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Last Updated on August 7, 2020 Alex Kava is an American author best known for her Maggie O’Dell mystery series, which I have read and really enjoyed. Her first novel, A Perfect Evil was also my first encounter with her writing. I got hooked, seeking out the rest of the books as soon as they were published.

Here I have put together the list of all Alex Kava books in order of reading (chronological, as well as in order of publication) for her Maggie O’Dell series, her standalone novels and her Ryder Creed series.

To read the Alex Kava books in order you should check out each of the author’s series. Of course, the author’s standalone novels can be read in any order you want.

New Alex Kava Book

Hidden Creed

Hidden Creed, (Ryder Creed #6), 2020

Maggie O’Dell Series

  1. Before Evil (Maggie O’Dell #0.5), 2015
  2. A Perfect Evil (Maggie O’Dell #1), 2000
  3. Split Second (Maggie O’Dell #2), 2001
  4. The Soul Catcher (Maggie O’Dell #3), 2002
  5. Good Night, Sweet Mother (Maggie O’Dell #3.1), 2003
  6. At the Stroke of Madness (Maggie O’Dell #4), 2003
  7. A Necessary Evil (Maggie O’Dell #5), 2006
  8. Exposed (Maggie O’Dell #6), 2008
  9. Black Friday (Maggie O’Dell #7), 2009
  10. A Breath of Hot Air (Maggie O’Dell #7.5), 2010
  11. Damaged (Maggie O’Dell #8), 2010
  12. Hotwire (Maggie O’Dell #9), 2011
  13. Slices of Night (Maggie O’Dell #9.5), 2011
  14. Fireproof (Maggie O’Dell #10), 2012
  15. Stranded (Maggie O’Dell #11), 2013

Ryder Creed Series

  1. Breaking Creed (Ryder Creed #1), 2015
  2. Silent Creed (Ryder Creed #2), 2015
  3. Reckless Creed (Ryder Creed #3), 2016
  4. Lost Creed (Ryder Creed #4), 2018
  5. Desperate Creed (Ryder Creed #5), 2019
  6. Hidden Creed (Ryder Creed #6), 2020

Alex Kava Standalone Novels

Alex KavaAbout Alex Kava

Alex Kava was born in 1960 in Silver Creek, Nebraska. She wanted to write books from a young age, however, her parents, while valuing education, classified reading books that were not part of study frivolous.

Reading for fun was not encouraged in the family. So Alex (born Sharon M. Kava) wrote her stories on the backs of calendars and only shared them with her brother.

So her parents would not see her writings, she hid everything she wrote during her young years in a shoe box under her bed.

She went on a scholarship to the College of Saint Mary in Omaha, Nebraska, from where in 1982 she graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in art and English.

After leaving college she got several jobs, some of them in the fields of marketing and advertising. Eventually, she started her own graphic design company called Square One where she created logos, food packages, brochures and newsletters for major corporations.

In 1992 she started to work as director of public relations of her attending college, where she remained until 1996, which is when she switched to writing books.

The author published her first novel in 2000, titled A Perfect Evil, which would become the first in the Maggie O’Dell series.

Initially, the author chose the pseudonym Alex to disguise her gender, however, while she keeps writing under the name Alex Kava, she now no longer hides who she is.

The author Alex Kava is a member of the  International Thriller Writers as well as the Nebraska Writers Guild and her books have been so far sold all over the world in over 4 million copies.

Her popular crime mystery series focuses on Maggie O’Dell, an FBI profiler in Nebraska, who is called in to profile sadistic serial killers and hardened criminals all over the country, and does much more than simply profiling.

A Perfect EvilIn the first book, A Perfect Evil, first introduces us to Maggie. When a small town gets a serial killer who is targeting kids, the local sheriff, Nick Morelli, knows he’s way out of his league, so he calls in the big guns.

Maggie is an FBI expert profiler who is sent to check out the situation. While the two are trying to solve the case, they also get strongly attracted to each other. Except, Maggie is married.

I love this series. I’ve read pretty much all the book except for the last one, Stranded. I love books with twisted, sadistic and ruthless serial killers and reading about those who catch them. If you enjoy reading gory and chilling novels, this series by Alex Kava totally fits the bill. It’s definitely not a cozy, and you’d better have a fondness for uber- suspenseful books, in which case the Maggie O’Dell series will become a dear favorite.

My only gripe with this series? I wish the romance between Maggie and Nick Morelli (what a great name!) were going in the direction I wanted it to. But one can only hope…(and no, this is not a romantic suspense series, the romance aspect is almost non-existent).

The author’s newer series, Ryder Creed, features Ryder, an ex-marine who is now working as a K9 search-and-rescue dog trainer who, every now and then, teams up with Maggie O’Dell to solve cases.

Ryder was first introduced to us in Stranded, the last Maggie O’Dell book. He suffers from PTDS from his tour in Afghanistan and is now trying to put his life back together. Hannah, his good friend, and Grace, the abandoned dog that Ryder Creed finds and starts working with, are there to help him go through the tough times.

In Breaking Creed, the first book in the series, Ryder gets involved in a case of human trafficking which put a target on his back. The Cartel has a list with his name on it and he might be just their next kill. Currently, the latest Ryder Creed book is Lost Creed, published in 2018.

The author Alex Kava loves dogs, she had and has dogs, so it felt easy for her to introduce a new series that features dogs as main characters. Also, she even added Maggie O’Dell a dog in one of the books.

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  1. Karen Miller says:

    During this pandemic, our library would pull books for us, if we asked for them on line..I found the Kava series and have been working my way through. My brother and his wife and I trade them off..My usual way to get books at the library is to wander through the stacks..can’t do that on line….so finding this series has been a wonderful way to stay home and be safe.

  2. Diane ewing says:

    In Breaking Creed maggie makes a comment regarding a rescue of senator ellie romas ex husband and kids. What book is this story?

  3. Jean Mirabile says:

    Will there be more Maggie O’Dell books? I also enjoy the Creed books and the interaction between Maggie and Ryder. I am reading the series for probably the third time

  4. Paulette owens says:

    I love the Maggie Odell series and am always on the lookout for a good mystery writer

  5. Karen Rees says:

    I too have read all the O’Dell books and in order I find this is true for all series of books, Patterson, Evanovich , Cornwell, Lindsay to mention just a few read in order they become a TV series but much more in depth, my only concern is if it when the author will get tired of a character will I turn into someone depicted in Misery also an excellent book actually 2 tales in the one book.

    Karen Rees

  6. Steve Foot says:

    I have read every book in order and cannot wait for the next one to come out.I just love Maggie O Dell and although I am not an avid reader of books this series is by far the best stories I have ever read.

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