Romantic Suspense Authors

There are many romantic suspense authors today who enjoy writing books in this genre. It is a very popular genre (including both romantic suspense mystery and romantic thriller novels) which attracts not only readers who love a good mystery but also book lovers who passionately read a hot steamy romance.

Their books are usually hard to put down, with storylines that bring a tormented hero back to their origins, to a small town in the deep end of the country to face their past, hunt down (or be hunted down) by a ruthless killer, while reconnecting with an old flame.

Of course, stories are varied, but this theme is pretty predominant in romantic suspense books. And the genre has its hooks deep entrenched in many readers all over the world. Who can resist a lot of hot, steamy romance with a central mystery to be solved or plot to be followed?

Here is a list of authors writing in the genre, with names constantly added since the genre still being one of the most popular with book lovers. As new author publish their books, I will add them to the list as well.

Authors are added in alphabetical order based on their last name. If you have read books by a romantic suspense mystery author not listed here, let us know in the comments section to add them here.

Cherry Adair

  • T-FLAC series

Elizabeth Adler

  • Mac Reilly series

Susan Andersen

  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Maya Banks

  • KGI series

Beverly Barton

  • The Protectors series

Allison Brennan

  • Evil trilogy
  • FBI trilogy
  • Lucy Kincaid series
  • Max Revere series
  • Moreno & Hart series
  • Predator trilogy
  • Prison Break trilogy

Suzanne Brockmann

  • Reluctant Heroes series
  • Sunrise Key trilogy
  • Tall, Dark & Dangerous series
  • Troubleshooters series

Sandra Brown

  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Caroline Burnes

  • The Fear Familiar (a black cat) series
  • The Legend of Blackthorn series

Mary Burton

  • The Forgotten Files series
  • Morgans of Nashville series
  • Senseless series
  • Texas Rangers series

Nancy Bush

  • Colony series
  • Nowhere to Run series

Nina Bruhns

  • Men in Uniform
  • New Orleans Trilogy
  • Passion Of Danger
  • Passion For Danger

Stella Cameron

  • Bayou series
  • Court of Angels series
  • Talon & Flynn – New Orleans PD series

Linda Castillo

  • Kate Burkholder series
  • Operation: Midnight series
  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Pamela Clare

  • I-Team series

Mary Higgins Clark

  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Catherine Coulter

  • FBI Thriller series
  • A Brit In The FBI series

Deborah Crombie

  • Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James series

Sandy Curtis

  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Barbara Freethy

  • Deception series
  • Sanders Brothers series
  • Lightning Strikes trilogy
  • Off the Grid: FBI trilogy

Julie Garwood

  • Buchanan-Renard series

Cindy Gerard

  • Black Ops Inc. series
  • The Bodyguards series
  • One-Eyed Jacks series

Tess Gerritsen

  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Heather Graham

  • Bone Island series
  • Flynn Brothers series
  • Harrison Investigation series
  • Krewe of Hunters series
  • Suspense series
  • Soap series

Laura Griffin

  • The Glass Sisters series
  • The Borderline series
  • Tracers series

Linda Hall

  • Shadows series
  • Whisper Lake series

Karen Harper

  • Cold Creek series
  • Home Valley series
  • Mapplecreek series

Christiane Heggan

  • Kate Logan series
  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Victoria Holt

  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Kay Hooper

  • Bishop SCU series
  • Bishop Files series
  • Quinn/Thief series
  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Linda Howard

  • Blair Mallory series
  • CIA’s Spies series
  • Mackenzie Family series
  • Rescues series

Lisa Jackson

  • Pierce Reed series
  • Rick Bentz and Reuben Montoya series
  • Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli series
  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Michele Jaffe

  • Arboretti Family series

Tara Janzen

  • Steele Street series

Andrea Kane

  • Burbank and Parker series
  • Forensic Instincts series
  • Pete ‘Monty’ Montgomery series
  • The Colby’s Coin series

Karen Kendall

  • ARTemis, Inc. series

Jayne Ann Krentz

  • Eclipse Bay series
  • Dark Legacy series
  • Whispering Springs series
  • Gift series
  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Linda Ladd

  • Claire Morgan series

Joyce Lamb

  • True Trilogy
  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Lauren Layne

  • New York’s Finest series

Lora Leigh

  • Black OPs series
  • Elite OPs series

Kristine Mason

  • CORE Shadow trilogy
  • Ultimate CORE trilogy
  • Psychic CORE series
  • CORE Above The Law series

Marliss Melton

  • Echo Platoon series
  • SEAL Team 12 series
  • Taskforce series

Shannon Mckenna

  • McClouds & Friends series
  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Hunter Morgan

  • Albany Beach trilogy
  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Carla Neggers

  • Carriage House series
  • Cold Ridge/U.S. Marshals series
  • Sharpe & Donovan series
  • Swift River Valley series
  • Black Falls series

Brenda Novak

  • Fairham Island Series
  • Evelyn Talbot Chronicles
  • Bulletproof trilogy
  • Dept 6 Hired Guns series
  • Last Stand series
  • Stillwater Trilogy

Terry Odell

  • Blackthorne, Inc. series
  • Pine Hills Police series

Barbara Parker

  • Gail Connor and Anthony Quintana series

Christy Reece

  • Grey Justice series
  • Last Chance Rescue series
  • LCR Elite series

Katie Reus

  • Deadly Ops series
  • Red Stone Security series
  • The Serafina: Sin City series

Karen Robards

  • Dr. Charlotte Stone series
  • Jessica Ford series
  • The Guardian

J.D. Robb

  • Eve Dallas/In Death series

Kelsey Roberts

  • The Landry Brothers series

Willo Davis Roberts

  • Black Pearl series

Karen Rose

  • Faith Corcoran series
  • Romantic Suspense series

Sharon Sala

  • Cat Dupree series
  • The Rebel Ridge series
  • The Storm Front trilogy
  • The Searchers trilogy
  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Meryl Sawyer

  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Maggie Shayne

  • Mordercai Young series
  • Secrets Of Shadow Falls series
  • Brown & De Luca series
  • Shattered Sisters series

Erica Spindler

  • Kitt Lundgren series
  • Stacy Killian series
  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Roxanne St Claire

  • Bullet Catcher series
  • The Guardian Angelinos series

Mariah Stewart

  • Dead series
  • Enright series
  • FBI series
  • John Mancini series
  • Last series
  • Mercy Street series
  • Truth series
  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Mary Stewart

  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Anne Stuart

  • Ice series

Tracey Tillis

  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Carlene Thompson

  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Maggie Toussaint

  • standalone romantic suspense novels

Tina Wainscott

  • Justiss Alliance series series

Loreth Anne White

  • Snowy Creek series
  • Shadow Soldiers series
  • Wild Country series
  • standalone romantic suspense novels


  1. What about all of Nora Roberts suspense novels (not under her J.D. Robb pen name), like The Sanctuary, The Liar, The COllector, Genuine LIes, to name just a few.

  2. Leslie Tentler writes wonderful standalone romantic suspense ☺

    Great site!

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