Julie Garwood Books In Order

Julie Garwood is the American author of several romantic suspense novels and historical romances.

Here are the Julie Garwood books in order of reading for her romantic suspense series listed by publication order, with the chronological reading order in brackets for each book.

Romantic Suspense Series

Buchanan-Renard Series

  1. Heartbreaker, (#1), 2000 (feat. Nick Buchanan/Laurant Madden)
  2. Mercy (#2), 2001 (feat. Theo Buchanan/Dr. Michelle Renard)
  3. Killjoy ( #3), 2002 (feat. John Paul Renard/Avery Delaney)
  4. Murder List (#4), 2004 (feat. Alec Buchanan/Regan Hamilton Madison)
  5. Slow Burn (#5), 2005 (feat. Dylan Buchanan/Kate MacKenna)
  6. Shadow Dance (#6), 2006 (feat. Noah Clayborne/Jordan Buchanan)
  7. Fire and Ice (#7), 2008 (feat. ack MacAlister/Sophie Summerfield Rose)
  8. Sizzle (#8), 2009 (feat. Samuel Kincaid/Lyra Prescott)
  9. The Ideal Man (#9), 2011 (feat. Max Daniels/Dr. Ellie Sullivan)
  10. Sweet Talk (#10), 2012 (feat. Grayson Kincaid/Olivia Mackenzie)
  11. Hotshot (#11), 2013 (feat. Finn MacBain/Peyton Lockhart)
  12. Fast Track (#12), 2014 (feat. Aiden Madison/Cordelia Kane)
  13. Wired (#13), 2017 (feat. Liam Scott/Alison Trent)

Crown’s Spies Series

  1. The Lion’s Lady, 1988
  2. Guardian Angel, 1990
  3. The Gift, 1991
  4. Castles, 1993

Lairds’ Fiancees

  1. The Bride, 1989
  2. The Wedding, 1996

Highlands’ Lairds

  1. The Secret, 1992
  2. Ransom, 1999
  3. Shadow Music, 2007

Claybornes’ Brides (Rose Hill)

  1. For the Roses, 1995
  2. One Pink Rose, 1997
  3. One White Rose, 1997
  4. One Red Rose, 1997
  5. Come the Spring, 1997

Standalone Julie Garwood Books

  1. Gentle Warrior, 1985
  2. A Girl Named Summer, 1986
  3. Rebellious Desire, 1986
  4. Honor’s Splendour, 1987
  5. The Prize, 1991
  6. Saving Grace, 1993
  7. Prince Charming, 1994

[the_ad id=”11397″] Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Julie Garwood is the 6th child of a large family of Irish descent. A late starter (due to having a tonsillectomy at the age of 6, following which her being unable to learn to read), Julie Garwood was already aged 10 when she got a personal tutor, Sister Elizabeth, a math teacher, who devoted all her time to get her up to speed not only in reading but also making the most of what she reads.

Julie GarwoodJulie Garwood began her studies to be a nurse, however, after taking some Russian history classes, her interest changed halfway course and eventually double majored in R.N and history.

Her essays in school were so good that a teacher convinced Julie to start writing in earnest. She wrote her first book, A Girl Named Summer, a children’s book, soon after.

Until then, Julie Garwood considered writing a passion, or a hobby. It took a while for Julie to seriously consider writing as a career, right until her third child started school, but eventually, she began channeling her love of the written word by focusing on historical romance novels, which became highly popular and made her a successful author. It all started when she met an agent at a conference reception, who was curious about the woman sitting on her own not far away.

Her favorite historical period was always The Middle Ages, so that’s why her first books were historical romances.

For her romance novel The Bride, Julie Garwood was the winner of the Rita Awards for the Best Novel in 1990.

Eventually, however, after over 15 years of writing historical romances, Julie Garwood switched gears because there was a story she wanted to tell and it was not sent in a past time. It became the Heartbreaker.

After the publication of her first contemporary book, Julie Garwood continued to write romantic suspense novels, which is how I came across her books as well. I love her Buchanan-Renard loose series, and knowing that there is still another book coming out soon, makes the waiting for it not so tough.

If you’re looking to read the Julie Garwood books in order, it can be daunting, because she has written so many. But only if you’re not sure which genre are you most interested in – historical romances or contemporary romantic suspense. I have to admit, I haven’t read most of her historical novels, but as to her contemporary romantic suspense ones, I’m up to date.

Julie currently lives in Leawood, Kansas, where she is busy writing her next novel. The author had so far over 30 million books in print and they have been so far on over 15 New York Time Bestseller lists. In the Julie Garwood books, the author focuses on family, loyalty, intrigue, and spirited, independent and feisty heroines one would love to meet.

The Buchanan-Renard romantic suspense series currently includes 13 books, with the latest, Wired, being published in 2017. The first book in the series, Heartbreaker, focuses on elite FBI agent Nick Buchanan, who is tasked with stopping a ruthless serial killer who confessed to a priest to brutally killing a young girl. When the priest’s sister, Lauren, is targeted, the priest has no choice but ask his friend, Nick, to help stop the killer to keep Lauren safe.

The author Julie Garwood mentioned in an interview that she actually plotted Heartbreaker while sitting in a 400-year-old church in London. When she left the church, she knew that she had a story she had to tell. And with this, the direction of her books changed course from historical romance to romantic suspense and thriller.

Heartbreaker has been optioned for the big screen in 2013.

The second Buchanan-Renard story, Mercy, starts with Theo Buchanan getting ill during a New Orleans gala. To save his life, dr. Dr. Michelle Renard works overtime to do everything her power to prevent his death. To repay her, Theo saves Michelle from a criminal gang called the Sowing Club who targeted the doctor.

Killjoy is the third book in the series, which has two other characters as main protagonists, Avery Delaney and John Paul Renard. In true romantic-suspense series fashion, each Julie Garwood book about the Buchannans focuses on an additional pair who will probably fall in love with each other during their adventures together.

In the latest book, Wired, the author takes to experience the adventures of Allison Trent a college student who likes to hack in her spare time and FBI agent Liam Scott who needs Allison’s hacking skills to ferret out a mole within the FBI’s department. As usual, the romance sizzles, the action, and adventure are there, and the storyline has a fulfilling and rewarding ending.

As Emily Chase, Julie Garwood also writes Young Adult (YA) novels.


  1. Love all your stories. They have become friends. Can’t wait to read Grace Under Fire.

  2. I love all your books. I loved Hotshot, but then I’ll reread Wired and love that one. ALL of your books are fantastic. I really like how you carried the Day orne name from The Roses series into the Buchanan-Renard romances, AND kept them in the Marshall-FBI agent roles.

    I can’t say which one I like best, I love them all!!!!

    Thank you for giving us these wonderful characters. I just wish I could have met one of these men in my life.

  3. no loose ends A lady Kate mystery volume 1 . I just finished reading this and I loved it until I realised there is no ending. Is there a volume 2 being written? When will it be available for purchase? PLEASE RESPOND !!!

  4. I believe I have read all of Julie Garwood’s books. A fantastic writer. After each ending I want to read the next book. Just finished “Wired” and hated for it to end. An exciting can’t put down book. Hope she writes another soon.

  5. Please consider a prequel to Prince Charming. I want to know how he arrived to the start of the book Prince Charming and then what happened after they all arrived at his home back in America.

  6. I love your medieval romance books. Will you be writing any new ones? Leslie DiNapoli P.S. I really hope so.??????????

  7. Having read all the Middle Ages books and loving them. I just got started on the Mystery ones. I cawn’t wait to get thru them all. I have had several copies in paper back and now have repurchaed them on my Kindle.

  8. I have fallen in love with all the characters created by Julie Garwood. I read them over and over…

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