Peter James Books In Order

Reading the Peter James books in order is quite easy because apart from his standalone novels, the author has one main series – Roy Grace – a crime thriller series which currently includes 13 released books, with the latest one, Need You Dead, published in 2017.

Peter James (website) is a British author born in Brighton, who has written to date close to 30 books, produced (or helped produce) 26 movies, including The Blockhouse with Peter Sellers, Spanish Fly and The Bridge of San Louis Rey with Robert de Niro.

His books have been translated into over 30 languages and have been sold 17 million copies all over the world.

Peter James is the founding father of electronic books. In 1994 his book Host was published not only the traditional way, but also on two floppy disks. You can read more about what happened next in this Peter James interview.

The author still lives in the UK dividing his time between his house in Brighton and his apartment in London (Notting Hill).

I have put together the list of Peter James books in order of publication as I’m busy reading now the Roy Grace thriller series (and what a great series it is!) and I want to make sure I get and read the books in the right order.

I hope this list will help you too. If you do like thriller mysteries and want to pick up a new one for your reading pleasures, I can highly recommended the Roy Grace series by Peter James!

Roy Grace Series In Order

1. Dead Simple (Roy Grace book #1), published 2005 (book review)

2 Looking Good Dead (Roy Grace book #2), published 2006 (book review)

3. Not Dead Enough (Roy grace book #3), published 2007

4. Dead Man’s Footsteps (Roy Grace book #4), published 2008

5. Dead Tomorrow (Roy Grace book #5), published 2009

6. Dead Like You (Roy Grace book #6), 2010

7. Dead Man’s Grip (Roy Grace book #7), 2011

8. Not Dead Yet (Roy Grace book #8), 2012

9. Dead Man’s Time (Roy Grace book #9), 2013

10. Want You Dead (Roy Grace book #10), 2014

11. You Are Dead (Roy Grace book #11), 2015

12. Love You Dead Roy Grace book #12), 2016

13. Need You Dead (Roy Grace book #13), 2017

Should We Read The Roy Grace Books In Order?

I’m reading the series right now, so I can’t say for sure that you should read them in the proper chronological order. However having spoken with someone who has read them all, she told me that each book can be read as a standalone from the crime story line point of view. Each book contains its own story.

However, for the sake of continuity related to his missing wife, it is best to read the books in order. Which is exactly what I’m doing as well.

Please note that so far every Peter James book in the Roy Grace series is available to download from Amazon on the Kindle. I checked each link myself.

Standalone Novels By Peter James

1. Dead Letter Drop, published 1981

2. Atom Bomb Angel, published 1982 (Kindle release available January 2015)

3. Billionaire, published 1983

4. Traveling Man, published 1984

5. Biggles: The Untold Story, published 1986

6. Possession, published 1988

7. Dreamer, published 1989

8. Sweet Heart, published 1991

9. Twilight, published 1991

10. Prophecy, published 1993

11. Host, published 1994 (ok I won’t won’t think about the fact that two of his books have the same title as the books by Stephenie Meyer)

12. Alchemist, published 1996

13. Getting Wired, published 1996

14. The Truth, published 1997

15. Denial, published 2000

16. Faith, published 2000

17. The Perfect Murder, published 2010

18. Perfect People, published 2011

19. A Twist of the Knife, published November 2014

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  1. Jean Lesley Taylor says:

    Roy Grace series is excellent. Best to tead them in order though.

  2. Peter Beswick says:

    Does Dr.Crisp get away or is their a follow up book to You Are Dead

  3. Lynne Marion says:

    I have just read You Are Dead and they did not get that sicko killer so i wonder if his next book will be a continuation or is it just a bad ending with the bad guy getting away.Anyway love the Roy Grace series very good.

  4. Lynne Marion says:

    I havejust read You Are Dead and they did not get that sicko killer so i wonder if his next book will be a continuation or is it just a bad ending with the bad guy getting away.Anyway love the Roy Grace series very good.

  5. Dave says:

    It is best to read them in order because of the story in the background regarding his wife. The main stories, in each book, have nothing to do with his wife

  6. Sandra Fournier says:

    Peter James’s books are the best. The Grace Series are fantastic. Very easy to fall in love with Roy, Cloe and Glenn. You will be hooked.

  7. Ann says:


    I have just read the 3rd in the Roy Grace series and I am hooked dont normally read crime fiction but would recommend
    Peter James.

  8. Annie says:

    I have just finished ,& thoroughly enjoyed YOU ARE DEAD. I can’t wait for the next book in the Roy Grace series any idea when it going to be published?

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