Jack Du Brul Books In Order

Jack Du Brul is the American author of the Philip Mercer techno-thriller series, as well as co-author of some of the books in The Oregon Files (books 3-9) with Clive Cussler, taking over from Craig Dirgo, who co-authored the first two novels.

Jack Du Brul (website) was born in 1968 in Burlington, Vermont. He attended the Westminster School in Connecticut (grades 9-12). After graduating from George Washington college, he moved to Florida.

Here, while waiting tables and tending bars, he started working on his first official book (he did write a previous manuscript, which was never published). The book would become the first in the Philip Mercer series titled Vulcan’s Forge, which was published in 1989 when he was back in Vermont.

The author was lucky as he never got a rejection letter for his first book. Knowing someone in the trade who liked the manuscript who forwarded it to a publisher, meant his book got published right away.

Jack always wanted to become a thriller writer, so he is one author who truly lives his dream by doing what he loves doing best: writing thriller novels.

In addition to writing, Jack Du Brul also takes care of the family property managing company after the deaths of his parents. He is married to Debbie Saunders and is currently living in Vermont.

The Philip Mercer series includes currently eight books, with the latest one, The Lightning Stones, written in 2015, almost 10 years after the previous one was released.

Philip Mercer is a military-trained geologist, who has to stop threat after threat and save the world book after book.

Here are the Jack du Brul books in order for his Philip Mercer series.

Philip Mercer Series

1. Vulcan’s Forge (Philip Mercer #1), 1998

2. Charon’s Landing (Philip Mercer #2), 1999

3. The Medusa Stone (Philip Mercer #3), 2000

4. Pandora’s Curse (Philip Mercer #4), 2001

5. River of Ruin (Philip Mercer #5), 2002

6. Deep Fire Rising (Philip Mercer #6), 2003

7. Havoc (Philip Mercer #7), 2006

8. The Lightning Stones (Philip Mercer 8), 2016

The Oregon Files

Check out the full list of The Oregon Files on the Clive Cussler page, since it includes all books, not only those co-authored with Jack Du Brul.


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