P.J. Parrish Books In Order – Louis Kincaid Series

P.J. Parrish is a pseudonym that two sisters Kristy Montee and Kelly Nichols use as an alias for their books. The author duo is most popular for their Louis Kincaid crime mystery series, featuring the biracial Michican-based police detective, who eventually becomes a private detective.

Here are the P.J. Parrish books in order for their popular series of crime fiction mystery thriller novels, and their standalone books.

New P.J. Parrish Books

Edgar & Shamus Go Golden
Edgar & Shamus Go Golden, 2022

Louis Kincaid Series In Order of Publication

  1. Dark Of The Moon (#1), 1999
  2. Dead of Winter (#2), 2001
  3. Paint It Black (#3), 2002
  4. Thicker Than Water (#4), 2003
  5. Island of Bones (#5), 2004
  6. A Killing Rain (#6), 2005
  7. Unquiet Grave (#7), 2006
  8. A Thousand Bones (#8), 2007
  9. South of Hell (#9), 2008
  10. The Little Death (#10), 2010
  11. Claw Back (#10.5), 2012
  12. Heart of Ice (#11), 2013
  13. The Damage Done (#12), 2018

Harold Middleton Series in Order of Publication

The books in the series P.J. Parrish also contributed to

Anthologies in Order of Publication

Standalone Novels in Order of Publication

P.J. Parrish Biography – About The Authors

The New York Times bestselling author and Edgar-nominee P.J. Parrish is the pseudonym used by the writing team of sisters Kristy Montee and Kelly Nichols. They have written a series of mystery novels featuring Louis Kincaid, a biracial detective who solves mysteries and crimes.

P.J. Parrish sisters

Kelly Nichols loved writing from a very young age. At the age of 10 she wrote a few pages crime thriller with her only critic being her father. When she was in junior high, she was writing crime stories in her spiral journals.

She graduated from the Northern Michigan University, after which she moved to Arizona, followed by Last Vegas where she worked in the gaming industry as a blackjack dealer and later a human resource manager at a casino. She spent 20 years doing everything but writing, however the itch to put words on paper remained. She started writing the first Louis Kincaid on her own, however soon she teamed up with her sister and finished the book together.

She lives in Houghton Lake, Michigan where she is collaborating with her sister on new books.

Kristy Montee had also a knack for writing from her early childhood. Her first short story under the title The Cat Who Understood, was written whens he was in the 8th grade.

She attended the Eastern Michigan University where she got a teaching degree, following which she worked as a journalist in Michigan and then in Fort Lauderdale, working as a assistant managing editor at the Sun Sentinel, where she ended up writing all sorts of things and jumping from a police reporter to a ballet critic, and everything else in between.

After a few career hickups, she decided to follow her dream of becoming an author, so she left the newspaper industry and started writing books.

Her first 4 novels were in the romance genre, which she soon found boring. She really found true self in the mystery genre, when she start working together with her sister on their first series.

The Harold Middleton series is co-authored by 15 of the world’s greatest thriller writers, including P.J. Parrish as well.

P.J. Parrish Awards Winners and Nominees

Over the years, the author duo received the following awards for their novels:

  • Anthony Awards Best Paperback original nominee in 2006 for A Killing Rain
  • Shamus Awards Best Paperback original winner in 2007 for Unquiet Grave
  • Anthony Awards Best Paperback original winner in 2008 for A Thousand Bones
  • Anthony Awards Best Paperback original nominee in 2009 for South of Hell
  • Shamus Awards Best Paperback original winner in 2014 for Heart of Ice

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