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Victoria Laurie (website) is the author of three popular paranormal mysteries, Psychic Eye Mysteries, featuring the psychic Abbie Cooper, Ghost Hunter Mysteries. featuring medium M. J. Holliday, and a young adult fantasy series called Oracles Of Delphi Keep series, which sadly only includes three books (out of 4 planned), so warning if you want to read the Oracles series, it will never end.

I am very fond of the Abbie Cooper novels, having been the first series of this kind that I’ve read, at a time in my life when I enjoyed reading about paranormal topics – both in fiction and non-fiction very much.

All of the Victoria Laurie books are focusing on the paranormal and with a good reason. Each main protagonist has some ESP abilities. Abby Cooper is a professional psychic who is caught up in murders which she has to solve. M.J. Holliday is a medium and a ghost buster no less.

And the author’s standalone novel, When (formerly known as Death Date), features Maddie Flynn, a highschool junior who can see a set of unique numbers on the foreheads of every person she meets, numbers which turn out to be more important than anyone realizes.

It came as no surprise to learn that Victoria Laurie is a real psychic who not only writes books, but also gives psychic readings and consultations over the phone to people all over the world.

However let me just point out that regardless of what you think of psychics in real life, the books are totally worth reading – they’re fun cozies with great main characters and wonderful story lines.

The author’s latest book is A Panicked Premonition, part of the Psychic Eye paranormal mystery series, published in 2017.

Here are the Victoria Laurie books in order for her series and every new books that comes out in the future. They are all listed in chronological and publication order.

Psychic Eye Mystery Series

1. Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye (Psychic Eye Mystery #1), 2004

2. Better Read Than Dead (Psychic Eye Mystery #2), 2005

3. A Vision of Murder (Psychic Eye Mystery #3), 2005

4. Killer Insight (Psychic Eye Mystery #4), 2006

5. Crime Seen (Psychic Eye Mystery #5), 2007

6. Death Perception (Psychic Eye Mystery #6), 2008

7. Doom with a View (Psychic Eye Mystery #7), 2009

8. A Glimpse of Evil (Psychic Eye Mystery #8), 2010

9. Vision Impossible (Psychic Eye Mystery #9), 2011

10. Lethal Outlook (Psychic Eye Mystery #10), 2012

11. Deadly Forecast (Psychic Eye Mystery #11), 2013

12. Fatal Fortune (Psychic Eye Mystery #12), 2014

13. Sense of Deception (Psychic Eye Mystery #13), 2015

14. A Grave Prediction (Psychic Eye Mystery #14), 2016

15. A Panicked Premonition (Psychic Eye Mystery #15), 2017

Ghost Hunter Mystery Series

1. What’s a Ghoul To Do? (Ghost Hunter Mystery #1), 2007

2. Demons Are a Ghoul’s Best Friend (Ghost Hunter Mystery #2), 2008

3. Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun (Ghost Hunter Mystery #3), 2009

4. Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter Mystery #4), 2010

5. Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls (Ghost Hunter Mystery #5), 2010

6. Ghoul Interrupted (Ghost Hunter Mystery #6), 2011

7. What a Ghoul Want (Ghost Hunter Mystery #7), 2012

8. The Ghoul Next Door (Ghost Hunter Mystery #8), 2014

9. No Ghouls Allowed (Ghost Hunter Mystery #9), 2015

10. A Ghoul’s Guide to Love and Murder (Ghost Hunter Mystery #10), 2015

Oracles Of Delphi Keep Series

A Young Adult series which consists of 3 books out of 4 – note to readers: the 4th book will not be published, so be warned if you want to start reading it.

1. Oracles of Delphi Keep (Oracles of Delphi Keep #1), 2009

2. The Curse of Deadman’s Forest (Oracles of Delphi Keep #2), 2010

3. Quest for the Secret Keeper (Oracles of Delphi Keep #3), 2012

Victoria Laurie Standalone Novels

When (Young Adult mystery with a paranormal twist)

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  1. Debbie Lincoln says:

    I would like to know if/when Psychic Eye Mystery #16 will be released. I really enjoy this series by Victoria Laurie.

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