Graham Hurley Books In Order

Graham Hurley (website) is the British author of the popular DI Joe Faraday crime mystery series. Born in 1946 in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, he had the typical childhood filled with football, swimming, reading and watching war movies.

He won a scholarship to a boarding school in London, after which he enrolled at Cambridge University earning his BA and MA in English. He started writing during that time with the intention of becoming a full time writer. After having his first five manuscripts rejected by publishing houses, Graham Hurley took on several different jobs, including becoming a promotion script-writer with Southern Television, then a researcher and director.

Hurley spent his next 20 years in television working on ITV documentaries, including filming seabed wrecks of the Titanic and the Bismarck, many endeavours which win him several awards. However none of them gave him the fulfillment which the realization of his lifelong dream of becoming a full time author would give him.

He left ITV in 199 and decided that he’d better go full steam after his dream of writing books for a living.

His first book, Rules Of Engagement was published in 1990 while he was still with ITV. Soon after he wrote and released several other novels including Reaper and The Devil’s Breath. His latest book, The Order Of Things is book #5 in his Jimmy Suttle series, published in 2015.

The author is married and has three sons and a grandchild.

Here are the Graham Hurley books in order of initial release. The reading order are in brackets.

Joe Faraday Series In Order

1. Turnstone (Joe Faraday #1), 2000

2. The Take (Joe Faraday #2), 2001

3. Angels Passing (Joe Faraday #3), 2002

4. Deadlight (Joe Faraday #4), 2003

5. Cut to Black (Joe Faraday #5), 2004

6. Blood and Honey (Joe Faraday #6), 2006

7. One Under (Joe Faraday #7), 2006

8. The Price of Darkness (Joe Faraday #8), 2008

9. No Lovelier Death (Joe Faraday #9), 2009

10. Beyond Reach (Joe Faraday #10), 2010

11. Borrowed Light (Joe Faraday #11), 2010

12. Happy Days (Joe Faraday #12), 2012

Jimmy Suttle Series In Order

1. Western Approaches (Jimmy Suttle #1), 2012

2.Touching Distance (Jimmy Suttle #2), 2013

3. Sins of the Father (Jimmy Suttle #3), 2014

4. The Order of Things (Jimmy Suttle #3), 2015

Standalone Novels By Graham Hurley

Rules of Engagement, 1990

Reaper, 1992

The Devil’s Breath, 1993

Thunder in the Blood, 1994

Thunder in the Blood, 1995

The Perfect Soldier, 1996

Heaven’s Light, 1997

Nocturne, 1998

Permissible Limits, 1999

The Chop, 1998

The Ghosts of 2012, 2009

Non-Fiction Works by Graham Hurley

Lucky Break?, 1983

A Year in the Life of the World’s Largest Military Airshow, 1998

Estuary, 2012 (autobiography)

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