List of Stuart Woods Books In Order

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 The Stuart Woods books in order include his popular Stone Barrington legal thriller series.  Stuart Woods is my favorite author to go to when I want to read a PI detective thriller with legal undertones. The Stone Barrington series features the ex-cop now PI with a law degree who solves cases after cases in each book.

Here are all the Stuart Woods books in order for his series and non-series novels. If you are new to this author, I hope you pick up some of them and become a fan, just like me and thousands of others all over the world.

New Stuart Woods Books

A Safe House

A Safe House (Stone Barrington #61), 2022

Stone Barrington Series in Order

  1. New York Dead (Stone Barrington #1), 1991
  2. Dirt (Stone Barrington #2), 1996
  3. Dead in the Water (Stone Barrington #3), 1997
  4. Swimming to Catalina (Stone Barrington #4), 1998
  5. Worst Fears Realized (Stone Barrington #5), 1999
  6. L.A. Dead (Stone Barrington #6), 2000
  7. Cold Paradise (Stone Barrington #7), 2001
  8. The Short Forever (Stone Barrington #8), 2002
  9. Dirty Work (Stone Barrington #9), 2003
  10. Reckless Abandon (Stone Barrington #10, Holly Barker #4), 2004
  11. Two Dollar Bill (Stone Barrington #11), 2005
  12. Dark Harbor (Stone Barrington #12), 2006
  13. Fresh Disasters (Stone Barrington #13), 2007
  14. Shoot Him If He Runs (Stone Barrington #14), 2007
  15. Hot Mahogany (Stone Barrington #15), 2008
  16. Loitering With Intent (Stone Barrington #16), 2009
  17. Kisser (Stone Barrington #17), 2009
  18. Lucid Intervals (Stone Barrington #18), 2010
  19. Strategic Moves (Stone Barrington #19), 2010
  20. Bel-Air Dead (Stone Barrington #20), 2011
  21. Son of Stone (Stone Barrington #21), 2011
  22. D.C. Dead (Stone Barrington #22), 2011
  23. Unnatural Acts (Stone Barrington #23), 2012
  24. Severe Clear (Stone Barrington #24), 2012
  25. Collateral Damage (Stone Barrington #25), 2012
  26. Unintended Consequences (Stone Barrington #26), 2013
  27. Doing Hard Time (Stone Barrington #27), 2013
  28. Standup Guy (Stone Barrington #28), 2014
  29. Carnal Curiosity (Stone Barrington #29), 2014
  30. Cut and Thrust (Stone Barrington #30), 2014
  31. Paris Match (Stone Barrington #31), 2014
  32. Insatiable Appetites (Stone Barrington #32), 2015
  33. Hot Pursuit (Stone Barrington #33), 2015
  34. Naked Greed Stone Barrington #33), 2015
  35. Foreign Affairs (Stone Barrington #35), 2015
  36. Scandalous Behavior (Stone Barrington #36), 2016
  37. Family Jewels (Stone Barrington #37), 2016
  38. Dishonorable Intentions (Stone Barrington #38), 2016
  39. Sex, Lies, and Serious Money (Stone Barrington #39), 2016
  40. Below the Belt (Stone Barrington #40), 2017
  41. Fast and Loose (Stone Barrington #41), 2017
  42. Indecent Exposure (Stone Barrington #42), 2017
  43. Quick & Dirty (Stone Barrington #43), 2017
  44. Unbound (Stone Barrington #44), 2018
  45. Shoot First (Stone Barrington #45), 2018
  46. Turbulence (Stone Barrington #46), 2018
  47. Desperate Measures (Stone Barrington #47), 2018
  48. A Delicate Touch (Stone Barrington #48), 2018
  49. Wild Card (Stone Barrington #49), 2019
  50. Contraband (Stone Barrington #50), 2019
  51. Stealth (Stone Barrington #51), 2019
  52. Treason (Stone Barrington #52), 2020
  53. Hit List (Stone Barrington #53), 2020
  54. Choppy Water (Stone Barrington #54), 2020
  55. Shakeup (Stone Barrington #55), 2020
  56. Hush-Hush (Stone Barrington #56), 2020
  57. Double Jeopardy (Stone Barrington #57), 2021
  58. Class Act (Stone Barrington #58), 2021
  59. Foul Play (Stone Barrington #59), 2021
  60. Criminal Mischief (Stone Barrington #60), 2021
  61. A Safe House (Stone Barrington #61), 2022
  62. Black Dog (Stone Barrington #62), 2022

Herbie Fisher Series In Order

Co-authored with Parnell Hall

  1. Barely Legal (Herbie Fisher #1), 2017

Teddy Fay Series In Order

Co-authored with Parnell Hall

  1. Smooth Operator (Teddy Fay #1), 2016
  2. The Money Shot (Teddy Fay #2), 2018
  3. Skin Game (Teddy Fay #3), 2019
  4. Bombshell (Teddy Fay #4), 2020
  5. Jackpot (Teddy Fey #5), 2021

Holly Barker Series In Order

  1. Orchid Beach (Holly Barker #1), 1998
  2. Orchid Blues (Holly Barker #2), 2001
  3. Blood Orchid (Holly Barker #3), 2002
  4. Reckless Abandon (Holly Barker #4, Stone Barrington #10), 2004
  5. Iron Orchid (Holly Barker #5), 2005
  6. Hothouse Orchid (Holly Barker #6), 2009

Will Lee Series In Order

  1. Chiefs (Will Lee #1), 1981
  2. Run Before the Wind (Will Lee #2), 1983
  3. Deep Lie (Will Lee #3), 1986
  4. Grass Roots (Will Lee #4), 1989
  5. The Run (Will Lee #5), 1995
  6. Capital Crimes (Will Lee #6), 2003
  7. Mounting Fears Will Lee #7), 2008

Ed Eagle Series In Order

  1. Santa Fe Rules (Ed Eagle #1), 1992
  2. Short Straw (Ed Eagle #2), 2006
  3. Santa Fe Dead (Ed Eagle #3), 2008
  4. Santa Fe Edge (Ed Eagle #4), 2010

Rick Barron Series In Order

  1. The Prince of Beverly Hills (Rick Barron #1), 2004
  2. Beverly Hills Dead (Rick Barron #2), 2008

Other Stuart Woods Books

About Stuart Woods

Born in Manchester, Georgia, in 1938, Stuart Woods attended public school in the town, after which he attended and graduated in 1959 from the University of Georgia, with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology.

After finishing college, he enrolled in the Air National Guard where he remained for two months doing basic training. Towards the end of 1960, he moved to New York where started to work in the advertising industry earning a few dollars in a training program.

His next stop was in England, moving to London at the end of the 1960s, working for the next 3 years again in advertising, before he decided that writing a particular novel, his long childhood dream, should become finally a reality.

Stuart Woods authorThis is when author Stuart Woods moved to Ireland and lived in a small flat where he got writing while working part-time crafting ads at a Dublin agency for two days a week.

Sadly his dream of writing the book went sailing when he discovered that very hobby: sailing, which he took to a next level by becoming not only proficient at it but good enough to take part in various competitions and races over the next few years.

The Stuart Woods first published books were non-fiction, the first being an account of his sailing experience in Ireland and the transatlantic race, called Blue Water, Green Skipper, and the second book called A Romantic’s Guide to the Country Inns of Britain and Ireland is a travel book that he wrote on a whim.

The debut novel by Stuart Woods, which he started a long time ago, was finally written and published in 1981 under the title Chiefs, a book which sold many paperbacks and became a CBS TV drama featuring Charlton Heston in the main role.  Chiefs earned the Best First Novel Edgar Allan Poe Award from the Mystery Writers Of America.

Chiefs would also become the first book in his Will Lee series. This book established Stuart Woods as a real published author, which also shaped the direction his life and work would take from here on.

His best-known and most popular books are centered around Stone Barrington, an ex NYPD detective who now works as a lawyer taking on shady cases.

The first book I’ve read by Stuart Woods was New York Dead, which is also the author’s first book in the series, published in 1991. I think I’ve read the book in 1995 and I got hooked. I’ve soon found whatever I missed from the series until then, and stayed on the tail of this author ever since.

In the meantime, the author has over 70 books published, which includes 4 other crime mystery series as well.

While I have read some of the Stuart Books books in order in his other series, Stone Barrington series is still my favorite and probably will ever remain so. It is also the series with the most books included. Although if I have to choose just one most favorite book by Stuart Woods, it will be Palindrome. It is a standalone novel and so far the best he has ever written, at least in my humble opinion.

As he mentioned on his website (in the Interviews section), his publishers asked him to write 3 books a year, much to the delight of the author’s fans who love his writing. Way more convenient to be able to read 3 Stuart Books books within a year rather than having to wait a full year – or two until the next book in a series comes out as it happens with numerous other authors.

Quick & Dirty, Stuart Woods Stone Barrington #43, takes Barrington to the world of art. When a gets involved with a hedge fund widow goes to his office to ask for his help after the widow’s husband fell off the balcony, he falls hard for her. At the same time, he is asked by Arthur Steele’s insurance company to investigate the disappearance of a Van Gogh painting, one which was in the possession of said hedge fund.

The story is a fun romp in the sexy world of Stone Barrington who cruises the scene of the rich and famous with all the ease in the world. There are plenty of twists and turns in the book to keep you engaged. I do miss a bit the old Barrington, however, as this new one of the latest books is a bit soapy, a bit too much of a womanizer and no longer the classy guy he used to be.

Nevertheless, the book is addictive to any Stuart Woods fan and we will continue reading his novels as fast as he keeps on writing them (which is about 3 books a year).

The next book, Unbound, takes us from the glamorous world of Hollywood to the dry New Mexico desert in another exciting adventure with Stone Barrington and Ed Eagle (who also has his own series).

In Wild Card, follows directly the events in A Delicate Touch, so the two books at least should be read in order. Stone Barrington and his latest love interest, New York Times reporter Jamie Cox, are relaxing at Stone’s English estate. While there, Jamie is hard at work on her latest book about the connection between organized crime and Henry Thomas who own his own investment bank. Much of the information has been received from Stone, who basically exposed the corruption, so now Henry Thomas sent his henchman to stop Stone and his girlfriend once and for all. This is when Stone and Jamie leave England to retreat to his Manhattan t0wnhouse which should be safer for them. When Henry hires an assassin to kill Stone, his job might be much easier since from the time Stone and Jamie are in Manhattan, they believe they are truly safer. Hint: they are not.

One of the latest Stone Barrington book takes us to Florida where Stone Barrington is taking a much-needed vacation which is interrupted when something falls from the sky. He teams up with a detective to investigate the issue when the evidence seems to disappear. And before he knows it, he is drawn into a web of deceit and crime that follows him wherever he goes – along with old and new enemies who just can’t leave him be.

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  1. Susan Holt says:

    Thank you for all you do! Keep writing; you are wonderful!

  2. Charles says:

    Well, that was enlightening! I could have written any one of them. Just suffice it to say that I got hooked long ago too. Since then I have read every book in every series twice. I have to say to the two ladies who besmirched my hero’s image. Has any man ever treated you with so much respect,attention,and caring that you were comfortable being sexually playful with him? sounds like good clean fun to all of us! Except you. That is sad. Keep sending us our daily bread Stuart! WE Love You.

  3. J. Wright says:

    I’m looking for a series years ago …one title I can remember is A Fine Red Rain. Loved it.
    Where can I buy or borrow it or any of that series? Thank you

  4. June Burgess says:

    I have a sight problem. Are more of Wood’s books recorded?

  5. Norma Swanson says:

    House in Maine. A book on how he happened to inherit it? Is there one with that story?

  6. Norma Swanson says:

    Is there a book that covers the death of his relative that left him the Maine house?

  7. jamie cosgrove says:

    i wish he would write a sequel to Under the lake. great cast and story.

  8. Cheryl says:

    Have been a fan for many years – I do agree that Stone Barrington is becoming a bit of a parody with the bed hopping… that part is tedious – however, I do think that he is the male form of a ‘bodice ripper’ 🙂 what every man aspires to… unlimited wealth, talents in various skills, lots of beautiful women – funny he hasn’t caught an STD though! Stories are great and I do love them.,.. so very small negatives …. thanks for being such a creative writer…

  9. Bonita Estes says:

    I truly believe Chiefs is my all-time favorite although I have read all of w Stone’s stories and 98% of everything else.
    Bonita Estes

  10. David Zelniker says:

    Stone Barrington is one of the best characters ever. Right up there with the best of them .

  11. Paul says:

    I’m not sure when I became a Stone Barrington fan as I’ve read over 50 of Wood’s novels with this character. He is the alter-ego of me and probably many of us readers of the series.

  12. Norm says:

    Has the Stone Barrington series been sold for a TV series?

    • Mike Race says:

      I have read every Stone Barrington and Holly Barker book that was printed. The problem is once you start reading, you can not put the book down. You actually feel you are living with them and feel every emotion that the character does. Excellent writing.

  13. RICK BARKAN says:


  14. Dis r Goshorn says:

    Can’t get enough!!!!! Can’t put the books down!!! Hope there will be many more Stone Barrington novels !!!!!! This has been the best therapy for getting through this horrible COVID-19 virus!!!! Thank you so much Stuart Woods!!!! Keep writing! And please stay well!!!!

  15. Kate Renwick says:

    Big fan but agree that Stone is becoming too much of a womanizer and those bits are awful! Lately I’ve wondered why we keep getting ” momentarily”. When he means in a moment and not ofcourse, for a moment.

  16. Mary Guyer says:

    The very first book I read was Palindrome and I was instantly hooked from there on our. I have purchased everyone of his books and I have and 8 ft bookshelf I call my Stuart Woods library. I am forever grateful for the man’s talent to write books. When you want a vacation from life just pick up one of his books and forget life for just a little while….

  17. Susan Winne says:

    I have been your dedicated fan for over 20 years. I love everything about Stone Barrington, especially when paired with Holly Barker. I want to commend you knowledge of intricate details of so many fields: art, aircraft, guns, electronics, and what a woman wants. I have you total collection and look forward to more!

  18. Armeda Fairchild says:

    I got hooked on your books when a friend gave me Palindron to read.. Since then I have enjoyed all of the six different stories. I like it when the book list at in the order of how they are written., as well of the Series..Have tried to make it to one of your book signings but always am working. Keep writing . I love them. Thank you.

  19. Patty Wright says:

    I have started reading the Stuart Wood novels and I am hooked I would like to know in what order should they be read so that each character is introduced into the story line instead of reading all of one character and they talk about another character please help thanks..I want to put my books in order to read them..

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