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James Becker (real name Peter Stuart Smith) is the popular author of two well-known thriller series: the Chris Branson series and The Lost Treasure of the Templars series.

He was born in Cambridge, England. After finishing school, he held several jobs, some including working in a mortuary and at a factory. Later on, he joined the Royal Navy as a helicopter pilot and served during the Falklands War. During his time in service, he also took part in various covert operations in Northern Ireland, Russia, and Yemen.

After he was discharged from the Navy due to a medical issue, he moved to the Air Traffic Control branch, where he remained until the end of his army service. James Becker served for over 20 years.

After he left the service, he moved to Principality of Andorra where he is still living today, on the side of a mountain in the Eastern Pyrenees.

James is a proficient combat pistol shot, with a strong interest in medieval and ancient history, topics that also play a role in his numerous novels.

His debut book was a book titled Overkill, written under the pseudonym James Barrington. The book was published in 2004. Some other pseudonyms the author has used over the years were: James Becker (of course), Max Adams, Tom Kasey, Thomas Payne, Peter Lee and Jack Steel.

Here are the James Becker books in order for his two thriller series.

Chris Bronson Series

1. The First Apostle, 2008

2. The Moses Stone, 2009

3. The Messiah Secret, 2010

4. The Nosferatu Scroll, 2011

5. Echo of the Reich, 2012

6. The Lost Testament, 2013

7. The Templar Heresy, 2017

The Lost Treasure of the Templars Series

1. The Lost Treasure of the Templars, 2015

2. The Templar Archive, 2016

3. The Templar Brotherhood, 2017

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