Simon Toyne Books In Order

Simon Toyne (website) is the bestselling author of the Sanctus trilogy which includes the books Sanctus, The Key and The Tower.

Born February 29th, 1968 in Cleethorpes, England, Simon Toyne spent his young years in Peterborough. Pursuing an interest in acting, he got a degree in English and Drama at the Goldsmiths College, although he soon realized that acting was not for him because writing was what would become his calling.

Thus he got various jobs in the TV and film industry ranging from being a runner in an editing office in Soho, working his way up to becoming a very young director at the age of 25.

As the years past, he once again realized that the TV business would not be his ticket to fame, so Simon Toyne switched gears once again, quick his career in a cushy well paid job and went off to France to become a commercial book writer.

As luck (or unluck) would have it, he didn’t manage to finish the book, so he had to turn back home with his family and pick up the threads where he left off. He once again went back to the TV production industry as a freelancer, while he spent his evenings working away at his book.

And finally in 2011 the first book called Sanctus was written, published and became a big hit. So far it has been translated into 27 languages, becoming the biggest selling debut thriller of 2011 in the UK.

After the success of his first debut novel, Simon Toyne then continued writing and currently his work includes the Sanctus trilogy as well as the first book in a new series with the title Solomon’s Creed.

Here are the Simon Toyne books in order of publication, with the reading order in brackets.

Sanctus Trilogy In Order

1. Sanctus (Sanctus #1), 2011

2. The Key (Sanctus #2), 2012

3. The Tower (Sanctus #3), 2013

Solomon Creed Series In Order

1. Solomon Creed (Solomon Creed #1), 2015

2. Solomon Creed 2, 2017

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