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Monique Martin (website) is an American author known for her Out of Time time-travel mystery series, featuring Simon and Elizabeth Cross and the spin-off series Saving Time, featuring Jack Wells, a dear friend of the Crosses.

I have only recently come across Monique’s work and I have to admit that I devoured the entire Out of Time series in about 2 week, reading each book back to back. Now I’m starting reading her second series, but with only two books released so far, I will have to wait quite a while for new books by this author.

Simon Cross is a professor interested in the occult, and Elizabeth is an-ex student now working as his assistant. When he comes across his grandfather’s old things, he wonders what that old watch might be all about.

And soon he finds out first-hand when much to their surprise, both Simon and Elizabeth are teleported back to the past, to the 1920s Manhattan. And so their 10 book adventure starts.

The series is part time-travel mystery, part paranormal romance.  Apart from time travel, the paranormal aspect is really only at the beginning in the first book. The rest of the books are a major series of adventures, so you won’t find much of the typical pararnormal (vampires, werevolves, etc) in most books.

Jack Wells was busily living during WWII when during one of the Crosses adventures back in him, they fatefully met him, saved him and changed his life forever.

In the off-shot series, Jack Wells is starting his own separate adventures to save the world from evil, just like Simon and Elizabeth are doing in their own series.

Monique Martin was born in Houston, Texas, however her family soon moved to Southern California, where she has spent most of her life.

She attended the University of Southern California’s Film School, earning a BFA in the Filmic Writing department.

After graduating from university, she worked in television of a couple of years, and then later she started working in the family business and insurance marketing.

She wrote her first book, Out of Time, while working. After unsuccessfully trying to find an agent for her book, Monique decided that self-publishing was the way for her as an indie author.

After finishing her debut novel, which she initially intended it to a standalone book, she realized that Simon and Elizabeth need a whole series for their stories to be told.

Currently Monique works full time as a book author. She lives in Los Angeles with her Siamese cat called Monkey.

Here are the Monique Martin books in order for her two series, and the list will be updated with anything new the author will write in the future.

Out of Time Series

1. Out of Time (Out of Time #1), 2010 – right now the Kindle edition is free on Amazon

2. When the Walls Fell (Out of Time #2), 2011

3. Fragments (Out of Time #3), 2012

4. The Devil’s Due (Out of Time #4), 2012

5. Thursday’s Child (Out of Time #5), 2013

6. Sands of Time (Out of Time #6), 2013

7. A Rip in Time (Out of Time #7), 2014

8. A Time of Shadows (Out of Time #8), 2014

9. Voyage in Time (Out of Time #9), 2016

10. Revolution in Time (Out of Time #10), 2016

11. In Time for Christmas (Out of Time #10.5), 2016

Saving Time Series

1. Jacks Are Wild (Saving Time #1), 2015 – book review

2. Aloha, Jack (Saving Time #2), 2017


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