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Reading the Brenda Novak books in order is part of reading her several romantic suspense series, including the Stillwater Trilogy, the Last Stand series, the Bulletproof trilogy and the Evelyn Talbot Chronicles, among others.

Brenda Novak (website) is one of my favorite American authors of romantic suspense novels. She is also popular for her historical and contemporary romances with many readers.

She was born in 1964 in Vernal, Utah, and at the age of 10, she moved with her family to Arizona. When Brenda was 8 years old, her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS); however, despite her severe illness, she was active in the community as a member of the Chandler City Council for several years after.

At the age of 20, she let her scholarship at Brigham Young University so that she could get married and start a family. She found a job in commercial real estate and later on became a loan officer.

The way Brenda Novak became a novelist is one of those famous stories that is being told by people every chance they get.

One day when she went home from work, she found her children’s babysitter drugging her youngest son with cough syrup and Tylenol so he will go to sleep. The shock of seeing this prompted Brenda to leave her day job as a loan officer and stay home to take care of her family.

While reading a romance novel at home, she had the idea of writing books as well. However, it took her five years to learn the craft and art of writing. It was a challenging time for her family, since they not only lost their family business but also their home; however, once she finally wrote and sold her first romance novel, Of Noble Birth, in 1999, her luck finally took a turn for the better: Brenda Novak knew she could make it in the competitive world of book authors.

The author is currently living with her family in Sacramento, where she writes her next novel and helps the cause of diabetes research by raising money for Juvenile Diabetes Research.

Here are the Brenda Novak books in order for her romantic suspense series. As the other types of romances are not within the scope of Mystery Sequels, they are not listed here. They can be views on the author’s website linked above.

Stillwater Trilogy

1. Dead Silence (Stillwater #1), 2006)

2. Dead Giveaway Stillwater #2), 2007

3. Dead Right (Stillwater #3), 2007

Last Stand Series

1. Trust Me (Last Stand #1), 2008

2. Stop Me (Last Stand #2), 2008

3. Watch Me (Last Stand #3), 2008

4. The Perfect Couple (Last Stand #4), 2009

5. The Perfect Liar (Last Stand #5), 2009

6. The Perfect Murder (Last Stand #6), 2009

Dept. 6 Hired Guns Trilogy

1. The Perfect Murder (Dept 6 #1), 2010

2. Body Heat (Dept 6 #2), 2010

3. Killer Heat (Dept 6 #3), 2010

Bulletproof Trilogy

1. In Seconds (Bulletproof #1), 2011

2. In Close (Bulletproof #2), 2011

3. Inside (Bulletproof #3), 2011

The Evelyn Talbot Chronicles

1. Hanover House (Evelyn Talbot #0.5), 2015

2. Her Darkest Nightmare (Evelyn Talbot #1), 2016

3. Hello Again (Evelyn Talbot #2), 2017

Fairham Island Series

1. The Secret Sister (Fairham Island #1), 2015

2. The Secrets She Kept (Fairham Island #2), 2016

Standalone Romantic Suspense Novels

Taking the Heat, 2004

Cold Feet, 2005

Every Waking Moment, 2005

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