J.D. Robb Books In Order

J.D. Robb (website) is the pen name of the popular writer Nora Roberts.
An already established author, she decided (at the nudging of her agent)  to start writing under a new alias to capture a different kind of audience for a new series she wanted to start – a new futuristic crime mystery series, feeling that this series will be less in line with what she’s been writing so far.

Secrets in Death JD Robb And J.D. Robb was born. Sometimes I believe she is better known under this new alias than under her real name.

I know when I first came across one of the In Death (Eve Dallas) novels, I’ve never heard of Nora Roberts before (don’t shoot me, but I still haven’t read all the Nora Roberts book so far), and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

So a new star was born, on that hope will keep the light shining above her loyal readers for many more years to come.

Reading the J.D. Robb books in order means one thing only: reading her In Death (aka Eve Dallas) novels. This alias has only one series of books, which are still going strong even after 42 books in the series (with the latest one, Brotherhood in Death, published in 2016).

I have to admit, I love this series. Very much so. Her books around police detective Eve Dallas and her husband and lover, Roarke, make my heart beat fast even now, after years of having read the first installment, Naked In Death.

The series is  set some years in the future (when intergalactic travel is a very normal thing to do if you have the money for it), although to be honest, the only futuristic aspect is this travel between planets, stars and moons.

Everything else is a typical (and very good) romantic suspense series with some very hot, clever and lovely people.

So here are all the J.D. Robb books in her In Death series (I don’t know why I prefer the name ‘Eve Dallas series’) for the currently published 44 full-length novels and 10 novellas, starting with Naked In Death, to Secrets in Death – her latest book in the series published in 2017.

Note: as there are many books in the series (40+ main books and several novellas), I will not link them to Amazon one by one.  I will link, however the author’s page on Amazon, where you can then browse for each book in the format that you choose (simply select Kindle, or paperback, hardcover or audiobooks).

J.D. Robb page on Amazon

J.D. Robb Books In Order For Her In Death (Eve Dallas) Series

1. Naked In Death (In Death #1), published 1995 (yep, that’s how long back her In Death series goes)

2. Glory In Death (In Death #2), published 1995

3. Immortal In Death (In Death #3), published 1996

4. Rapture In Death (In Death #4), published 1996

5. Ceremony In Death (In Death #5), published 1997

6. Vengeance in Death (In Death #6), published 1997

7. Holiday In Death (In Death #7), published 1998

7.5. Midnight In Death (In Death #7.5), published 1998 (novella) (also included in the Silent Night collection of stories)

8. Conspiracy In Death (In Death #8), published 1999

9. Loyalty In Death (In Death #9), published 1999

10. Witness In Death (In Death #10), published 2000

11. Judgement In Death (In Death #11), published 2000

12.  Betrayal In Death (In Death #12), published 2001

12.5. Interlude In Death (In Death #12.5), published 2001

13. Seduction In Death (In Death #13), published 2001

14. Reunion In Death (In Death #14), published 2002

15. Purity In Death (In Death #15), published 2002

16. Portrait In Death (In Death #16), published 2003

17. Imitation In Death (In Death #17), published 2003

17.5. Remember When (In Death #17.5), published 2003

(note: there are two novellas published: Remember When and Big Jack. Big Jack is part #2 of Remember When. The first part of Remember When is a sequel to the book called Hot Rocks written under Nora Roberts). So if you only want to read the J.D. Robb story, read only the second part of Remember When.

18. Divided In Death (In Death #18), published 2004

19. Visions In Death (In Death #19), published 2004

20. Survivor In Death (In Death #20), published 2005

21. Origin In Death (In Death #21), published 2005

22. Memory In Death (In Death #22), published 2006

22.5. Haunted In Death (In Death #22.5), published 2006 (also included in the Bump In The Night collection of stories)

23. Born In Death (In Death #23), published 2006

24. Innocent In Death (In Death #24), published 2007

24.5. Eternity In Death (In Death #24.5), published 2007 (also included in the Dead Of Night collection of stories and in Time Of Death)

25. Creation In Death (In Death #25), published 2007

26. Strangers In Death (In Death #26), published 2008

27. Salvation In Death (In Death #27), published 2008

27.5. Ritual In Death (In Death #27.5), published 2008 (also included in Time Of Death and in Suite 666)

28. Promises In Death (In Death #28), published 2009

29. Kindred In Death (In Death #29), published 2009

29.5. Missing In Death (In Death #29.5), published 2009 (also included in The Lost collection of stories)

30. Fantasy In Death (In Death #30), published 2010

31. Indulgence In Death (In Death #31), published 2010

31.5. Possession In Death (In Death #31.5), published 2010 (also included in The Other Side collection of stories)

32. Treachery In Death (In Death #32), published 2011

33. New York To Dallas (In Death #33), published 2011 (yep, it’s the first In Death book which doesn’t have the words in the title)

33.5. Chaos In Death (In Death #33.5), published 2011 (also included in The Unquiet collection of stories)

34. Celebrity In Death (In Death #34), published 2012

35. Delusion In Death (In Death #35), published 2012

36. Calculated In Death (In Death #36), published 2013

37. Thankless In Death (In Deathk #37), published 2013

37.5. Taken In Death (In Death #37.5), published 2013 (also included in Mirror, Mirror collection of stories)

38 Concealed In Death (In Death #38), published 2014

39. Festive In Death (In Death #39), published 2014 – book review

40. Obsession In Death (In Death #40), published 2015

41. Devoted In Death (In Death #41), published 2015

41.5. Wonderment In Death (In Death #41.5), 2015

42. Brotherhood In Death (In Death #42), 2016

43. Apprentice In Death (In Death #43), 2016

44. Echoes In Death (In Death #44), 2017

45. Secrets In Death (In Death #45), 2017

46. Dark In Death (In Death #46), 2018

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35 Responses to “J.D. Robb Books In Order”

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  1. Christina Dorsey says:

    I love the Eve Dallas Series also, and was very surprised when I learned she was Nora Roberts being a fan of hers also. Roberts/Robb has such a wonderful imagination. Some of her Roberts books would not appeal to all because they are basically love stories. Then you have the books that have the supernatural mixed in, psychological thrillers and crime stories also. So for those who love these books give Roberts a chance you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

    • Patti Cooley says:

      I too love the JD Robb books with Eve Dallas. I read my first one 15-20 years ago. Over the years, I have read all the books up to and including Treachery In Death. I refuse to get rid of any and have a whole bookcase shelf full of them.

      Because of various health problems, I slacked off in my reading, but started reading again and will pick up on the Eve Dallas books again. I can’t wait to get started. Also, I agree that you must read them in order to really get to know the characters.

  2. Paul B Davis says:

    I got hooked on the In Death series by accident and now have made reading every book # 1`on my Bucket List. If I had know about Eve and Roake before I would have retired years ago. However, I totoally disagree with making a TV series out of these books. The beauty of reading is that each reader creates the perfect way the characters look, their expressions and their actions and that is what makes reading so much fun. You create the perfect mental picture that suits what you are reading. If the books are ever translated into a TV show the appearance of the characters will be in some casting director’s image not mine and I will be turned off because I now am imprinted with my mental images.

    • CJ says:

      I love this series, and as for making movies from it – I so agree never doing that; I have watched movies taken from books that liked, and my fantasy image was so totally NOT THE SAME

  3. Laura says:

    Love, love, love the In death series! Love the characters! I especially loved the first one, Naked in Death, which I have read multiple times. I’d love to see Eve get pregnant, but I certainly wouldn’t want the series to end! These are by far my favorite books. ( And I have never read any Nora Roberts book. I don’t go for that kind).

    • Carol Cotsonis says:

      I agree about Eve and Roarke becoming parents (and Summerset, godfather?? nanny? and sibling rivalry for Galahad.) I am sure it will be a huge challenge for Nora Roberts but she can do it!!

  4. J. Glasser says:

    I’m not reading or listening in order. Trying to. Nora said she will stop the series when Eve becomes pregnant.
    Too bad. I would love to see how Eve would handle pregnant, and having a baby handed to her.
    Love the books. Just wish I knew about them when they started.

  5. Faith says:

    I got bored and borrowed #1 of the In Death series. WOW! I love my new addiction with that series. I had months to enjoy catching up with each book in the series order. Then, caught up, waiting for the next book was tough. I can’t have enough of Eve’s and Rourke’s adventures.

    My sincere thank you, J D Robb.

  6. Janielle says:

    If you start on immortal in death first then read the first two will you be lost in immortal in death? Asking cause im waiting on the library to send me the first two but i want to read already.

    • Mystery Sequels says:

      You won’t really be lost as each book has a separate case that Eve deal with. The reason why is best to read the books in order is because of the developing famous relationship between Eve and Rourke. In later books they might be in a different stage of relationship, so when you go back to earlier books it might feel like you already know the spoiler. But lost, no, you won’t be.

    • Colleen says:

      When the library is too slow, I go the ebook route thru media on demand or overdrive. I typically get them right away as most people have already read the oldest. Also, they have the collection books, where you can get several books in one and all in order! When I found those, they became my go to and now I’m caught up to 2016 already!

  7. Barbara ward says:

    I like them listed in the order they were written. This way you know who the people are who are added as their friends.

  8. tabatha viger says:

    I love this series. I have read them and reread them many times. I have said for years, I wish they would make a tv series out of these. The one that played on castle would be a great person to play eve.

  9. Katherine Steele says:

    I agree that these series should be made into movies. A T.V. series (Amazon, Netflix…) would be a huge hit!
    I would not want to see Eve and Roarke having a baby!

  10. Linda says:

    Just Don’t Stop! ! !

  11. ss says:

    someone suggested Marisa Hargitay would make a good Eve…no way ! She is too heavy.
    Stana Katic would be better. and Matt Bomer would be perfect for Roarke

    • Cathi Todd says:

      Don’t know them I guess I’m older and don’t watch a lot of tv. I drive a truck and listen on audio. But I would b willing to stop on the night it comes on.

    • Sherry says:

      Good grief no. This would take new people. Stana doesn’t have the look I imagine Eve does. The hard cop look mixed with female, with some muscled hard body. Matt Bomer doesn’t have the Irish look, nor the gleam in his eye. He doesn’t have the knowledge of the world and its workings, anti-cop except for Eve and that bunch, look.

      Completely new people with no history. No shows you’d remember them in or played in.

    • Terri Buccarelli says:

      Stanic & Bomer would be perfect!
      But then I think Matt Bomer is perfect! 🙂

  12. Jacque Bradley says:

    Thank you for compiling this list. I collect her books through various sources, so I like to keep updated with the series. I really enjoy the characters of these stories and novels.

  13. Wanda says:

    I just read Midnight in Death, but do not see it listed. I had every book in the series until I downsized in fall of 2015 and would like to know what books have been published, in death series only, since that time.

    • Wanda says:

      Just realized it is listed…# 8. I thought it was a new book I downloaded, now I am very confused.

      • Mystery Sequels says:

        Yes it is a novella published in 1998. The story takes place between Holiday in Death and Conspiracy in Death.

        As people seem to get confused by the numbering before the book names, I have changed it, so now 7.5 is in fact novella #7.5 to avoid any confusions 🙂

  14. Henri says:

    I love Dallas and Roake.they were made for each other. Peabody is good also.all the people that works with Eve are awesome.hope she never stops writing.i have read just about every book written,waiting for more

  15. Can you list in chronological order the sequence in Eve’s life. I have all the books in order of publication but not in sequence. Thanks.

    • Mystery Sequels says:

      The sequence is pretty much the same as the publication order. I’ve read all (except the latest one) and the story basically continues from book to book.

  16. Janice Mire says:

    I would love for someone to make these In Death series into TV series. I think Marisa Hargitay would make an awesome Eve Dallas. I think this would be a success just as much as Law and Order:SVU. Hopefully someone will think this would make a great series. I love these books so much, I can hardly wait for the next one to come out. I’m now trying to get all of the books in the series. I foolishly gave a bunch of books to Goodwill and now I decided I want to save all of them. Keep writing J D. Don’t care about titles although I am sure there are plenty more you can one up with….. JUST PLEASE DON’T STOP WRITING ABOUT EVE AND ROARKE. LOVE THEM. THANKS.

    • Cathi Todd says:

      I agree 110% I’m so disappointed that I’ve finished all of them and I miss them.! My husband even listened and he is missing Peabody

  17. Sheri C says:

    This list is still in the order that the books were published. That is not what I call the chronological sequence for reading. I would like to see a list chronologically in Eve’s life.

    • Jessica says:

      I have the entire series and the list above is the sequence that I read them. It is a pretty accurate list if you are looking for the order to read them.

      • Leslie Anne Hiar says:

        I have read every one starting with Naked in death and was hooked looking forward to the new one
        but i must say reading in order is the only way you can see the characters progress it is the best series i have read in along time.

    • Joann says:

      This list is in the order of Eve’s life. it just includes the Novella’s which aren’t exactly a part of her life timeline but do fit. Try reading them and you will see for yourself.

  18. ORAD says:

    Can someone send book club questions about Devoted in Death? It would be great, TY


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