Iris Johansen Books in Order – Eve Duncan Series In Order

Last Updated on February 16, 2023 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen is an American novelist who writes romance novels, romantic suspense novels, and crime fiction. She is the author of the popular Eve Duncan series involving the tormented forensic sculptor who is still grieving the loss of her child, Bonnie, who was kidnapped and mercilessly killed. She also wrote the newer spin-off series called Catherine Ling, a shadowy CIA Operative raised in Hong Kong and the Kendra Michaels series. She has also written the Wind Dancer series and the Hannah Bryson, which includes only two books.

Here is the list of Iris Johansen’s books in reading and publication order for all her popular series and standalone novels.

New Iris Johansen Books

More Than Meets The Eye
More Than Meets The Eye (Kendra Michaels #10), 2023
The Survivor
The Survivor (Eve Duncan #30), 2023










Eve Duncan Series in Reading and Publication Order

  1. The Face of Deception(Eve Duncan #1) 1998
  2. The Killing Game (Eve Duncan #2) 1999
  3. The Search (Eve Duncan #3) 2000
  4. Body of Lies Eve Duncan #4) 2002
  5. Blind Alley (Eve Duncan #5) 2004
  6. Countdown (Eve Duncan #6) 2005
  7. Stalemate (Eve Duncan #7) 2006
  8. Quicksand (Eve Duncan #8) 2008
  9. Blood Game (Eve Duncan #9) 2009
  10. Eight Days to Live (Eve Duncan #10) 2010
  11. Chasing The Night (Eve Duncan #11, Catherine Ling #1), 2010
  12. Eve (Eve Duncan #12) 2011
  13. Quinn Eve Duncan #13) 20111
  14. Bonnie (Eve Duncan #14) 2011
  15. Sleep No More (Eve Duncan #15), 2012
  16. Taking Eve (2013 Trilogy #1, Eve Duncan #16) 2013
  17. Hunting Eve (2013 Trilogy #2, Eve Duncan #17) 2013
  18. Silencing Eve (2013 Trilogy #3, Eve Duncan #18) 2013
  19. Shadow Play (Eve Duncan #19), 2015
  20. Hide Away (Eve Duncan #20), 2016
  21. Night and Day (Eve Duncan #21), 2016
  22. Mind Game (Eve Duncan #22), 2017
  23. Shattered Mirror (Eve Duncan #23), 2018
  24. Dark Tribute (Eve Duncan #24), 2019
  25. Smokescreen (Eve Duncan #25), 2019
  26. The Persuasion (Eve Duncan #26), 2020
  27. The Bullet (Eve Duncan #27), 2021
  28. A Face to Die For (Eve Duncan #28), 2022
  29. Captive (Eve Duncan #29), 2022
  30. The Survivor (Eve Duncan #30), 2023

Eve, Quinn, and Bonnie Series in Reading and Publication Order

  1. Eve (#1) 2011
  2. Quinn (#2) 20111
  3. Bonnie (#3) 2011

Catherine Ling Books in Reading and Publication Order

  1. Chasing The Night (#1), 2010
  2. What Doesn’t Kill You (#2), 2012
  3. Live to See Tomorrow (#3), 2014
  4. Your Next Breath (#4), 2015
  5. Vendetta (#5), 2018

Kendra Michaels Books in Reading and Publication Order

  1. Close Your Eyes (#1), 2011
  2. With Open Eyes (#1.5), 2012
  3. Sleep No More (#1.6), 2012
  4. Sight Unseen (#2), 2014
  5. The Naked Eye ( #3), 2015
  6. Night Watch ( #4), 2016
  7. Look Behind You (#5), 2017
  8. Double Blind (#6), 2018
  9. Hindsight (#7), 2020
  10. Blink of an Eye (#8), 2021
  11. Killer View (#9), 2o22 (written by Roy Johansen with a forward by Iris Johansen)
  12. More Than Meets The Eye (#10), 2023

Hannah Bryson Books in Reading and Publication Order

  1. Silent Thunder (#1), 2008
  2. Shadow Zone (#2), 2010

Logan Tanner Books in Reading and Publication Order

  1. High Stakes (#1), 2021

Standalone Iris Johansen Romantic Suspense Books

Historical and Contemporary Romance Series and Standalones in Publication Order

Clanad Books in Order

  1. The Lady and the Unicorn, 1983
  2. The Last Bridge Home, 1987
  3. Across the River of Yesterday, 1987
  4. Magnificent Folly, 1989
  5. A Tough Man to Tame, 1991

Donovan Enterprises Books in Order

  1. Stormy Vows, 1983
  2. Tempest at Sea, 1983

Reluctant Lark Books in Order

  1. The Reluctant Lark, 1983
  2. The Bronzed Hawk, 1983

Sedikhan Series in Order

  1. The Golden Barbarian, 1991
  2. The Golden Valkyrie, 1984
  3. The Trustworthy Redhead, 1984
  4. Capture the Rainbow, 1984
  5. Touch the Horizon, 1984
  6. A Summer Smile, 1985
  7. And the Desert Blooms, 1986
  8. Always, 1986
  9. Everlasting, 1986
  10. Til the End of Time, 1986
  11. The Last Bridge Home, 1987
  12. Across the River of Yesterday, 1987
  13. Star Light, Star Bright, 1987
  14. The Man from Half Moon Bay, 1988
  15. Blue Skies and Shining Promises, 1988
  16. Magnificent Folly, 1989
  17. Notorious, 1990
  18. A Tough Man to Tame, 1991

Santa Flores Books in Order

  1. No Red Roses, 1984
  2. Return to Santa Flores, 1984

White Satin Books in Order

  1. White Satin, 1985
  2. Blue Velvet, 1985
  3. And the Desert Blooms, 1986

Wind Dancer Books in Order of Reading

  1. The Wind Dancer (Wind Dancer #1), 1991
  2. Storm Winds (Wind Dancer #2), 1991
  3. Reap the Wind (Wind Dancer #3), 1997
  4. Final Target (Wind Dancer #4), 2001

Lion’s Bride Books in Order

  1. Lion’s Bride, 1996
  2. The Treasure, 2008

StandaloneRomance Novels in Publication Order

  • The Forever Dream, 1985
  • The Spellbinder, 1987
  • One Touch of Topaz, 1988
  • Strong, Hot Winds, 1988
  • Wicked Jake Darcy, 1989
  • Tender Savage, 1990
  • An Unexpected Song, 1990
  • Winter Bride, 1992
  • The Tiger Prince, 1992
  • Star-Spangled Bride, 1993
  • The Magnificent Rogue, 1993
  • The Beloved Scoundrel, 1994
  • Midnight Warrior, 1994
  • Dark Rider, 1995

Iris Johansen Biography – About the Author

The New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen was born in 1938 in St Louis, Missouri. She moved to Georgia where she currently lives with her family.

Iris Johansen

She only started to write books after her children went to college. The first genre Iris Johansen has written her initial books in were romance fiction in the 1980s.

The crime fiction author started writing contemporary romance novels, however, she soon change to the new mystery genre because (in the author’s own words):

I loved writing romance because I am a great fan of the happy ending. I started writing suspense because of the challenge of all the twists and in depth character studies that it offered me. I still try to incorporate a love story in all my books. It’s the best of both worlds for me!

A decade later, in the early 1990s, Iris Johansen switched to writing to historical suspense romances, however, in 1996 she once again changed the genre she crafted her books in and started to write romantic suspense thriller novels.

The Kendra Michael series is co-authored with her son Roy Johansen, and it currently includes 10 main books and a novella. Killer View was written by Roy, with a forward note by Iris Johansen.

While the main Iris Johansen books for the Eve Duncan series include all 23 novels, some of them have been also classified into other mini-series (like the ‘new’ Eve Duncan 2013 trilogy with Taking EveHunting Eve and Silencing Eve, as well as the Eve, Quinn and Bonnie trilogy published in 2011). However, overall they are all part of what is considered the Eve Duncan series, all the novels having her as a central character.

The series is classified as a romantic suspense thriller, which is one of my favorite mystery genres.

The first of the Iris Johansen Eve Duncan books was published back in 1998 with the title The Face of Deception, and it was a major hit right away. From the very start, we get to know Eve who, due to her own major loss in life, is trying to help other parents who have lost their children to crimes, by reconstructing children’s faces from skulls.

At the same time, throughout the entire book series, we see Eve’s main goal in life: to find the bones of her missing daughter, Bonnie, and bring her home, so she can bury her.

Mind Game focuses on Jane MacGuire who is back to Scotland to search for Cira’s treasure (more about Scotland is written in Hide Away). While she still dreams of Cira, her family, and the treasure she supposedly buried in Scotland, she is now also plagued by dreams of another young woman, this time the woman being Jane’s contemporary and probably still live. But not for long, unless Jane and Seth Caleb (Jane’s big love) can find her in time.

Iris Johansen Awards

  • Romantic Times Historical Romance Winner in 1996
  • Romantic Times Suspense Winner in 1999
  • Romantic Times Career Achievement — Thriller Winner in 2016

Novel Adaptations

In 2011, the highly popular Eve Duncan series by Iris Johansen was adapted into a Lifetime film called The Killing Game, which was based on the second novel in the series. The film featured Laura Prepon in the role of the series’ main character, Eve Duncan, who is a forensic sculptor with a talent for reconstructing the faces of murder victims.

The Killing Game film was directed by Bobby Roth, who is known for his work on other television series such as Lost and Prison Break. Roth’s direction was key in bringing Johansen’s intricate plot and characters to life on the screen. His ability to build tension and suspense in a scene, combined with his skill at developing complex characters, made the film adaptation a success.

Jill Blotevogel was responsible for adapting the novel into a screenplay for the film. Blotevogel is a highly regarded screenwriter, having worked on a number of popular television series including Scream: The TV Series and The Vampire Diaries. Her experience in adapting complex source material for the screen made her the perfect choice for bringing Johansen’s novel to life in a new and exciting way.

Overall, the film adaptation of The Killing Game was a success, with fans of the Iris Johansen Eve Duncan series eagerly tuning in to see their favorite character brought to life on the small screen. With a talented cast, skilled director, and experienced screenwriter, the film was able to capture the essence of the novel and bring it to life in a way that was both thrilling and suspenseful.

Should We Read the Iris Johansen Books for the Eve Duncan Series in Order?

Reading the Iris Johansen books in order for her Eve Duncan series is a must because the stories in the suspense thriller novels interconnect, and more importantly, we get to see the development of the main character, Eve Duncan. In addition, the related series featuring Catherine Ling and Kendra Michaels should be also read in order since the main characters also appear more than once in the Eve Duncan books.

Having read all Iris Johansen books in order that have been published until today (including her Loveswept romance novels), I recommend you pick up all the books in the series.

There are so many threads in this popular series with the main characters involved that you won’t want to skip even a single book. Besides, the books are highly addictive. Just check out all the comments on this post to see just how much people enjoy reading it. Sure, there are 24 books (including the novella) so far, but it is a very easy series to read and it reads extremely fast. There were days when I’ve read an Eve Duncan book in one afternoon.

So yes, I recommend giving the Even Duncan books and overall the Iris Johansen books – all gritty suspense thrillers – a serious look and don’t skip even one book because the threads are complicated and older ones pick up every couple of books once again.

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  1. I “inherited” my mother’s love for reading hence I inherited her books after her untimely death at 75 years young on 20 Apr 2017 at their home in my young brother’s (age 45) arms (dad passed in hospital 25 Apr 2017 at 80 years young of broken heart after mom called him after she made his bed in Heaven) but in the collection of books was her love of Iris Johansen she had got from beginning until she passed. I do not know how many she had chance to read tho but she read every chance she had no matter where she was–kitchen table–outside–recliner–break at work–hotels–you name it she was reading & I remember growing up her reading to us 6 kids then she would read her own book till she fell asleep–yes I found her asleep at kitchen table or recliner or outside or hotels with a book in her hands open to the page she was reading & she never dropped it as if tried to take away even 30 mins later she grabbed it denied she was sleeping & could sleep all night with it in her hand & wake up with same page opneed. So I inherited her love for reading at young age I loved to read in elementary school & still do whenever I can & wherever I can just like my mom. So thanks Iris & other authors for giving us books to keep on reading. Love all your books!!

  2. Iris Johansen is marvelous. I’m in the middle of her Eve Duncan series and read about 3 a week if I have time. The books are wonderfully written. I will finish this series and start on the others.

  3. Iris Johansen is my favorite author!! I’ve read pretty much all of her books except the romance ones. I love the wind dancer series and all the standalone books! I have all of them up until the 2 new ones that are due to come out this year!!

  4. Mrs. Johansen needs to get a better editor. I love the Eve Duncan Series but I hate inconsistencies in the books. I’m currently reading Taking Eve and there was a mention about how Bonnie was lost a decade ago. Try over 2 decades. A few books ago, it was mentioned that Joe was in his 30’s. Try again editor. Joe and Eve are both in their mid to late 40’s.

  5. I believe Iris Johansen has lost her ability to write. You have not heard about Jane and the guy that wants to be her boyfriend, her other adopted daughter along with Eve`s son. Since the son has been born she no longer gets visits from Bonnie.. It is like she has killed the series or has severe writers block. She only puts out one or two books a year. She has fallen off of the regular authors I have stored because she does not write enough books any more.. Iris last two books have been about K. Michael’s.

  6. I just finished no easy target and was wondering if there will be a sequel. I would love it there was. I have seen a devoted fan and loved each and everyone of her books..

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