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Thomas Perry is a bestselling author known for his thirty-one novels, including the critically acclaimed Jane Whitefield series and The Butcher’s Boy series, which have won him a significant readership and critical praise. He also co-authored two Clive Cussler novels in the Fargo book series.

Here are the Thomas Perry books in order for all his books, series, standalone books, and anthologies.

New Thomas Perry Books

Hero, 2024

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Butcher’s Boy Books in Publication Order

The series focuses on Michael Schaeffer, an anonymous hitman working in Las Vegas and later in England who has been betrayed and hunted by the Mafia.

  1. The Butcher’s Boy, 1982
  2. Sleeping Dogs, 1992
  3. The Informant, 2011
  4. Eddie’s Boy, 2020

Jane Whitefield Series in Publication Order

Jane Whitefield is a Native American ‘guide’ who helps people in need disappear.

  1. Vanishing Act, 1995
  2. Dance for the Dead, 1996
  3. Shadow Woman), 1997
  4. The Face-Changers), 1998
  5. Blood Money, 1999
  6. Runner, 2009
  7. Poison Flower, 2012
  8. A String of Beads, 2015
  9. The Left-Handed Twin, 2021

Other Jane Whitefield Books

Jack Till Books in Publication Order

Jack Till is a retired homicide detective with the LAPD, who is now working as a private investigator, working routine, and not-so-routine cases.

  1. Silence 2007
  2. The Boyfriend, 2013

Sam and Remi Fargo Adventures

series started by Clive Cussler

Standalone Novels in Publication Order

Short Stories and Novellas in Publication Order

Anthologies in Publication Order

Thomas Perry Biography – About the Author

Thomas Perry was born in 1947 in Tonawanda, New York, he attended Cornell University where he received his B.A. in 1969 and his Ph.D. in English from the University of Rochester in 1974.

Over the years he held several jobs, being a park maintenance man, factory laborer, commercial fisherman, university administrator and teacher, weapons mechanic, along with being a popular mystery writer and producer of prime-time network television shows (including Simon and Simon, 21 Jump Street, Star Trek: The Next Generation).

The debut novel I’ve read by this author was The Butcher’s Boy (followed by Metzger’s Dog), both of which made quite an impression on me at the time. Published in 1982, The Butcher’s Boy was Thomas Perry’s debut novel, which won an Edgar Award in 1983.

Reading the Thomas Perry books in order means picking up The Butcher Boy series, which includes 4 books, and his biggest series to date, Jane Whitefield which includes currently 9 books (with the latest novel, The Left-Handed Twin, published in 2021.

To date, I have read most of Thomas Perry’s books and I recommend them to anyone who loves a good noir crime/thriller (sometimes funny) novel with strong characters that you can easily get attached to. There is also the Jack Till series with two books published to date, and two novels in Clive Cussler’s original Fargo series.

As to my favorite novel written by Thomas Perry – it’s got to be Metzger’s Dog. It is a standalone novel, but I think it was the first book that introduced me to the concept of ‘comic thriller’ and my newfound love for this genre.

What Is the Latest Thomas Perry Book?

The latest release was in January 16th, 2024 with the title Hero, a standalone novel.

How Many Books Has Thomas Perry Written So Far?

Thomas Perry has written a total of 35 works. These include 4 publications from the Butcher’s Boy series, 2 from Clive Cussler’s Fargo Adventure series, 2 from the Jack Till series, 9 from the Jane Whitefield book series, 16 stand alone novels, 1 short story/novella, 1 from the Mysterious Profiles Series, and 1 from the Bibliomysteries Series.

Thomas Perry Books Adaptations

The Old Man was adapted into an action TV series with the same title featuring Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow as main actors. Developed by Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine, it premiered June 16, 2022 on FX, followed by six additional episodes, for a total of seven first-season episodes. The series was renewed for a second season.

Thomas Perry Awards and Nominations

  • The Butcher’s Boy was nominated for the New Blood Dagger Award in 1982
  • The Butcher’s Boy won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel from Mystery Writers of America in 1983
  • Death Benefits and Pursuit won a Gumshoe Award in 2002
  • Silence was nominated for a Barry Award for Best Thriller in 2008
  • The Informant was nominated for the Hammett Prize for Best Crime Novel in 2011
  • The Informant won the Barry Award for Best Thriller in 2012
  • The Old Man was nominated for the Barry Award for Best Thriller and for the Macavity Award for Best Mystery Novel in 2018
  • Eddie’s Boy won the Barry Award for Best Thriller in 2021
  • Vanishing Act was added to Parade’s list of “101 Best Mystery Books of All Time” in 2021 and was chosen as one of the “100 Favorite Mysteries of the Century” by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association
  • The Burglar was nominated for the Barry Award for Best Thriller in 2020
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  1. Was The Boyfriend adapted to a Law and Order SVU episode? There was an episode also called The Boyfriend; it followed the story line of the book.

  2. I love Thomas Perry books. Just discovered him. Have read about seven so far and have enjoyed all. I’ve gotten my husband hooked too! Plan to read them all!!!

  3. What about THE OLD MAN?
    I do not see it listed and I liked the story! I do note someone else mentioned it above.

  4. I just finished The Old Man by Thomas Perry and I absolutely loved it. It is my first book by this author and it has inspired me to seek out his other writings.

  5. The book “Death Benefits” has been one of my favorites, which as me hoping there will be sequels. The main character has the same first name as my son, and could have been modeled after him.

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