Jeff Lindsay

Jeff Lindsay (website) is an American author who has become extremely popular with his major series – Dexter, about the cute, lovable and psychotic serial killer. Dexter has also been turned into a TV series in 2006 featuring Michael C. Hall in an 8 seasons television series that sadly ended recently.

The author’s real name is Jeffry P. Freundlich (Jeff Lindsay being a pen name) and he currently lives in Florida with his wife, Hilary Hemingway. His wife, Hilary is an author, also related to the well known Ernest Hemingway (daughter of Leicester Hemingway, who is Ernest Hemingway’s brother).

Jeff Lindsay was born in Miami in 1954. After attending and finishing college at Middlebury College in Vermont, he was drawn to writing, deciding that he wanted to be an author. Initially working with Hilary Hemingway as a co-author to get his name out there, later he started to write his own books, creating one of the most successful crime series ever. There has never been another “evil” sociopathic character as much loved as Dexter in fiction before.

If only with the author had also written additional books, because fact is fact: Jeff Lindsay knows to write.

I wrote a separate page focusing on the Dexter series, however for convenience, the books in the Dexter series are also listed below.

Dexter Series In Order

1. Darkly Dreaming Dexter (2004)

2. Dearly Devoted Dexter (2005)

3. Dexter In The Dark (2007)

4. Dexter By Design (2009)

5. Dexter is Delicious (2010)

6. Double Dexter (2011)

7. Dexter’s Final Cut (2013)

8. Dexter Is Dead (2015)

Billy Knight Thrillers Series In Order

1. Tropical Depression (Billy Knight #1), 1994

2. Red Tide (Billy Knight #2), 2015

Other Fiction Works By Jeff Lindsay

Dreamland: A Novel of the UFO Cover-Up, 1995 (co-authored with wife Hilary)

Time Blender, 1997 (co-authored with wife Hilary)

Dreamchild, 1998 (co-authored with wife Hilary)

Non-fiction Books By Jeff Lindsay

Hunting with Hemingway, 2000 (co-authored with wife Hilary)

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