Anne Perry Books In Order – Complete List

Anne Perry, who passed away 10 April 2023, was the popular bestselling author of well over 100 books, many of which are part of 4 major series, while several others are standalone novels, short stories, anthologies, and non-fiction books.

Here are all the Anne Perry books in order of publication for each of the series. The publication order is also the reading order.

New Anne Perry Books

The Traitor Among Us
The Traitor Among Us, (Elena Standish #5), 2023

Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Books In Publication Order

Thomas Pitt is an inspector in Victorian London and Charlotte is his wife

  1. The Cater Street Hangman, 1979
  2. Callander Square, 1980
  3. Paragon Walk, 1981
  4. Resurrection Row, 1981
  5. Rutland Place, 1983
  6. Bluegate Fields, 1984
  7. Death in the Devil’s Acre, 1985
  8. Cardington Crescent, 1987
  9. Silence in Hanover Close, 1988
  10. Bethlehem Road, 1990
  11. Highgate Rise, 1991
  12. Belgrave Square, 1992
  13. Farriers’ Lane, 1993
  14. The Hyde Park Headsman, 1994
  15. Traitors Gate, 1995
  16. Pentecost Alley, 1996
  17. Ashworth Hall, 1997
  18. Brunswick Gardens, 1998
  19. Bedford Square, 1998
  20. Half Moon Street, 1998
  21. The Whitechapel Conspiracy, 2001
  22. Southampton Row, 2002
  23. Seven Dial, 2003
  24. Long Spoon Lane, 2005
  25. Buckingham Palace Gardens, 2008
  26. Betrayal at Lisson Grove, 2010
  27. Dorchester Terrace, 2011
  28. Midnight at Marble Arch, 2012
  29. Death on Blackheath, 2014
  30. The Angel Court Affair, 2015
  31. Treachery at Lancaster Gate, 2015
  32.  Murder on the Serpentine, 2016

Books about Charlotte and Thomas Pitt

Daniel Pitt Series in Publication Order

Thomas and Charlotte Pitt’s son

  1. Twenty-One Days, 2017
  2. Triple Jeopardy, 2018
  3. One Fatal Flaw, 2019
  4. Death With a Double Edge, 2020
  5. Three Debts Paid, 2021
  6. The Fourth Enemy, 2022

William Monk Series In Publication Order

William Monk is an inspector working with the Thames River Police. Over the years he raises in ranks to become a private inquiry agent and then superintendent

  1. The Face of a Stranger, 1990
  2. A Dangerous Mourning, 1991
  3. Defend and Betray, 1992
  4. A Sudden Fearful Death, 1993
  5. The Sins of the Wolf, 1994
  6. Cain His Brother, 1995
  7. Weighed in the Balance, 1996
  8. The Silent Cry, 1997
  9. Whited Sepulchres, 1997
  10. The Twisted Root, 1999
  11. Slaves And Obsession, 2000
  12. A Funeral in Blue, 2001
  13. Death of a Stranger, 2002
  14. The Shifting Tide, 2004
  15. Dark Assassin, 2015
  16. Execution Dock, 2009
  17. Acceptable Loss, 2011
  18. A Sunless Sea, 2012
  19. Blind Justice, 2013
  20. Blood on the Water, 2014
  21. Corridors of the Night, 2015
  22. Revenge in a Cold River, 2016
  23. An Echo of Murder, 2017
  24. Dark Tide Rising, 2018

Christmas Murder Mystery Novellas In Publication Order

Each book in the series is a novella with various characters taken from other series by the author

  1. A Christmas Journey, 2003
  2. A Christmas Visitor, 2004
  3. A Christmas Guest, 2005
  4. A Christmas Secret, 2006
  5. A Christmas Beginning, 2007
  6. A Christmas Grace, 2008
  7. A Christmas Promise, 2009
  8. A Christmas Odyssey, 2010
  9. A Christmas Homecoming, 2011
  10. A Christmas Garland, 2012
  11. A Christmas Hope, 2013
  12. A New York Christmas, 2014
  13. A Christmas Escape, 2015
  14. A Christmas Message, 2016
  15.  A Christmas Return, 2017
  16. A Christmas Revelation, 2018
  17. A Christmas Gathering, 2019
  18. A Christmas Resolution, 2020
  19. A Christmas Legacy, 2021
  20. A Christmas Deliverance, 2022
  21. A Christmas Vanishing, 2023

World War I / WWI Series In Publication Order

Set of mysteries that take place during WWI

  1. No Graves As Yet, 2003
  2. Shoulder the Sky, 2004
  3. Angels in the Gloom, 2005
  4. At Some Disputed Barricade, 2006
  5. We Shall Not Sleep, 2007

Elena Standish Series in Publication Order

  1. Death in Focus, 2019
  2. A Question of Betrayal, 2020
  3. A Darker Reality, 2021
  4. A Truth to Lie For, 2022
  5. The Traitor Among Us, 2023

Tathea Series in Publication Order

  1. Tathea, 1999
  2. Come Armageddon, 2001

Timepiece Series In Publication Order

Young adult time travel mystery novella series

  1. Tudor Rose, 2011
  2. Rose of No Man’s Land, 2011
  3. Blood Red Rose, 2012
  4. Rose Between Two Thorns, 2012

Anne Perry Standalone Novels in Publication Order

Anthologies in Publication Order

Series Anne Perry Contributed To

Non Fiction Books in Publication Order

Overview of the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series

Set in Victorian-era England, the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series follows the investigations of Thomas, a police inspector with the local police force, and his wife Charlotte, an upper-class woman. The 32-book series, starting with “The Cater Street Hangman” in 1979 and concluding with “Death with a Double Edge” in 2021, showcases their partnership as they solve crimes ranging from murders to political conspiracies.

The series vividly portrays Victorian England, delving into themes of class, gender, tradition, modernity, and the pursuit of justice. Charlotte and Thomas experience significant character development throughout the series, transforming into skilled detectives and independent individuals.

Overview of the Daniel Pitt Series

The Daniel Pitt books follow the adventures of Thomas and Charlotte’s son, a young lawyer in early 20th-century London. Teaming up with his colleague Miriam Fforde Croft, Daniel tackles a range of mysteries that often involve the legal system.

While the series retains the themes and settings of its predecessor, it also explores new elements like pre-World War I tensions and the evolving role of women. Politics, espionage, and injustices within the legal system are also examined. Although it can be read independently, readers of the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series will appreciate the connections and occasional appearances of familiar characters.

Overview of the William Monk Series

Set in Victorian England, the William Monk series follows the investigations of the titular character, a former police officer suffering from amnesia. Monk unravels his own past while solving crimes, aided by Hester Latterly, his Crimean War nurse, and Oliver Rathbone, his friend and former police colleague.

Like the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series, the William Monk series is steeped in the period, with detailed descriptions of everything from the clothing and customs of the time to the political and social issues of the day. The series delves into various crimes, personal challenges, and intricate relationships.

It boasts richly-drawn characters, including Monk’s complex persona, and vividly describes the era’s clothing, customs, and social issues. The themes explored encompass class, gender relations, justice in a corrupt society, and the nature of memory and identity.

Overview of the Christmas Stories Series

The Christmas Stories series is a collection of self-contained tales set in Victorian England, emphasizing love, forgiveness, and redemption. Each book revolves around a holiday-themed mystery or crime, featuring recurring characters like Charlotte and Thomas Pitt, William and Hester Monk.

The series highlights the significance of family and forgiveness during Christmas, portraying characters facing personal challenges who find hope and redemption through love. With vivid details, the stories capture the essence of Victorian Christmas traditions, exploring themes such as gender roles, class divisions, and community values. The series offers heartwarming narratives set in a festive Victorian backdrop.

Why Should We Read the Anne Perry Books in Order?

Reading the Anne Perry books in order is highly recommended, as it allows readers to fully appreciate the depth and complexity of her characters and the rich historical setting of her novels.

The Thomas Pitt and William Monk series are character-driven, with the main characters evolving and growing. By reading the books in order, readers can see how these characters change and develop in response to the events of each novel. For example, Thomas Pitt starts off as a newly promoted inspector with the police having a lot to prove in The Cater Street Hangman. Over the course of the series, he becomes a respected and accomplished detective with a family and a strong sense of justice.

Similarly, William Monk, a detective with amnesia who is trying to piece together his own past as well as solve various crimes, evolves over the course of the series. By reading the books in order, readers can see how his relationships with other characters change and how he gains new insights into his own character and past.

Reading the books in order allows readers to appreciate the historical context of Perry’s novels fully. Perry’s books are set in Victorian England, and she meticulously researches the time period to create a rich and vivid portrayal of life in the late 19th century. By reading the books in order, readers can see how the time’s social and political context influences each novel’s events.

For example, in Death in the Devil’s Acre, the eighth book in the William Monk series, Perry explores the issue of child prostitution and the widespread poverty and exploitation that characterized many parts of Victorian London. By reading the books in order, readers can see how this issue is introduced and developed over the course of the series, giving a more complete and nuanced understanding of the social issues of the time.

Anne Perry is known for her complex plots, and many of her novels feature unexpected twists and turns that keep readers guessing until the end. For example, in A Dangerous Mourning, the second book in the Thomas Pitt series, Perry introduces a complex web of family relationships and hidden secrets that culminates in a shocking murder.

Readers can fully immerse themselves in Perry’s fictional world when reading the books in order. Perry’s novels are known for their rich detail and evocative descriptions of Victorian England. By reading the stories in order they were published, readers can fully appreciate the depth and complexity of this world.

Anne Perry Biography – About the Author

Anne Perry

Anne Perry is the pen name of Juliet Marion Hulme, a British author born on October 28, 1938, in London. Perry is best known for her historical crime fiction, which has won critical acclaim and a devoted following around the world. Her books are set in Victorian England and often involve complex and psychologically nuanced characters.

Anne Perry’s father, Dr. Henry Hulme, was a physicist. As a child Juliet was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and since a cure for that disease was not much available at the time (vaccines had only been introduced as general treatment in the early 1950s, and the antibiotic streptomycin was first included in 1944), the family decided to send their daughter to a warmer climate in South Africa where she would stay with relatives.

When her father was appointed Rector of Canterbury University College, Juliet joined her parents in New Zealand. She was 13 years old.

The turning point in her life happened when she was 15 years old. Juliet had a best friend called Pauline Parker and the two girls were inseparable. When her parents were on the verge of splitting, Juliet would be forced to move away and leave her best friend behind. Pauline also wanted to move to South Africa with her friend Juliette, but her mother wouldn’t let her.

Anne Perry’s early life was marked by tragedy. In 1954, when she was just 15 years old, she and her best friend Pauline Parker were convicted of the murder of Pauline’s mother, Honora Rieper. The murder, which took place in New Zealand, shocked the country and became the subject of intense media scrutiny. Perry and Parker were both sentenced to five years in prison but were released after serving just under four years.

After her release from prison, she changed her name to Anne Perry, using her stepfather’s surname and moved to the UK, where she began a new life. She studied at the University of Edinburgh and then worked as a receptionist and a flight attendant. In the 1960s, she moved to the United States and worked as a secretary for the film director Peter Bogdanovich.

As Anne Perry once mentioned in an interview:

I had to give up my past – the hardest thing imaginable – and begin life in my new identity as Anne Perry, knowing even a tiny slip could unravel everything,” she says. She became a Mormon and moved to a small, secluded community in Scotland.

The author’s writing career began in the early 1970s, when she started writing science fiction and fantasy novels under Anne Inez McCaffrey. Her historical detective fiction, which she began writing in the 1980s, brought her widespread recognition and success.

Anne Perry’s first novel, a historical detective story, The Cater Street Hangman, was published in 1979 and introduced the character of Inspector Thomas Pitt. The novel was a critical and commercial success. It led to a series of Pitt novels, widely praised for their meticulous attention to historical detail and complex and fully realized characters.

In addition to the Pitt series, Anne Perry has also written a series of novels featuring the detective William Monk and several standalone books. Her work has won numerous awards, including the Edgar Award for Best Short Story in 1990 and the Agatha Award for Best Novel in 2000.

Throughout her career, Perry has been open about her past and has spoken candidly about her prison experiences and their impact on her life. She has also been a vocal advocate for prison reform and has worked with organizations such as the Forgiveness Project and the Prison Phoenix Trust.

Most of Anne Perry’s books deal with issues of morality, sin, repentance, and forgiveness. Her books all draw from her experiences as a teen and how could they not. She went through something that most people would never go through in their entire lives.

Regardless of her past – or maybe because of it – Anne Perry is a wonderful and successful writer and her books bring joy and long hours of entertainment to thousands – if not millions of readers all over the world.

Despite the controversy, Anne Perry remains one of the most popular and respected authors of historical crime fiction. Her work continues to be widely read and praised for its vivid depiction of Victorian England and its memorable and complex characters.

Anne Perry Awards

  • The Face of A Stranger – honored with the Agatha Award for Best Novel in 1990
  • Defend and Betray – nominated for the Agatha Award for Best Novel in 1992
  • Pentecost Alley – nominated for the Edgar Award for Best Novel in 1997
  • Heroes – won the Edgar Award for Best Short Story in 2000
  • Half Moon Street – nominated for the Macavity Awards for Best Mystery Novel in 2001
  • Too Many Cooks – honored with the Agatha Award for Best Short Story in 2002
  • Dark Assassin – nominated for Sue Feder Historical Mystery Award in 2007
  • Buckingham Palace Gardens – nominated for the Agatha Award for Best Novel in 2008
  • Premio de Honor Aragón Negro Award in 2015
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  1. I have just finished the Monk series for the third time and am now starting again on the Pitt series. Our town in southern Ontario Canada has open libraries for curbside pickup during Covid so I am well fixed for reading. Is there ever enough time??

  2. I am 83 years old and have read all the Pitt and Monk series plus the Daniel Pitt ones. . Wasn’t so keen on the WW1 stories. I knew of Anne Perry’s past before I read her books. Thoroughly enjoyed them all. Wished the Pitt and Monk series could have gone on and on but characters age as we do!

  3. I was given Funeral in Blue and loved the book but i really like to read books in order so i have finished the Monk series and would like to see it continued. I am reading the Pitt series right now. Some i have to get on open library but the local libraries hsve some of them.

  4. I was recently introduced to Anne Perry’s writing by a friend who had just read “Death in Focus” and wanted to me to read it too. I am thoroughly enjoying it and certainly will look for other books written by Anne.

  5. Had all these books on my bookcase and they have got me through the Covid lockdown. Have now re-read all 56 and enjoyed them all.

  6. I too have read nearly everything Anne Perry has written. I find her writing is often awkward and her style can become a distraction. I sometimes find myself talking to the author with comments about redundancy, over explanation or contradictions. Elena Standish seems to flow more easily.
    Still, her characters are well drawn and likeable. Plots are generally intrigueing history is clearly well researched. The positive far outweighs the negative.

    1. I become an Anne Perry fan in 2019. I have read all that I can find and have ordered others to fill in my own library. Early this year I introduced my husband to William Monk. Sometimes I think HE thinks Monk is real…argue with him at times!
      I wish she would write more of the monk series. I’d like to follow Scuff and oc course the main characters as they do what they do best and age with wisdom and good humor.

    2. Trish Higgins, I so appreciated your comments. I have read all of the Pitt, Monk, Daniel Pitt, Elena Standish, Christmas novellas, and WWI series books. I was not aware of the Timepiece series as our library does not have any of those. Also have not read any of the “Other Books” listed above because they are not in our library. However, I have read Sheen on the Silk, which is not listed above, and our library has two anthologies (Odd Partners and Private Investigations) to which she has contributed, which I plan to read. I’ve also read a book and seen the movie about her teenage history. Of them all, I am really enjoying the Elena Standish series and also liked the WWI series. (A few years later Rhys Bowen came out with a single book, In Farleigh Field [2017], which was strikingly similar to Perry’s WWI series except it takes place in WWII.) The Christmas novellas (follow Pitt characters in case anyone wants to know) are great for a quick read.

      I agree with you that her style is distracting. She has a tendency to talk so obliquely about some subjects that you are really unsure what the characters are saying, and she gives the characters the ability to draw insights from the tiniest clue which the average person would never notice, much less be able to interpret as her characters do.

      Given all that, I will continue to read her books as long as there are any to read–which may not be much longer given her age.

  7. hi, i have read many of anne perry’s books over the years, and i agree with you, glenda, that now that the corona virus has us stuck in our homes, it is a perfect time to go back, and read the books again. i have a hard time saying which series that i like best. because they are all wonderful in their own way. the world war I books dealt with the senseless death of war, thomas and charlotte show us a non-traditional victorian family, and the always delightful vespaigia, and william pitt is fun to watch as he deals with all the hardships that his handicaps of health, and lack of high social status bring him! the christmas books are happy extra treats and reading about daniel learning to be an investigator is fun, as he grows in skill. ilove all the details and how perryalways has point to make about hypocracy or social morality or need for reform. it is escapism, but with a twist, because we still have many of the same problems. sandy

  8. I am now 83 years old and have been reading Anne Perry books for about 40 years. My bookshelf is stocked with them. At this time in 2020 having been housebound with the Coronavirus pandemic, with all libraries and stores closed and my book supplies having been cut off, I have now started at the beginning to read all my Anne Perry books. Let’s see how far I get.

  9. I have enjoyed Anne Perry’s books for over 25 years and the detail is sometimes too much in my opinion and slows down the story but it always draws you deeper into the culture and time period and story. My favorite William Monk books are The Silent Cry, Twisted Root and Dark Assassin. My favorite Thomas Pitt books are Resurrection Row, The Hyde Park Headsman and Buckingham Palace Gardens. I have missed her most recent books and will have to catch up as I know they will definitely be worth the time.

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