Robert Bryndza Books In Order

Last Updated on December 2, 2019

Reading the Robert Bryndza books in order means his six books in his popular DCI Erika Foster crime thriller series, and the books in his new Kate Marshall series.

I came across this author quite by accident. I was looking for a good British thriller in the veins of M.J. Arlidge since I was already hooked on his Helen Grace series. After reading The Girl In The Ice, I was hooked. Now I’m an avid follower of this talented thriller author.

Here are the Robert Bryndza books in order for his thriller series.

New Robert Bryndza Book

Nine Elms

Nine Elms (Kate Marshall #1), 2019

DCI Erika Foster Series In Order

  1. The Girl in the Ice (DCI Erika Foster #1), 2016
  2. The Night Stalker (DCI Erika Foster #2), 2016
  3. Dark Water (DCI Erika Foster #3), 2016
  4. Last Breath (DCI Erika Foster #4), 2017
  5. Cold Blood (DCI Erika Foster #5), 2017
  6. Deadly Secrets (DCI Erika Foster #6), 2018

Robert Bryndza authorKate Marshall Series in Order

  1. Nine Elms (Kate Marshall #1), 2019
  2. Shadow Sands (Kate Marshall #2), 2020

About Robert Bryndza

Robert Bryndza was born in the UK, where he lived for nearly ten years in Brockley in South London. He also lived in the US and Canada before settling into his permanent address in Slovakia with his Slovak husband Ján.

They visited Slovakia for holidays in 2010 and loved so much that they made it their permanent country of residence.

He initially trained to become an actor, but in his mid-twenties, he got the writing bug and he swiftly changed gears and started to write novels.

The first Robert Bryndza books were part of a romantic comedy series called Coco Pinchard, which he self-published. It took him 3 years of trying to publish his first novel before he learned that self-publishing your books in a thing. His first novel was self-published in 2012.

In 2016 he changed genres and started writing crime thriller novels, with the first book titled The Girl In The Ice, which became part of the DCI Erika Foster series. The latest Robert Bryndza book in the series is called Deadly Secrets, published by Bookouture, an awesome British publisher, who also publish Angela Marson’s book and that of several other really good crime thriller authors.

In an interview, author Robert Bryndza mentioned that the idea for The Girl in the Ice came to him several years ago while listening to a song by Kate Bush. He suddenly had a flash of standing on a frozen lake and seeing the face of a girl under the ice. Quite a powerful image for a thriller novel.

The Girl in the ICeDCI Erika Foster is first introduced to the readers in The Girl in the Ice. Soon we realize that she has a lot of baggage to deal with, a lot of history which doesn’t allow her to function at 100%.

In a tragic event in the past (before the book story began), her husband is killed and Erika is left not only alone but also in total despair. It took her seven months to finally get back to work and immerse herself in her first new case, which involves Andrea Douglas-Brown’s kidnapping and then murder.

When the young woman is found under the frozen ice in a South London park, Erika, the MET detective is called to investigate. She knows that this case could be the one to bring her fully back from the dead and into the land of the living.

The Detective Erika Foster series is right now at its 6th addition with Deadly Secrets, published early 2018. Erika is still shaken by the happenings in Cold Blood, where her personal life got mixed up with work in a bad way. She is still not quite ok but she takes on the next case that is as harrowing as it can get.

A mother wakes to find her daughter’s blood-soaked body frozen to the road. Somebody killed the young girl and left her in front of her own house frozen to the ground.

While Erika is working the new case, something from her past threatens to come to the surface at the most inopportune moment. If she doesn’t stay focus on the case she might not only use the killer but her own life as well.

In 2019, a new Robert Bryndza book is out in a new series featuring Kate Marshall, a woman with a dark, secret past. A rising star in the  London Metropolitan police force, Kate Marshall captured the famous Nine Elms serial killer some 16 years ago. However, when things went south, her entire career and life went into shambles. Now she works as a lecturer at a small coastal English university when her past comes crushing back and she has to face her fears, demons, and an evil monster when a copycat killer is on the loose and threatens to destroy her entire life – literally.

Currently, Robert Bryndza is living with husband Jan and two dogs and working on his next Erika Foster novel.

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  1. Diane Duprix says:

    Thank you Robert,
    For the last 4 months I have been so disciplined, meditation, walk, yoga…Yesterday my neighbour left a book on my doorstep “Last Breath” well I want to thank you for no sleep last night and here it is 1:30 p.m..I am still in bed , drank a pot of tea and just finished your book. Best mystery book ever! You captivated my attention from the first page and I found the characters to be interesting and intelligent. The book also makes you question a few much do you put on social media? I also thought about Bryony, and Daryl , how we dismiss people because of looks, weight, or their job sometimes we take dangerous decisions because we are young and feel invincible.How we should fight, fight with all our might and not give up. This book would make a fascinating movie..
    Off to see my daughter this evening and taking the book with me…
    Diane Duprix

  2. TONY O FLYNN says:

    Hello Robert I have just finished reading Nine Elms and really really enjoyed it —– didn’t want it to end. your characters Kate and Tristan are terrific and the story itself was gripping. Am looking forward to Shadow Sands don’t keep us waiting too long. Have read a number of the Erica Foster series also and each one was a cracking read. So thank you Robert for the many pleasureful hours i’ve had reading your books. Stay safe in these troubled times .your no. 1 irish fan Tony O Flynn

  3. Anne Dixon says:

    When is book 5of the Erica Foster series due to be released

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