Robin Cook Books In Order – A Complete List

New York Times bestselling author Robin Cook is considered by many the founding father of the medical thriller genre. More often than not, when readers think of the medical thriller genre, the name Robin Cooks pops up in their mind right away, and with good reason. Thus, reading the Robin Cook books in order means diving right into the dangerous world of medical thriller books.

With around 40 novels written so far, many of which have been at some point or another on New York Times bestseller list, the author has perfected his writing formula over the years, which keeps his loyal readers hooked book after book.

Here are the Robin Cook books in order of publication and reading order for his standalone novels and book series.

Latest Robin Cook Books

Bellevue, 2024

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Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery Series in Order of Publication

  1. Blindsight, 1991
  2. Contagion, 1995
  3. Chromosome Six, 1997
  4. Vector, 1999
  5. Marker, 2005
  6. Crisis, 2006
  7. Critical, 2007
  8. Foreign Body, 2008
  9. Intervention, 2009
  10. Cure, 2010
  11. Pandemic, 2018
  12. Genesis, 2019
  13. Night Shift, 2022
  14. Manner of Death, 2023

Dr. Marissa Blumenthal Books in Publication Order

  1. Outbreak, 1987
  2. Vital Signs, 1990

Pia Grazdani Books in Publication Order

Standalone Novels in Publication Order by Robin Cook

Anthologies in Publication Order

Robin Cook Biography – About the Author

Robin Cook

Robin Cook was born in 1940 in New York City in Queens. He lived there until the age of 8 when he moved to Leonia, New Jersey with his parents. Two years later his baby sister was born, which made him no longer be the youngest in the family.

After high school, Robin Cook realized that his main interest lay in medicine. He graduated from Wesleyan University summa cum laude with a major in chemistry and a distinction in government, and soon after he enrolled at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons while working at a blood/gas chemistry laboratory to support himself.

When he was drafted into the Navy, he started out at the submarine school and navy diving school. Later on, he trained as a navy aquanaut medical officer and it was during this time that he worked on his first non-fiction book, A Medical Watch Standers Guide to Saturation Diving.

Once he was discharged from the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander, Robin Cook went back to medicine, taking a residency in ophthalmology at Harvard University, following which he enrolled as a full-time student at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. During this time he also had a private practice of ophthalmology in Massachusetts. He finished his post graduate in medical training at the Harvard University. Robin Cook is a private member of the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Board of Trustees.

Most of dr. Cook’s novels take place in hospitals and evolve around serious medical issues, combining a love for medicine, mystery, and crime. Many of his books are about current issues that affect everyone equally, including stem cell research, organ donation, fertility treatment, medical malpractice, genetic engineering, and organ transplants, medical tourism, organ transplant, among others.

During an interview, Robin Cook mentioned why his books are so popular all over the world:

“The key reason is, we should all realize that were at risk. We are all at one time or another going to become patients,[…] You may write about the great white sharks and/or the haunted houses, & you may say I am not going near an ocean or/and I am not going into haunted places, but you cannot say you aren’t going to the hospital.”

While Robin Cook’s very first novel was The Year Of The Intern, Robin Cook really became popular after publishing Coma in 1977. Once he figured out what his first novel was lacking and why it wasn’t as successful as hoped, through his in-depth analysis of contemporary books in the genre to learn what makes them really tick, Robin Cook applied all that he learned in Coma and in all the books that followed after that.

The result was almost an overnight international fame with a long list of loyal followers worldwide. Several of his books have also been featured in Reader’s Digest. They focus on medical suspense thriller, which skillfully combines intricately plotted murders and intrigue with modern medical technology. In an interview he mentioned, “I joke that in case my novels stop selling or flying off the shelves, I can always fall-back to the brain surgery.”

Many of Robin Cook’s novels have been adapted to TV and/or the big screen as a feature film, including Coma (directed by author and doctor Michael Crichton), Invasion, Foreign Body, Harmful Intent, Mortal Fear, Outbreak, Sphynx, and Terminal.

The latest Robin Cook book is called Manner of Death, and was published in 2023. It is part of his popular Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery medical book series, and, as usual, it is a real page turner.

One of my favorite Robin Cook’s books, Charlatans, is, as usual, set in a hospital, like most of the other books by Robin Cook, and it features Dr. Noah Rothauser, who fears that something is very wrong at the hospital since patients are dying on the operating table during seemingly very routine surgeries. It is a major part of the Robin Cook book list.

Dr. William Mason, a respected surgeon at the hospital, for some reason, wants Noah gone and he does everything he can to sabotage him. Then we are introduced to Dr. Ava London, who starts an affair with Noah, but he isn’t sure what is the deal with her. How come when the patients she is putting under anesthesia are dying first of all? Is she guilty or, just like him, she is a victim of sabotage?

Each Robin Cook novel is suspenseful from the beginning to the end. The books are usually formulaic. Some things I figured out after a few chapters, although the author does have a few aces up on his sleeves, which I didn’t see coming. However, that does not diminish their entertaining power over us. Every time I pick a Robin Cook novel I know that I will be in for a few quite interesting and fun hours. The Robin Cook books in reading order are recommended for his Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series.


  1. Have read them all. Any more coming? I have passed them on to my two fellow retired nurses.

      1. Completed all, including the recent manner of death. Waiting for next release in December 2024, Belleview hospital.
        Very interesting, cannot stop reading. Started reading since my Med school.

  2. I wish all your books were available on Audible. Especially your first books. I love them all so far. Jack Stapleton books are my favorite.

  3. You are correct Doctor about in hospital. July 2020 in the middle of a Pandemic in Florida this could be one of your novels. I have read them all! I am awaiting your next. Need an ebook to download.


  4. The list of Robin Cook novels does not include Brain from 1980. It was the first that I read and got me started reading Mr. Cook’s stories.

  5. Love his books. Hard to wait for the next one in any of his series. Was in the hospital years age when I read Coma and had lots of fun with everyone. Love medical stories and the details are great. Worked in a hospital for over 5 years and have Dr’s and nurses in my family

  6. I wish the list could go on forever !!!!! I can not believe there is only one book left. Waiting for my last book to arrive. GENSIS

  7. Read Marker two weeks ago and just finished Contagion. Printed out list in order of the Jack Stapelton Laurie Hamilton books to buy and read in order. Love Robin Cools books wish I had them all.

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