Maggie Shayne Books In Order

Reading the Maggie Shayne books in order is a feast not only for her romantic suspense series fans, but also for those who love her paranormal romance series (which is how I first learned about the author as well, by first reading her Wings In The Night (also called Twilight) vampire romance series some 20 years ago, when vampire romances were all the rage).

Maggie Shayne (website) is an American author born in a rural area near New York. She was born a story teller and in her childhood she would make up alternate endings for stories she’s read or tell her own stories during baby sitting, a job she did to earn enough money to buy herself a typewriter so she can put her stories to paper.

The first stories she published were rejected by publishers, but when Harlequin started their Shadows line, Maggie Shayne promptly sent in a manuscript of a book she was sure would fit in with their style. While this particular manuscript was rejected, the publishers bought another of her stories Reckless Angel and published it right away. This was in 1992.

Over the years she wrote more than 60 books in numerous series spanning several genres, including romantic suspense and thrillers, paranormal romances (with vampires, witches and fairies), Western romances and even time travel stories. In fact her Wings In The Night series played an important role in transitioning the vampire genre from horror to romance. The vampires are sexy as hell, intelligent, caring and highly desirable. Dangerous as well, but on another level than the classic Dracula was.

Something that attracted me to her books overall was that even the vampire romances are in fact thrillers full of suspense. In fact you can find mystery, thriller and suspense elements in pretty much every book the author has written, including in her Western romances. They’re all full of roller-coaster moments that keep you on your edge of your seat waiting for the next shoe to drop. They’re truly fascinating.

Besides writing countless books, Maggie Shayne also wrote soap operas, contributing to the popular TV shows Guiding Light and As The World Turns (my mom’s favorite show).

The author has studied witchcraft for many years, among others at the Black Forest Clan, where she has become a High Priestess and an Elder in the Wicca religion. She became a priestess and is currently officially licensed as a minister.

Maggie Shayne’s books have been translated into more than a dozen languages all over the world and the author has received several awards for her books, including the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award, Romance Writers of America RITA Award and many others.

She not only works with traditional companies to publish her work, but she has also self-published (e.g. her book Gingerbread Man). With the help of two of her daughters (one who is a publisher and the other a proof editor), she started publishing several of her books, and in an interview she agreed that she is having the fun of her life working as a career with her own family. Her series Shattered Sisters is re-published by her own publishing company named Thunderfood Publishing in 2016.

Maggie Shayne is a person I deeply admire and has been a favorite author for over two decades now (before all the internet hype).

Here are the Maggie Shayne books in order for her various romantic suspense, paranormal romace and contemporary western series.

Romantic Suspense Series

Mordecai Young Books Series In order

1. Thicker Than Water, 2003

2. Colder Than Ice, 2004

3. Darker Than Midnight, 2005

Secrets Of Shadow Falls Series In Order

1. Killing Me Softly, 2010

2. Kill Me Again, 2010

3. Kiss Me, Kill Me, 2010

Brown & De Luca Series In Order

1. Sleep with the Lights On, 2013

2. Dream of Danger, 2013 (novella)

3. Wake to Darkness, 2013

4. Innocent Prey, 2014

5. Deadly Obsession, 2014

Shattered Sisters Series In Order

1. Reckless, 1993 (re-published in 2016, formerly Reckless Angel)

2. Forgotten, 1994 (re-published in 2016, formerly Forgotten Vows)

3. Broken, 1994 (re-published in 2016, formerly Kiss of the Shadow Man)

4. Hunted

Paranormal Romance Series

Wings In The Night Series In Order

1. Twilight Phantasies, 1993

2. Twilight Memories, 1994

3. Twilight Illusions, 1994

4. Strangers in the Night, 1995

5. Born in Twilight, 1997

6. Brides of the Night, 1998

7. Twilight Hunger, 2002

8. Embrace the Twilight, 2003

9. Two by Twilight, 2003

10. Edge of Twilight, 2004

11. Blue Twilight, 2005

12. Prince of Twilight, 2006

13. Demon’s Kiss, 2007

14. Lover’s Bite, 2008

15. Angel’s Pain, 2008

16. Bloodline, 2009

17. Twilight Prophecy, 2011

18. Twilight Fulfilled, 2011

Wings In The Night: Reborn Series In Order

1. Twilight Guardians, 2014

2. Twilight Vendetta, 2015

Fairies Of Shara Series In Order

1. Fairytale, 1996

2. Forever Enchanted, 1997

3. The Fairy’s Wish, 2012

Immortal Witches Series In Order

1. Immortality, 2005 (novella #0.5)

2. Eternity, 1998

3. Infinity, 1999

4. Destiny, 2001

Portal Series In Order

1. Legacy of the Witch, 2012

2. Mark of the Witch, 2012

3. Daughter of the Spellcaster, 2012

4. Blood of the Sorceress, 2013

Contemporary Western Series

Texas Brand Series In Order

1. The Littlest Cowboy, 1996

2. The Baddest Virgin in Texas, 1997

3. Badlands Bad Boy, 1997

4. The Husband She Couldn’t Remember, 1998

5. The Mysterious Texas Brand Man, 1998

6. The Baddest Bride in Texas, 1999

7. The Outlaw Bride, 1999

8. Angel Meets the Badman, 2000

9. The Homecoming, 2001

Oklahoma All-Girl Brands Series In Order

1. The Brands Who Came for Christmas, 2000

2. Brand-New Heartache, 2001

3. Secrets and Lies, 2002

4. Feels Like Home, 2005

5. Dangerous Lover, 2006

6. Sweet Vidalia Brand, 2014

The McIntyre Men Series In Order

1. Oklahoma Moonshine, 2016

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