Joseph Finder Books In Order

Reading the Joseph Finder books in order will not only mean catching up on the Nick Heller series but also to his several standalone novels. Afterall he has way more standalone thrillers than books in his only series.

Joseph Finder (website) was born in Chicago, but traveled through many countries over the years, including to Philippines and Afghanistan.

The author’s first book, published in 1983, when he was merely 24 years old, is called Red Carpet, a non-fiction novel, which is sadly no longer in print – can be only bought second hand.

It is a book with a lot of controversy around it. If you can get hold of a  copy, I urge you to read it.

His first official novel was published in 1991 with the title The Moscow Club. From then on, his reputation as a thriller author was established.

Currently, his latest novel is The Switch, published in 2017, a standalone thriller.

I already had several of the standalone books at home, and even his second Nick Heller book, however I do like to read them in the proper chronological order, so I was waiting to get hold of the first book in the series, which I did recently.

I figured since I’ve already compiled the list for my own use, probably others will find it useful as well.

So here are the Joseph Finder books in chronological (and publishing) order.

Nick Heller Series In Order

1. Vanished (Nick Heller #1), published 2009

2. Buried Secrets (Nick Heller #2), published 2011

3. Plan B (Nick Heller novella), published 2011

4. Guilty Minds (Nick Heller #3), published 2016

Standalone Novels

  • Red Carpet, 1983 (non-fiction book)
  • The Moscow Club, 1991
  • Extraordinary Powers, 1994
  • The Zero Hour, 1996
  • High Crimes, 1998
  • High Crimes, 2004
  • Company Man, 2005
  • Killer Instinct, 2006
  • Power Play, 2007
  • Suspicion, 2014
  • The Fixer, 2015
  • The Switch, 2017
  • Judgment, 2019
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