Janet Evanovich Books In Order – Complete List

Last Updated on October 3, 2023 Reading the Janet Evanovich books in order makes for such a pleasant trip to the world of the quirky, wacky, and funny Stephanie Plum, the only one of her kind. The author also wrote several additional series, mostly light mysteries, a few chick-lit novels, and several pre-Plum romance novels.

Here are the Janet Evanovich books in order for her funny mystery series and her romance novels series.

New Janet Evanovich Books

Dirty Thirty
Dirty Thirty (Stephanie Plum #30), 2023

Stephanie Plum Series in Order of Publication

  1. One for the Money (#1), 1994
  2. Two for the Dough (#2), 1996
  3. Three to Get Deadly (#3), 1997
  4. Four to Score (#4), 1998
  5. High Five (#5), 1999
  6. Hot Six (#6), 2000
  7. Seven Up (#7), 2001
  8. Hard Eight (#8), 2002
  9. Visions of Sugar Plums (#8.5), 2002
  10. To The Nines (#9), 2003
  11. Ten Big Ones (#10), 2004
  12. Eleven On Top (#11), 2005
  13. Twelve Sharp (#12), 2006
  14. Plum Lovin’ (#12.5), 2007
  15. Lean Mean Thirteen ( #13), 2007
  16. Plum Lucky (#13.5), 2008
  17. Fearless Fourteen (#14), 2008
  18. Plum Spooky (#14.5), 2009
  19. Finger Lickin’ Fifteen (#15), 2009
  20. Sizzling Sixteen (#16), 2009
  21. Smokin’ Seventeen (#17), 2011
  22. Explosive Eighteen (#18), 2011
  23. Notorious Nineteen (#19), 2012
  24. Takedown Twenty (#20), 2013
  25. Top Secret Twenty-One (#21), 2014
  26. Tricky Twenty-Two (#22), 2015
  27. Turbo Twenty-Three (#23), 2016
  28. Hardcore Twenty-Four (#24), 2017
  29. Look Alive Twenty-Five (#25), 2018
  30. Twisted Twenty-Six (#26), 2019
  31. Fortune and Glory (#27), 2020
  32. Game On ( #28), 2021
  33. Going Rogue (#29), 2022
  34. Dirty Thirty (#30), 2023

Stephanie Plum Between the Numbers Books in Publication Order

  1. Visions of Sugar Plums (#8.5), 2002
  2. Plum Lovin’ (#12.5), 2007
  3. Plum Lucky (#13.5), 2008
  4. Plum Spooky (#14.5), 2009

Gabriela Rose Series in Publication Order

  1. The Recovery Agent (#1), 2022

Wicked / Lizzie & Diesel Series in Publication Order

  1. Wicked Appetite (#1), 2010
  2. Wicked Business (#2), 2012
  3. Wicked Charms (#3), 2015 (co-authored with Phoef Sutton)

Fox & O’Hare Series in Publication Order

co-authored with Lee Goldberg

  1. The Shell Game (#0.25), 2014 (prequel)
  2. Pros and Cons (#0.5), 2013
  3. The Caper (#0.6), 2014 (free short story, prequel)
  4. The Heist (#1), 2013
  5. The Chase (#2), 2014
  6. The Job (#3), 2014
  7. The Scam (#4), 2015
  8. The Pursuit (#5), 2016
  9. The Big Kahuna (#6), 2019 (co-authored with Peter Evanovich)
  10. The Bounty (#7), 2021 (co-authored with Steve Hamilton)

Knight and Moon Series in Publication Order

  1. Curious Minds (#1), 2016 (co-authored with Phoef Sutton)
  2. Dangerous Minds (#2), 2017

Romance Books

Alexandra Barnaby and Sam Hooker Series in Publication Order

  1. Metro Girl (#1), 2004
  2. Motor Mouth (#2), 2006

Barnaby and Hooker Graphic Novels in Publication Order

  1. Troublemaker (#1), 2009
  2. Troublemaker 2 (#2), 2010

Culhane Family Books in Publication Order

co-authored with Dorien Kelly

  1. Love in a Nutshell (#1), 2012
  2. The Husband List (#2), 2012

Elsie Hawkins Books in Publication Order

  1. Back to the Bedroom (#1), 1989
  2. Smitten (#2), 1990
  3. Wife for Hire (#3), 1990
  4. The Rocky Road to Romance (#4),1991

The Full Series in Publication Order

co-authored with Charlotte Hughes

  1. Full House (#1), 1981
  2. Full Tilt (#2), 2002
  3. Full Speed (#3), 2003
  4. Full Blast (#4), 2004
  5. Full Bloom (#5), 2005
  6. Full Scoop (#6), 2006

Publication Order of Standalone Pre-Plum Romance Novels

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Janet Evanovich Biography – About the Author

New York Times Bestselling author Janet Evanovich was born in 1943 in South River, New Jersey. She attended the South River High School, after which she went to the Douglas College to study art, majoring in fine arts.

While painting was something she did, it never really felt part of her true nature. And soon enough, in her thirties, she started writing.

Knowing that secretarial work was not for her, and armed with the money ($2000) she got from her first writing gig, she decided to quit her temp job and focus full-time on writing romance novels.

About 5 years and twelve romance novels later, Janet Evanovich decided it was high time to change the themes of her books, moving from steamy, sex-laden romance novels to action-packed mysteries. This switch sent her on a two-year journey of learning the ways of the police, as well as shooting.

At the end of the two years of soul searching and training, she was ready, and Stephanie Plum was born.

Because the romance genre was still part of her heart, she could not completely escape it, so the books in the series became romantic suspense novels revolving around the rookie bounty hunter Stephanie Plum, who is trying to find her stumbling way in the world of the hardened bond enforcement agents.

Janet Evanovich lives with her husband, Pete, in Florida. Her family, including her husband, son, and daughter, work for her company, Evanovich Inc, is somehow involved in the author’s work.

Her debut novel, Hero at Large, was published under her pen name Steffie Hall in 1987. In the next five years she wrote romance novels for Bantam Loveswept publishing house.

The first book in the Stephanie Plum series, titled One For The Money, was published in 1994. Upon receiving overall positive reviews and lots of kudos and praise, Janet Evanovich decided to continue the series, much to the delight of her fans. The Stephanie Plum series was born when the author was 51. In her first Stephanie Plum novel, Stephanie’s first task is to find Joe Morelli, a local cop and her former bed buddy. These fun novel focus on Stephanie, who lost her job and asked her cousin Vinnie for help in finding a new job, and in her adventures in bounty hunting with her sexy colleague Diesel.

In 2012 One For The Money was made into a movie with Katherine Heigl as Stephanie, the bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. So far, author Janet Evanovich has over 75 million books sold worldwide in several languages, with over 45 books written to date.

While working on the Stephanie Plum series, in 2010, the author also started a second one called the Wicked series (also called Lizzy & Diesel series), while in 2013 she started her third one called Fox and O’Hare series. Finally, in 2016 a new Janet Evanovich series was born with the title Knight and Moon. The series currently has two books. All of her series are crime mysteries involving police and evil villains.

In addition to these series of books, the author has also written a romantic series, the Full series featuring newspaper editor Jamie Swift, as well as several standalone novels. Many of her books were co-authored with other writers, including Charlotte Hughes, Leanne Banks, Phoef Sutton, and Lee Goldberg.

In 2004 she started the Cate Madigan series with Hot Stuff, but so far the author has only released the first book.

A new Stephanie Plum novel was published later the same year with the title Hardcore Twenty-Four, which takes Stephanie to even more troubles than before.

Look Alive Twenty-Five brings our main character to new dangers, some of which might just involve an alien abduction or two. But what does a shoe have to do with all the abductions, anyway?

We once again meet Grandma Mazur, Lulu with her extravagant clothes, not to mention Morelli, Ranger, and Diesel, since Stephanie Plusm, after all these books, still can’t decide whom to choose. Well, she is, technically, with Morelli, but the temptation is strong…

Also, you’ll see Stephanie’s struggles to find her targets and bring them back to the police. And when she’s dealing with at least 3 cases of her own, one involving a snake as a house pet, things are becoming more and more complicated.

All the Stephanie Plum books come out around Thanksgiving, in November, so some readers started to call her series the Thanksgiving Series. Since Stephanie always gets herself into the silliest of troubles, and the series is light-hearted and can be read by the entire family, it might as well be a series to read over Thanksgiving.

If you’ve picked up one of the latest Stephanie Plum books, it’s worth going back and reading the previous Janet Evanovich books in chronological order, especially for the popular series. Otherwise, I fear the comical issues with Morelli, Diesel, and Ranger won’t make all that much sense.

The new Gabriela Rose novel, The Recovery Agent, is the first in the series, and it follows the adventures of a lost-and-found sassy worker who can match Stephanie’s abilities quite well.

Janet Evanovich Awards

Over the years, New York Times bestselling author Janet Evanovich has received several awards and nominations for her novels.

  • One for the Money – winner of the Dilys Awards Best Book in 1995
  • Three to Get Deadly – nomination for the Dagger Awards Best Novel in 1997
  • Three to Get Deadly – winner of the Dilys Awards Best Book in 1998
  • High Five – nomination for the Anthony Awards Best Novel in 2000
  • Hot Six – nomination for the Dilys Awards Best Book in 2001
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