Brenda Novak Books in Order – Complete List

Brenda Novak is a favorite American author of romantic suspense novels as well as historical romance and contemporary romance novels. Brenda Novak’s books include her romantic suspense series, such as the Stillwater Trilogy, the Last Stand collection, the Bulletproof books, and the Evelyn Talbot Chronicles, among others, while romances include the Whiskey Creek series, Silver Springs, and the new Coyote Canyon series.

Here are the Brenda Novak books in order of publication. The reading and chronological order is the same for her novels.

New Brenda Novak Books

The Messy Life of Jane Tanner
The Messy Life of Jane Tanner (Coyote Canyon #3), 2024

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Dundee Idaho Books in Publication Order

  1. That One Night (#1), 2002 (aka A Baby of Her Own)
  2. Falling For You (#2), 2003 (aka A Husband of Her Own)
  3. First Love, Second Chance (#3), 2004 (aka A Family of Her Own)
  4. Say You Love Me (#4), 2004 (aka aka A Home of Her Own)
  5. Meant for You (#6), 2005 (aka Stranger in Town)
  6. Finding You (#6), 2005 (aka Big Girls Don’t Cry)
  7. The Other Woman (#7), 2006 (aka Just the Two of Us)
  8. Coulda Been A Cowboy (#8), 2007 (aka The More I Love You)
  9. A Dundee Christmas (#8.5), 2017

Stillwater Trilogy in Publication Order

  1. Dead Silence (#1), 2006
  2. Dead Giveaway (#2), 2007
  3. Dead Right (#3), 2007

The Last Stand Books in Publication Order

  1. Trust Me (#1), 2008
  2. Stop Me (#2), 2008
  3. Watch Me (#3), 2008
  4. The Perfect Couple (#4), 2009
  5. The Perfect Liar (#5), 2009
  6. The Perfect Murder (#6), 2009

Dept. 6 Hired Guns Trilogy in Publication Order

  1. The Perfect Murder #1), 2010
  2. Body Heat (#2), 2010
  3. Killer Heat (#3), 2010

Bulletproof Trilogy in Publication Order

  1. In Seconds (#1), 2011
  2. In Close (#2), 2011
  3. Inside (#3), 2011

Whiskey Creek Books in Publication Order

  1. When We Touch (#0.5), 2012
  2. When Lightning Strikes (#1), 2012
  3. When Snow Falls (#2), 2012
  4. When Summer Comes (#3), 2013
  5. Home to Whiskey Creek (#4), 2013
  6. Take Me Home for Christmas (#5), 2013
  7. Come Home to Me (#6), 2014
  8. The Heart of Christmas (#7), 2014
  9. This Heart of Mine (#8), 2015
  10. A Winter Wedding (#9), 2015
  11. Discovering You (#10), 2016

The Evelyn Talbot Chronicles / Hannover Chronicles Books in Publication Order

  1. Hanover House (#0.5), 2015
  2. Her Darkest Nightmare (#1), 2016
  3. Hello Again (#2), 2017
  4. Face Off (#3), 2018
  5. Blindspot (#4), 2019

Fairham Island Books in Publication Order

  1. The Secret Sister (#1), 2015
  2. The Secrets She Kept (#2), 2016

Silver Springs Books in Publication Order

  1. Finding Our Forever (#1), 2017
  2. No One but You (#2), 2017
  3. Until You Loved Me (#3), 2017
  4. Right Where We Belong (#4), 2017
  5. Unforgettable You (#5), 2019
  6. Christmas in Silver Springs (#6), 2019
  7. A California Christmas (#7), 2020
  8. Home for the Holidays (#7.5), 2020
  9. When I Found You (#8), 2021
  10. Keep Me Warm at Christmas (#9), 2021

Coyote Canyon Books in Publication Order

  1. Talulah’s Back in Town (#1), 2023
  2. The Talk of Coyote Canyon (#2), 2023
  3. The Messy Life of Jane Tanner (#3), 2024

9 Months Later Books in Publication Order

Standalone Novels in Publication Order

Short Story Anthologies and Collections in Publication Order

Non Fiction Books in Publication Order

Brenda Novak Biography – About the Author

Brenda Novak author

Brenda Novak was born in 1964 in Vernal, Utah, and at the age of 10, she moved with her family to Arizona. When Brenda was 8 years old, her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS); however, despite her severe illness, she was active in the community as a member of the Chandler City Council for several years after.

At the age of 20, Brenda Novak left her studies at Brigham Young University so that she could get married and start a family. She found a job in commercial real estate and later on became a loan officer.

The way she became a novelist is one of those famous stories that is being told by people every chance they get.

One day when she went home from work, she found her children’s babysitter drugging her youngest son with cough syrup and Tylenol so he will go to sleep. The shock of seeing this prompted Brenda to leave her day job as a loan officer and stay home to take care of her family.

While reading a romance novel at home, she had the idea of writing books as well. However, it took her five years to learn the craft and art of writing. It was a challenging time for her family since they not only lost their family business but also their home; however, once she finally wrote and sold her first romance novel, Of Noble Birth, in 1999, her luck finally took a turn for the better. Brenda knew she could make it in the competitive world of book authors.

She is currently living with her family (husband and five children) in Sacramento, where she writes her next novel and helps the cause of diabetes research by raising money for Juvenile Diabetes Research. Her youngest son, Tad, has diabetes, so Brenda is hoping to help him and the entire cause by donating and raising money to the Foundation.

Several of her books either won or entered contests like the National Reader’s Choice, the Award of Excellence, the Bookseller’s Best, the Beacon Award for Published Authors, and the Write Touch.

The Evelyn Talbot Chronicles feature Evelyn, a criminal psychologist who set shop in a small Alaskan town. She started the Hanover House, a facility that houses hardened and extremely dangerous criminals, psychopaths who should be locked forever away. Evelyn wants to learn their secret, to find out how their mind is working. After all, as a 16-year-old girl she was also attacked by her boyfriend and left for dead, so she knows all about serial killers and sociopaths.

Soon after she began Hanover House, she meets Sergeant Amarok who is highly displeased with her being there. Not exactly her, but all the convicts being so close to his town. Over time, the two get close and start a relationship.

Fairham Island is another newer Brenda Novak series, one which features Maisey Lazarow who, after many years, reluctantly returns to her home island, Fairham, after a heavy divorce. Once there, she meets her high school fling, Rafe Romero, who still makes her heartbeat even after all these years. But Romero is nowhere near the guy she knew back in the day.

In the second book of the series, Maisey’s brother, Keith, receives a phone call that his mother, Josephine Lazarow, died and he has to come home. to bring the estate to order and also find out how the mother died and what are the secrets she left behind. Keith’s love interest was Nancy Dellinger, and she is still there waiting for him.

This second series is just as good as the previous one, however, Fairham Island has some gothic undertone which I really enjoyed (I always loved gothic stories). Brenda got her idea for the first book, The Secret Sister while watching an episode of Dateline, where a brother and sister got together after several years to indulge in recollecting their early years together when they remembered playing with another child who might or might not have been a sibling.

The more they investigated, the more shocking their discovery was. So, Brenda had her imagination going full time and eventually plotted out the storyline for the book.

Reading the books by Brenda Novak in order for her several romantic suspense book series is recommended. They each feature main characters that are connected throughout the books, a storyline that you might miss out on if you read them out of order.

Why Should We Read the Books in the Series in Order?

Reading Brenda Novak’s books in proper order for each of her series can provide a more enriching and immersive experience for several reasons:

  1. Character Development: The author often develops her characters over the course of multiple books. Reading in order allows you to witness the growth, changes, and challenges that characters face over time, providing a deeper understanding of their motivations and personalities.
  2. Continuity of Storylines: Brenda Novak’s books often have interconnected storylines or overarching themes that span multiple novels. Reading in order ensures that you don’t miss important details, connections, or references that contribute to the overall narrative.
  3. Evolution of Relationships: Often relationships evolve and develop over a series. Tackling the books in reading order allows you to follow the natural progression of these relationships and appreciate the nuances and complexities of each.
  4. World-building: Some authors, including Novak, create detailed and intricate worlds for their stories. You can explore and understand the world she has crafted, including any unique settings that may be introduced gradually.
  5. Foreshadowing and Subtle References: Authors often include subtle hints, foreshadowing, or references to events in earlier books. By reading her romantic suspense novels in order, you can pick up on these details, enhancing your appreciation of the narrative and potentially anticipating future developments.
  6. Chronological Understanding: Often events that occur in chronological order or have a timeline span multiple books. You can follow the sequence of events as they unfold, preventing confusion and enhancing your overall comprehension of the story.
  7. Recurring Themes: There are often recurring themes, motifs, or symbols in her works. These elements could take on different meanings or significance over the course of a series, and reading in order allows you to track and interpret these recurring elements more effectively.
  8. Gradual Unveiling of Mysteries: Many of her works are romantic mysteries in which the author incorporates unresolved questions which will be revealed gradually over a series. Reading in order ensures that you experience the suspense and excitement of uncovering these mysteries in the intended sequence.
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  1. Please write a sequel to One Perfect Summer. There has to be more to this story

    1. I second the request for a follow up. One perfect summer was a great book but I’d love a follow up. The book was going so strong with love interests for all 3 sisters and then they all just dropped off toward the end. That was disappointing. It was going strong and then in the end it was as if you’d already burned thru your allotted 400 or so pages so you quickly and loosely tied things up in the last 50. This was a bummer and it really left us hanging. Like what were the results of her brother’s DNA test. I was really hoping it was gonna show her brother was also adopted so Lorelei would have a brother. As wonderful of parents as serenity had, I was hoping you’d write a chapter or at least a few lines where they brought the other two girls into the fold to provide Lorelei a set of parents she desperately needed. The storyline with finn was so strong and then bam, nothing. It just petered off. Same with Davis, nothing. I’d love to have a sequel that brings all these guys and gals back to the two houses for another summer where you unfold their happily ever afters. What happened to Mark and Francine, did they stick together or did she wisen up and dump his arse too. I really wanted finn and Lorelei to get together in the end. That was the most disappointing part of this book. You focused so heavily on their growing bond and then just seemed to drop it. There’s so much there that was left unfinished in my eyes. I think you have enough material and lose ends to be able to make a kick arse sequel. Please do a follow up.
      Sincerely, your fan

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