Peter Clement Books In Order

Peter Clement (website) is a Canadian author of several standalone medical thrillers and two series also set in the dangerous world of the medical establishments.

Born in 1945, Peter Clement has worked in the medical field as a physician M.D. for over 30 years, became chief of Emergency at St. Mary`s Hospital in Montreal, Canada, as well as the chief of Family Medicine.

These days he is splitting his time between his career as a doctor in a private practice and his novel writing.

As he also admits, the stories in his books draw from his experience in the medical arena, dealing with ethical issues surrounding medicine and science, as well as the day to day life of an ER doctor.

His Dr. Earl Garnet series includes 5 books and one short story. Lethal Practice, the first book in the series, published in 1997 was also the first book that I’ve read by this author. It was at a time when I was thirsty for more Robin Cook style novels. Peter Clement fit the bill quite nicely.

His Richard Steele series has two books. The rest of the novels are standalone works. His latest book is called Therapy, published in 2014.

Here are the Peter Clement books in order for his series and medical thrillers.

Dr. Earl Garnet Series In Order

1. Lethal Practice (Dr. Earl Garnet #1), 1997

2. Death Rounds (Dr. Earl Garnet #2), 1999

3. The Procedure (Dr. Earl Garnet #3), 2001

4. Mortal Remains (Dr. Earl Garnet #4), 2003

5. The Inquisitor (Dr. Earl Garnet #4), 2004

6. Hot Sorrowful Sweetness of the Dust (Dr. Earl Garnet #4.5), 2016 (short story)

Dr. Richard Steele Series In Order

1. Mutant (Dr. Richard Steele #1), 2001

2. Critical Condition (Dr. Richard Steele #2), 2002

Peter Clement Standalone Novels

The Darkness Drops, 2010

Therapy, 2014

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    Looking for an email address for Peter Clement – Peter Clement Duffy. We were college rooomates

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