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Catherine Aird (website) is the pseudonym for the author Kinn Hamilton McIntosh. Born in 1930 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, she is a British crime fiction writer best known for her Inspector Sloan mystery series, which she calls “The Chronicles Of Calleshire”, which is the place where detective Sloan and his partner, Constable Crosby, investigate murder after murder in each book.

I found that it is worth reading the Catherine Aird books in order for her inspector Sloan series as they have a great character development and interaction from book to book, although reading them out of order is not a major issue either, as each book focuses on a specific case.

I have read them years ago so my memory of the books is a bit fuzzy, but I do remember enjoying the post-WWII traditional crime mystery stories at the time when reading them from my mom’s shelf.

Here are the books by Catherine Aird listed in publication order, with the chronological order listed in brackets both are actually the same in this case).

Inspector Sloan Series In Order

1. The Religious Body (Inspector Sloan #1), 1966

2. Henrietta Who? (Inspector Sloan #2), 1968

3. The Stately Home Murder (Inspector Sloan #3), 1969

4. A Late Phoenix (Inspector Sloan #4), 1971

5. His Burial Too (Inspector Sloan #5), 1973

6. Slight Mourning (Inspector Sloan #6), 1975

7. Parting Breath (Inspector Sloan #7), 1978

8. Some Die Eloquent (Inspector Sloan #8), 1979

9. Passing Strange (Inspector Sloan #9), 1980

10. Last Respects (Inspector Sloan #10), 1982

11. Harm’s Way (Inspector Sloan #11), 1984

12. A Dead Liberty (Inspector Sloan #12), 1986

13. The Body Politic (Inspector Sloan #13), 1990

14. A Going Concern (Inspector Sloan #14), 1993

15. Injury Time (Inspector Sloan #16), 1994

16. After Effects (Inspector Sloan #15), 1996

17. Stiff News (Inspector Sloan #17), 1999

18. Little Knell (Inspector Sloan #18), 2000

19. Amendment of Life: A Mystery (Inspector Sloan #19), 2002

20. Chapter and Hearse: And Other Mysteries (Inspector Sloan #20), 2003

21. Hole in One (Inspector Sloan #21), 2005

22. Losing Ground (Inspector Sloan #22), 2007

23. Past Tense (Inspector Sloan #23), 2010

24. Dead Heading (Sloan & Crosby #24), 2013

25. Learning Curve (Sloan $ Crosby #25), 2016

26. Last Writes, 2014 – short stories, includes also stories with inspector Sloan

Other Books By Catherine Aird

A Most Contagious Game, 1967

Mystery Voices: Interviews with British Crime Writers, 1991 – contributed

Grave Import, 1996 – short story published in the anthology Perfectly Criminal

Like to Die, 1997 – short story published in the anthology Malice Domestic 6

Handsel Monday, 1998 – short story published in Past Poisons

The Oxford Companion To Crime And Mystery Writing, 1999- contributed

The Man Who Rowed For the Shore, 1998 – short story in Murder On Deck

Cold Comfort, 2001 – published in Murder Through the Ages: A Bumper Anthology of Historical Mysteries

Gold Frankincense and Murder, 2013 – published in the Christmas collection The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries

Here you can check out all the Catherine Aird books on Amazon

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