Barbara Freethy Books in Order

Last Updated on October 5, 2021 Barbara Freethy is an American author of several romantic suspense and contemporary romance series, as well as standalone novels.

The first book I have read by Ms. Freethy was Silent Run, book #1 in the Sanders Brothers romantic suspense series. Sadly that series has only two books, however, they were enough to want to read more by this author.

Here are Barbara Freethy’s books in order for her romantic suspense series and standalone novels.

New Barbara Freethy Books

Risky Bargain

Risky Bargain (Off The Grid: FBI #10), 2021

Deception Series

  1. Taken (Deception #1), 2006
  2. Played (Deception #2), 2006

Sanders Brothers Series

  1. Silent Run (Sanders Brothers #1), 2008
  2. Silent Fall (Sanders Brothers #2), 2008

Lightning Strikes Trilogy

  1. Beautiful Storm (Lightning Strikes #1), 2015
  2. Lightning Lingers (Lightning Strikes #2), 2016
  3. Summer Rain (Lightning Strikes #3), 2016

Off The Grid: FBI Series

  1. Perilous Trust (Off the Grid: FBI #1), 2017
  2. Reckless Whisper (Off the Grid: FBI #2), 2018
  3. Desperate Play (Off the Grid: FBI #3), 2018
  4. Elusive Promise (Off the Grid: FBI #4), 2018
  5. Dangerous Choice (Off the Grid: FBI #5), 2019
  6. Ruthless Cross (Off the Grid: FBI #6), 2019
  7. Critical Doubt (Off the Grid: FBI #7), 2020
  8. Fearless Pursuit (Off the Grid: FBI #8), 2020
  9. Daring Deception (Off the Grid: FBI #9), 2021
  10. Risky Bargain (Off the Grid: FBI #10), 2021

Standalone Romantic Suspense Novels

  • Don’t Say A Word, 1998
  • All She Ever Wanted, 2000
  • Golden Lies, 2004

About Barbara Freethy

Born in Santa Barbara in 1958, Barbara Freethy is a native Californian. She grew up among boys, so without having girl friends of her age to play with, she spent most of her time reading books. The fact that her mother had shelves full of books – especially with romance titles – contributed to her developing her love for reading as well.

She attended the University of Santa Barbara, from where she received her degree in Communications. After leaving the UC, she took some jobs in public relations.

Barbara started her writing career while pregnant. Her first books were published by Silhouette Romance about two years after she started writing novels. Her first books were written under the pseudonym Kristina Logan.

She also worked with publishing houses such as Harper Collins, Penguin and Simon and Schuster, until 2011, when she decided to start self-publishing her novels. She formed Fog City Publishing and started to re-release some of her older novels. This way she was able to make available her books to all her readers at a cheaper price.

Currently Barbara Freethy has published close to 40 novels, some of which in the romantic suspense genre. Many of her books have constantly taken top positions in New York Times, Amazon and B&N bestseller lists.

The author’s latest romantic suspense series is Off The Grid: FBI Trilogy, which started in 2017. It currently has 10 novels.

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  1. Mystery Sequels says:

    Indeed, I have updated the series with the latest addition.

  2. Cal Desmond-Pearson says:

    The FBI Trilogy is now upto #7.
    4. Elusive Promise
    5. Dangerous Choice
    6. Ruthless Cross
    7. Critical Doubt

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