Shaun Morey Books in Order

Shaun Morey is the author of the Atticus Fish humorous mystery series and the Incredible Fishing Stories, a two-volume set of real fishing stories that range from Alaska to Australia, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Throughout his life, he has worked as a fisherman (which is still one of his main passions, hence all his books evolving around fish), bartender, tennis instructor, attorney and associate literary agent.

Atticus Fish is an expatriate American lawyer who started a new life in Baja California, who has to leave his peaceful past time now and then to help a friend out in times of trouble.

The books are hilarious, they strongly remind me of Caarl Hiassen, but with much more fish involved. All three currently published books are worth taking along a summer holiday as great beach reads.

Atticus Fish Series In Order Of Publication

1. Wahoo Rhapsody, 2011

2. El Dorado Blues, 2012

3. The Crooked Pearl, 2013

Incredible Fishing Stories In Order Of Publication

Incredible Fishing Stories, 1991

Kids’ Incredible Fishing Stories, 1996

Incredible–and True!–Fishing Stories, 2014

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