Catherine Aird Books In Order – The Complete List

Catherine Aird, aka Kinn Hamilton McIntosh, is a famous British author known for her engaging mystery novels, especially her Inspector Sloan series, which are widely celebrated for their clever plotting, intriguing characters, and dry wit.

Here are the Catherine Aird books in order. The chronological order is the same as the publication order for each Inspector Sloan novel.

New Catherine Aird Books

Constable Country
Constable Country (Sloan and Crosby #26), 2023

Sloan and Crosby Books In Publication Order / Chronicles of Calleshire Series

  1. The Religious Body, 1966
  2. Henrietta Who?, 1968
  3. The Stately Home Murder, 1969 (aka The Complete Steel)
  4. A Late Phoenix, 1970
  5. His Burial Too, 1973
  6. Slight Mourning, 1975
  7. Parting Breath, 1977
  8. Some Die Eloquent, 1979
  9. Passing Strange, 1980
  10. Last Respects, 1982
  11. Harm’s Way, 1984
  12. A Dead Liberty, 1986
  13. The Body Politic, 1990
  14. A Going Concern, 1993
  15. Injury Time, 1994
  16. After Effects, 1996
  17. Stiff News, 1998
  18. Little Knell, 2000
  19. Amendment Of Life, 2002
  20. A Hole in One, 2005
  21. Losing Ground, 2007
  22. Past Tense, 2010
  23. Dead Heading, 2013
  24. Learning Curve, 2016
  25. Inheritance Tracks, 2019
  26. Constable Country, 2023

Catherine Aird Standalone Novels

Anthologies and Stort Story Collections in Publication Order

Stort Stories by Catherine Aird in Publication Order

  • Grave Import, 1996 (in the anthology Perfectly Criminal)
  • Like To Die, 1997 in the anthology Malice Domestic 6)
  • Handsel Monday in Past Poisons, 1998 (in Past Poisons)
  • The Man Who Rowed for the Shore, 1998 (in Murder On Deck)
  • Gold Frankincense and Murder, 2000 (in the Christmas collection The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries)
  • Cold Comfort, 2001 (in Murder Through the Ages: A Bumper Anthology of Historical Mysteries)

Nonfiction Catherine Aird Books in Publication Order

  • Mystery Voices: Interviews with British Crime Writers, 1991
  • The Oxford Companion To Crime And Mystery Writing, 1999

Who Is Inspector Sloan?

The Religious Body

Detective Inspector Sloan works in the fictional Calleshire Constabulary, a rural police force in the West Midlands of England.

He is a quiet and unassuming man, with a dry wit and a methodical approach to his work.

Sloan is a shrewd investigator with a remarkable ability to see patterns and connections others might miss.

His closest colleague is Detective Constable Crosby, a younger and more impulsive officer who often counters Sloan’s cautious approach. Together, they are a formidable team, with Crosby’s intuition and quick thinking complementing Sloan’s analytical skills.

Throughout the series, Inspector Sloan investigates various crimes, from theft and fraud to murder and conspiracy. Sloan’s ability to sift through the evidence and identify the true culprit is always at the story’s heart.

Catherine Aird Biography – About the Author

Catherine Aird books in order

Catherine Aird is the pseudonym for the author Kinn Hamilton McIntosh. Born in 1930 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England, she is a British crime fiction writer of well over 25 crime novels, best known for her Inspector Sloan mystery series, which she calls The Chronicles Of Calleshire, which is the place where detective Sloan and his partner, Crosby, investigate murder after murder in each book.

She’s really well-known for writing mystery stories that keep you hooked. Think of her like a master chef, blending cozy and police procedural styles, similar to other famous authors like Martha Grimes or M.C. Beaton.

Catherine Aird’s journey started in Huddersfield, where she grew up and went to school. After the war, she settled in a village in East Kent. Here’s a twist: she got involved in writing and cared a lot about what was happening in her local community. It’s like she was wearing two hats – one as a storyteller and another as someone who helped out in her town.

Life wasn’t always easy, though. As a young adult, she got sick and had to stay in bed for a while. But she didn’t let that hold her back. After recovering, she worked alongside her dad, a doctor, helping out in his medical practice in Sturry, near Canterbury, Kent. It’s like she was part detective and part doctor!

In 1966, she published her very first book, “The Religious Body.” That’s when her journey as a mystery author took off. She didn’t just write stories, though. She also took on important roles, like being the head of a group of writers who loved detective stories. It’s like she was the captain of a team of mystery enthusiasts.

Catherine’s talents didn’t go unnoticed. She got fancy awards for her amazing work. Imagine a special award that looks like golden handcuffs – that’s what she got for her lifetime achievements in mystery writing. And remember that shiny Cartier Diamond Dagger? That’s like a big thumbs-up for all the wonderful stories she’s written.

She didn’t just write books, though. She was also recognized for her contributions to society. She became a Member of the Order of the British Empire, which is a fancy way of saying she was honored for helping out the Girl Guides Association. It’s like getting a big pat on the back for being kind and helpful.

She also got a special honorary degree from the University of Kent. Catherine Aird lives and feels at home in a cozy village named Sturry, located in Kent.

Catherine Aird is not just a writer who lives in her own world – she’s part of her village’s life. It’s like she’s writing mysteries while sipping tea with her neighbors.

The most famous Catherine Aird books are called The Chronicles of Calleshire. These stories are like a treasure map leading you through the fictional County of Calleshire, England. In this world live a clever detective named C.D. Sloan and his helper, Detective Constable Crosby.

But Catherine Aird’s talents don’t stop at her own stories. She also likes gathering and sharing knowledge. She’s written about village histories and helped other writers improve their craft. It’s like she’s a storyteller, teacher, and helper all in one.

Her talents have earned her some impressive awards and recognition. In 1981, she was nvited to an exclusive club for detective story writers where she became part of the Detection Club. And in 2015, she got a super special award called the Cartier Diamond Dagger. It’s like a shining jewel celebrating her incredible lifetime of mystery writing achievements.

Many of the Catherine Aird books have been translated into several languages and are widely read and loved worldwide.

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