that writing is what he wanted to continue doing.

So Robert Dugoni packed his stuff and moved with his family to Seattle, where he began writing his first novel in a small windowless office. It took him three years to complete his debut novel.

His first successes started with failure. After submitting his manuscripts and getting rejected over and over again, Robert went to the local bookstore’s How To section focusing on writing books and started to devour them and taking notes at the same time. He read writing books by Lawrence Block, Christopher Vogler, and Saul Stein among others. He also went to seminars held by established authors that had something to teach them about the art and craft of writing.

The author also has a second, shorter series called David Sloane, which includes five courtroom drama books, with the latest one published in 2012. This one is a legal thriller series and if you like John Grisham, you will enjoy it.

In 2019, Robert Dugoni has started his third series titled Charles Jenkins, with a first book published in April with the title The Eighth Sister, and a second titles The Last Agent, released in 2020.

A new Robert Dugoni book series was published in 2023 featuring Keera, a fearless defense attorney and her team. The first book was released with the title Her Deadly Game.

Robert Dugoni’s books have been so far sold in over 25 countries and they have been translated into over 30 languages including German, French, Spanish, and Italian. A few of Robert Dugoni’s books have been optioned for movies and television series.

When not writing, the author is teaching writing skills to his students across the US in his novel writing intensive course.

Reading the Robert Dugoni Tracy Crosswhite series in order is quite entertaining. The first book introduces us to Tracy, a homicide detective who is forever searching for the killer of her sister, Sarah.  The book climbed the #1 Amazon Bestseller list of Amazon in the United States, France, Italy, Germany and in the UK. It also went on the Bestseller list of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, and it was extremely well received both by critiques and readers alike.

Tracy Crosswhite had a very small role in one of the David Sloane books, namely in Murder One. Before starting the new series, the author decided to revisit his first series and see which character would speak to him most. He chose Tracy, and the rest is history.

While the series is a legal court drama, with homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite, Dugoni went into another direction exploring the crime mystery genre. The first novel still has traces of legal mystery within, however, the rest of the novels are pure detective mystery books.

I highly suggest you read the Robert Dugoni books in publication order for his series, not so much for the storylines but for the character development and interaction. The author mentioned in an interview that he might just go back to writing yet another Sloane book, although he doesn’t know when.

Robert Dugoni Awards

As a critically acclaimed New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and #1 Amazon bestselling author, Robert Dugoni has received so far several awards and was nominated for some others.

He won the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association’s Literary Award two times, and he won the Nancy Pearl Award for Fiction in 2015 for his novel My Sister’s Grave. The Cyanide Canary, his non-fiction expose book was a Washington Post 2004 Best Book of the year.

In addition, he was nominated for several awards, such as the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award, the Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction, the International Thriller Writer of the Year Award, and the Silver Falchion Award for mystery.

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  1. I am almost embarrassed to admit I had not heard of you as I am an avid reader. In the last two weeks I have read 3 of the Tracy Crosswhite series, I am on my 4th. Plus I read the Last Agent. Thank you, you have made my winter more tolerable.

  2. I am loving your books. Two interesting names appear in them so far, aunt’s & brother’s names.

  3. Will you be writing more of the Tracy Crosswhite books I’m on #6and I know there is a 7 will there be an 8

  4. I was hooked by the first book I read of yours, The Jury Master. Am now waiting for the next David Sloane book to come off “hold” for me.

  5. I discovered you this year with The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell, which is one of my favorite books of this year. Since then, I’ve read The 7th Canon, another favorite with its witty camaraderie between characters, and Damage Control. Now I’m starting the Tracy Crosswhite series and am reserving them as fast as my library can get them to me, considering it’s still closed. Thank you!

  6. I am so sorry I got you mixed up with Greg Olsen on the Megan Carpenter books but I do read all of your series books of Tracy Crosswhite and David Sloane and love them. I have trouble track of my authors because I read so many books but I have been reading yours for a long time. Keep up the good writing.

  7. Love all your books. I try to keep up with all that come out. Have read the last Megan Carpenter and found it great reading. Keep writing and I will keep reading.

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