G.M. Ford Books In Order

G.M. Ford is an American author who published two crime mystery series: Leo Waterman and Frank Corso. Both series take place in Seattle, the city where the author is currently living in.

Born in 1945 as Gerald Moody Ford, he attended the Nathaniel Hawthorne College in New Hampshire, after which he graduated with a Master’s degree from Adelphi University in New York in XVIII Century English literature.

Before becoming a full-time writer, G.M. Ford worked as a creative writing teacher in western Washington. He is currently living in Oregon with his wife and working on his next book.

The author’s first book, Who in Hell is Wanda Fuca? was published in 1995 and it is the first Leo Waterman novel.

The book was written at the time when G.M. Ford was getting a divorce, and as he mentioned on his website, he wanted to kill people. Luckily he turned his intent to paper, bringing us a very fun character to read about, which would feature in the 10 books, with the latest one, Family Values, published in 2017. Talk about a wonderful silver lining!

From the two main series he wrote, it seems that the Leo Waterman is the one that keeps going on since the Frank Corso series had the latest book written in 2006.

In all honesty, I do prefer the Leo Waterman series, so I am glad that if there is one series to survive, it’s this one.

Here are the G.M. Ford books in order for his series and stand-alone novels.

Leo Waterman Series In Order

A private investigator in Seattle, Washington

1. Who in Hell Is Wanda Fuca? (Leo Waterman #1), 1995

2. Cast In Stone (Leo Waterman #2), 1996

3. The Bum’s Rush (Leo Waterman #3), 1997

4. Slow Burn (Leo Waterman #4), 1998

5. Last Ditch (Leo Waterman #5), 1999

6. The Deader The Better (Leo Waterman #6), 2000

7. Thicker Than Water (Leo Waterman #7), 2012

8. Chump Change (Leo Waterman #8), 2014

9. Salvation Lake (Leo Waterman #9), 2016

10. Family Values (Leo Waterman #10), 2017

Frank Corso Series In Order

A journalist working for the Seattle Sun

1. Fury (Frank Corso #1), 2001

2. Black River (Frank Corso #2), 2002

3. A Blind Eye (Frank Corso #3), 2003

4. Red Tide (Frank Corso #4), 2004

5. No Man’s Land (Frank Corso #5), 2005

6. Blown Away (Frank Corso #6), 2006

Standalone Novels by G.M. Ford

Food For Thought, 2003 (novella included in Seattle Noir)

Nameless Night, 2008

The Nature of the Beast, 2013


  1. I love the Frank Corso…
    Looking for the standalone at
    Powells in Portland
    Thank U
    Miss M

  2. I’d like to send Gerry a thank you email but his email address from a few years ago has changed. Anybody have a current email for him?

  3. I just read “The Deader the Better” and am hooked – it was a fun read. G.M Ford – is your nickname Chrys…?

  4. I am currently reading Chump Change. I have read the 7 earlier Leo Waterman novels and the Salvation Lake novel and up to now have found Mr. Ford to be accurate in all details that I am familiar with. However, Mr. Ford has made the same mistake in Chump Change that many authors I have read make and that is saying that a Glock has a safety that can be move from on to off and off to on with a finger. The only safety a Glock has is built into the trigger which keeps the gun from firing unless the trigger is pulled. As I said this error is far from unique to Mr. Ford and he has a writing talent that otherwise keeps me spell bound from cover to cover and novel to novel. I believe he is equal to the best authors I have read a better than most. I only hope that Salvation Lake does not end up being the last episode of the Leo Waterman series.

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