Daniel Suarez Books In Order

Daniel Suarez (website) is an author I’ve recently come across when searching for a good techno-thriller novel. Several readers warmly recommended his Daemon series, which I picked up on Kindle right away. And let’s just say, the rest is history.

Born in 1964, Daniel Suarez is a former IT consultant to several Fortune 1000 companies. During his work there he has created mission critical software pieces for the defense, finance and the entertainment industry. He was always interested in IT work, and his novels translate his love for technology effectively and effortlessly. He is a man who knows what he is writing about.

Each of his books touches on cutting edge technology with some science – and fiction – mixed in for a blast of suspenseful read. While you’re reading Daemon, his explosive debut novel, you can’t help but wonder whether we are on the right track with making fast strides with further technological advancements, and whether being stuck in the cave man era would have maybe been a better choice.

But then again, while reading his next novels, you realize that technology is not the issue here – it is what it is. The people are those who use it to the greater good, or to their own advantage, and a new feeling creeps up from the depth of your soul, from a place you didn’t even know exists: the evil shown in the books is real.

The monsters are indeed among us, and if we let them keep control of the society we so hard fought to create and develop, we will end up in a future dystopia. And I’m not sure if there will be a Katnis Everdeen to save us all along the way. Knowledge is power, but used the wrong way is an even more powerful weapon of mass destruction.

Daniel Suarez has only written 5 books to date, but each of them is a best seller in its own right. The fans of techno-thrillers are eagerly awaiting the next book with strong anticipation. The author has a strong readership and people on various forums, including Facebook groups and Reddit usergroups are some of his most oval followers.

Here are the Daniel Suarez books in order so far. The list will be updated when the author writes new books.

Daemon Series In Order

1. Daemon (Daemon #1), 2006

2. Freedom TM (Daemon #2), 2010

Other Books By Daniel Suarez

Kill Decision, 2012

Influx, 2014

Change Agent, 2017

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