David Hewson Books In Order

Reading the David Hewson books in order is a real treat for all European crime mystery lovers. Through his various series, the author takes us all the way across Italy, Spain, Holland, and Denmark – even the US at times. If you enjoy eurocrime, this author should be on your must-read list!

David Hewson (website) is a British author who was born in Yorkshire in 1953. He left high school at the age of 17 to pursue the written word, which is something he always wanted to do.

He started working at a small newspaper in Yorkshire called The Scarborough Evening News as a rookie reporter.

During the next 20 years he worked as a journalist at various news agencies including The Times, Sunday Times and Independent.

For a short time he also worked as an editor for a small private pilots magazine called Flyer, but soon he went back to writing news as a columnist, while also working on his books part time.

His first novel debuted in 1986 with the title Shanghai Thunder. Since then the author wrote over 20 mysteries that take the reader all over Europe.

His second novel, Semana Santa, set in Spain, was adapted into a movie in 2002 featuring Mira Sorvino. The book has been in the meantime re-released under the title Death In Seville.

In 2005 after having written several books which made him popular by now and allowed him to pay his bills, David Hewson decided to leave journalism behind and become a full time novel writer.

The way I first came into contact with David Hewson’s writing was through his series called The Killing. I have previously watched the same named TV series (both the Danish and US version) and when I’ve heard that there were books adapted from the TV show, I had to get them. Soon after, I checked out the other books by this author and I was never let down. David Hewson knows to write crime fiction.

Besides novels, the author also wrote several non-fiction books on traveling, writing and computing.

Here are the David Hewson books in order for his series and standalone works.

Nic Costa Series In Order

1. A Season for the Dead (Nic Costa #1), 2003

2. The Villa of Mysteries (Nic Costa #2), 2004

3. The Sacred Cut (Nic Costa #3), 2005

4. The Lizard’s Bite (Nic Costa #4), 2006

5. The Seventh Sacrament (Nic Costa #5), 2007

6. The Garden of Evil (Nic Costa #6), 2008

7. Dante’s Numbers (Nic Costa #7), 2008

8. The Blue Demon (Nic Costa #8), 2010

9. The Fallen Angel (Nic Costa #9), 2011

10. Carnival For The Dead (Nic Costa #10), 2011 (standalone set in Nic Costa’s world)

The Killing Series In order

1. The Killing 1 (The Killing #1), 2012

2. The Killing 2 (The Killing #2), 2013

3. The Killing 3 (The Killing #3), 2014

Pieter Vos Series In Order

1. The House of Dolls (Pieter Vos #1), 2014

2. The Wrong Girl (Pieter Vos #2), 2015

3. Little Sister (Pieter Vos #3), 2016

4. Sleep Baby Sleep (Pieter Vos #4), 2017

Standalone Novels By David Hewson

Shanghai Thunder, 1986

Semana Santa (aka Death In Seville), 1996

Epiphany, 1996

Solstice, 1998

Native Rites, 2000

Lucifer’s Shadow, 2001

The Promised Land, 2007

The Flood, 2013


  1. I have just finished reading The Flood and enjoyed it immensely.will there be more Fratelli novels to come

    1. I’m not sure about that. I know there is a new Pieter Vos book, Sleep Baby Sleep, coming out this year, which I’m looking forward to.

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