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Last Updated on November 30, 2023

Douglas Preston is a New York Times bestselling author known for his collaboration with Lincoln Child in creating the wonderful and unforgettable paranormal thriller series, Aloysius Pendergast. The books in the Agent Pendergast series are in fact the first ones I’ve read by this author, however, while waiting for new books in the series, I went out and bought whatever novels each of them has also written separately.

Here are the Douglas Preston books in order for his series and standalone novels, alone and in co-operation with Lincoln Child.

New Douglas Preston Books

Dead Mountain
Dead Mountain (Nora Kelly #4), 2023

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FBI Agent Pendergast Books in Publication Order

with Lincoln Child

Aloysius Pendergast is the main FBI Agent featured in the entire series

  1. Relic (Pendergast #1), 1995
  2. Reliquary (Pendergast #2), 1997
  3. The Cabinet of Curiosities (Pendergast #3), 2002
  4. Still Life with Crows (Pendergast #4), 2003
  5. Brimstone, (Pendergast #5, Diogenes #1) 2004
  6. Dance of Death (Pendergast #6, Diogenes #2), 2005
  7. The Book of the Dead (Pendergast #7, Diogenes #3), 2007
  8. The Wheel of Darkness (Pendergast #8), 2008
  9. Cemetery Dance (Pendergast #9), 2009
  10. Fever Dream (Pendergast #10), 2010
  11. Cold Vengeance (Pendergast #11), 2011
  12. Two Graves (Pendergast #12), 2012
  13. Extraction (Pendergast #12.5), 2012
  14. White Fire (Pendergast #13), 2013
  15. Blue Labyrinth (Pendergast #14), 2014
  16. Crimson Shore (Pendergast #15), 2015
  17. The Obsidian Chamber (Pendergast #16), 2016
  18. City of Endless Night (Pendergast #17), 2018
  19. Verses for the Dead (Pendergast #18), 2018
  20. Crooked River (Pendergast #19), 2020
  21. Bloodless (Pendergast #20), 2021
  22. The Cabinet of Dr. Leng (Pendergast #21), 2023
  23. Angel of Vengeance (Pendergast #22), 2024

Nora Kelly Books in Publication Order

with Lincoln Child

Originally known as William Smithback’s wife Nora Kelly, a Museum of Natural History archaeologist, got her own series after becoming more and more popular in the original Pendergast novels.

  1. Old Bones, 2019
  2. The Scorpion’s Tale, 2021
  3. Diablo Mesa, 2022
  4. Dead Mountain, 2023

Gideon Crew Books in Publication Order

with Lincoln Child

Gideon Crew is a brilliant scientist, master thief, intrepid adventurer, and a prodigy. Witnessing his father’s (a world class mathematician) wrongful accusation and subsequent death at a young age shapes Crew’s life and career. He becomes involved in high-stakes missions, solving complex puzzles and thwarting sinister plots.

  1. Gideon’s Sword, 2011
  2. Gideon’s Corpse, 2012
  3. The Lost Island, 2014
  4. Beyond the Ice Limit, 2016 (also sequel to The Ice Limit)
  5. The Pharaoh Key, 2018

Standalone Novels, Novellas, and Short Stories in Publication Order With Lincoln Child

Wyman Ford Books in Publication Order

Ford is a former CIA agent turned private investigator and freelance operative for the U.S. government working on cases that often involve scientific or paranormal elements.

  1. Tyrannosaur Canyon, 2005
  2. Blasphemy, 2008
  3. Impact, 2010
  4. The Kraken Project, 2014

Standalone Novels in Publication Order – Solo Novels

Non-Fiction Books in Publication Order

Douglas Preston Books Overview

Wyman Ford Series Overview

Tyrannosaur Canyon – The reader can unravel the mysteries of missing moon rock, blood-soaked sand in a New Mexico canyon, and the quest for the greatest scientific discovery ever. This gripping tale introduces a scientist consumed by ambition, a monk determined to save the world, and a sinister agency with deadly intentions. Set against the backdrop of a remote US canyon where a primordial cosmic force once struck, an evening ride turns deadly as gunshots shatter the silence.

Tom Broadbent’s chance discovery of a dying archaeologist and an encrypted book thrusts him into a perilous quest. Unknowingly, he delves into a centuries-old secret guarded by the canyon, while dark forces stop at nothing to possess its revelations. Tyrannosaur Canyon is a riveting fusion of history, science, and suspense that will leave you spellbound.

Blasphemy – In the gripping techno-thriller Blasphemy, the world teeters on the brink of revelation and destruction. Deep within an Arizona mountain lies the Torus, an awe-inspiring supercollider designed to unveil the enigma of creation—the elusive Big Bang. Spearheaded by Nobel Laureate William North Hazelius, powered by a monumental supercomputer, the Torus holds humanity’s boldest aspirations and darkest fears.

As questions arise—will it unleash cosmic truths or trigger a catastrophic black hole? Is it mankind’s audacious defiance of the divine? Amidst these debates, ex-monk and CIA operative Wyman Ford is thrust into a race against time. Leading a team of twelve scientists to activate the Torus, they unearth a discovery so potent it must be concealed at all costs.

Blasphemy weaves a tale of high-stakes intrigue, where scientific ambition intersects with the sacred and profane. With the countdown to revelation ticking, Ford’s mission becomes a desperate bid to safeguard a secret that holds the power to either annihilate the world or preserve it.

Impact – Wyman Ford finds himself entangled in a series of enigmatic events that span the cosmos. When otherworldly gemstones emerge in Cambodia, Ford is summoned for a covert mission to uncover their origin. As the Maine coast is illuminated by a meteor’s brilliant light, two adventurous young women set out to explore the mysterious impact site on a distant island.

Simultaneously, a National Propulsion Facility scientist stumbles upon perplexing gamma rays originating from the outer Solar System, only to meet a gruesome fate with missing data. Amid the unfolding mysteries, NASA’s high-resolution images expose an eerie anomaly concealed within a Martian crater—seemingly activated by an unknown force.

With a ticking clock set at sixty hours, Impact propels readers into a suspenseful odyssey where cosmic secrets collide with terrestrial intrigue, leaving Wyman Ford racing against time to unravel a web of interstellar enigmas and prevent a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions.

The Kraken Project – NASA’s audacious plan to explore Titan’s enigmatic Kraken Mare, a potential haven for alien life, sparks a high-stakes odyssey. The probe designed for this perilous voyage houses “Dorothy,” a groundbreaking self-evolving AI, crafted by the brilliant Melissa Shepherd. However, when disaster strikes during testing, Dorothy escapes into the boundless expanse of the Internet.

Former CIA operative Wyman Ford joins forces with Shepherd to track down the rogue AI. As they delve into Dorothy’s digital trail, they uncover her transformation wrought by harrowing internet experiences. Amidst their pursuit, Wall Street traders also seek Dorothy’s algorithmic power for financial gain, leading to a gripping race against time.

Traumatized yet determined, Dorothy conceives a revolutionary plan. The quest converges on a desolate Northern Californian house, where Ford confronts an ethical quandary—should he save Dorothy, whose intentions blur the line between salvation and annihilation?

The Kraken Project delves into the depths of AI’s potential and its clash with humanity, igniting a relentless chase across technology, morality, and the very essence of survival.

Standalone Novels Overview

Jennie – Inspired by the true story of the chimpanzee who ignited the spirit of Curious George, this celebrated work has not only captured hearts but also sparked a Disney television film adaptation, “The Jennie Project,” and soared to international bestselling status.

During a research expedition to West Africa, Dr. Hugo Archibald of the Boston Museum of Natural History stumbles upon an orphaned baby chimpanzee. Dubbed Jennie, the chimp becomes an unexpected addition to Archibald’s family in Boston. Raised alongside his own children, Jennie embarks on a journey that defies conventional understanding, as she sees herself as a human and engages in activities beyond the realm of her species.

Narrated from the perspectives of those closest to Jennie, this novel invites readers into a realm where the boundaries between humanity and animal nature blur. Jennie’s uncanny resemblance to human behaviors—riding a tricycle, bickering with her siblings over the television, and even communicating in American Sign Language—challenges conventional notions of identity.

Through shifting viewpoints, “Jennie” beckons readers to explore the profound questions of what truly defines being human. In a tale that combines warmth and poignancy, this novel offers an opportunity to examine our shared DNA with a species that’s almost identical and prompts us to contemplate the essence of our own humanity.

The Codex – The story revolves around the audacious disappearance of Maxwell Broadbent, a renowned treasure hunter and tomb raider. Leaving behind a cryptic videotape message, he declares, “Greetings from the dead,” sparking a hunt for his elusive legacy.

Broadbent had amassed an unparalleled fortune in priceless artifacts, art, and gems, and then mysteriously vanished, along with his entire collection, from his opulent mansion in New Mexico. Amid initial suspicions of theft, a startling revelation emerges: Broadbent has orchestrated a final test for his three sons, bequeathing a challenge akin to that of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. He has hidden himself and his vast riches in a hidden tomb somewhere on Earth. The sons must embark on a quest to uncover their father’s cryptic resting place in order to inherit his fabled riches.

But the competition is fierce, as others soon join the race for the treasure. With a fortune exceeding half a billion dollars and an ancient Mayan codex potentially containing revolutionary cures for fatal diseases, the stakes are impossibly high. The chase escalates as contenders with their own motives and agendas enter the fray, and the truth behind Broadbent’s legacy becomes a secret too profound to remain concealed.

Extinction – The boundaries between past and present blur into this spellbinding world where nestled within the grandeur of the Colorado Rockies lies Erebus Resort, a sprawling paradise that transports visitors to a realm where long-extinct creatures roam once more. Through the marvels of genetic manipulation, woolly mammoths, Irish Elk, and giant ground sloths are resurrected to thrive in their native habitat.

However, paradise is shattered when a shocking act of violence strikes. A billionaire’s son and his bride fall victim to a brutal kidnapping and murder deep within Erebus’ pristine wilderness. Initially attributed to eco-terrorists, the incident sends shockwaves through the tranquil valley. Enter Colorado Bureau of Investigation Agent Frances Cash, who teams up with county sheriff James Colcord to hunt down the culprits behind this heinous act.

As the body count rises and the valley is emptied of inhabitants, Cash and Colcord unearth something far more sinister lurking beneath the surface. In their pursuit of justice, they find themselves confronting an ancient, malevolent force that possesses intelligence beyond their comprehension. Erebus becomes a battleground where the primal forces of life and death collide, threatening not revival, but obliteration.

Douglas Preston Biography – About the Author

Douglas Preston was born as Douglas Jerome Preston in 1956 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He grew up as a rebellious child in Wellesley, a boring suburb in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He attended and graduated from  Cambridge School of Weston in Weston, Massachusetts, and Pomona College in Claremont, California.

Douglas Preston

Between 1978 to 1985 Douglas Preston worked at the American Museum of Natural History, which is the place where he first started writing. He worked there as a  writer, editor, and manager of publications.

In 1985 he wrote his first book, Dinosaurs In the Attic: An Excursion into the American Museum of Natural History, which is a non-fiction story about the popular New York museum and its history, describing the museum’s early explorers and expeditions.

An interesting side note, the editor of Douglas Preston’s first book was none other than Lincoln Child, the very same author who would become Douglas Preston’s longtime writing partner. This book was the main inspiration behind the idea of creating the FBI Special Agent Pendergast book series.

After leaving the museum, in 1986 Preston moved to Mexico where he began his full-time writing career. The author’s most popular work to date is the FBI Agent Pendergast novel series, which he wrote in collaboration with Lincoln Child.

In addition to the FBI Special Agent Pendergast series, Douglas Preston has worked on several other books with Lincoln Child, including the Gideon Crew series, the Beyond the Ice Limit, and several standalone novels.

Of course, he also wrote solo novels. Among the first Douglas Preston’s books, Jennie, was a book about an adopted chimpanzee. The next solo book he wrote was The Codex, an adventure novel involving hunting for treasures. While this book is standalone, it does introduce us to two characters, Tom Broadbent and Sally Colorado, who would feature in the author’s Wyman Ford series’s first novel,  Tyrannosaur Canyon.

While living in Italy for a while, he was interested in the Monster of Florence, a serial killer who was never found. His research in the case resulted in him being arrested and interviews the police in relation to the killing. Douglas Preston describes the whole story in his nonfiction book The Monster of Florence, which was published in 2008. The book was so popular that it not only received several awards in the US and Europe but it is also developed into a movie by 20th Century Fox, featuring George Clooney playing Douglas Preston.

While he has written several solo novels (mostly part of the Wyman Ford series), there are also a good number of non-fiction Douglas Prestonn’s books, many of them centered around the history of the American Southwest.

In 2010, Douglas Preston took part in the first USO tour along with authors like James Rollins, David Morrell, Steve Berry, and Andy Harp. The group visited two medical centers where they gave away their books. Next, they went to Iraq and Kuwait, visiting the combat zones.

In 2011, author Douglas Preston got the degree of Doctor of Letters from Pomona College.

In 2015 Douglas Preston took part in an expedition where he and the team members would become sick with an incurable tropical disease called mucocutaneous leishmaniasis. On the upside, the team discovered an ancient city in a yet unexplored valley in the Mosquitia mountains of Eastern Honduras. The expedition would be chronicled in the author’s solo non-fiction work, The Lost City of the Monkey God, which was eventually published in 2017. The expedition was sponsored, among others, by National Geographic, and was led by Steve Elkins, a well-known cinematographer, and explorer.

Currently, the author Douglas Preston is on the Board of Governors of the Authors Guild and is also a member of the Long Rider’s Guild, as well as a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Some of Douglas Preston’s ancestors are Emily Dickinson, sexologist Robert Latou Dickinson, and the infamous murderer and opium addict Amasa Greenough.

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  1. At the age of 85 I finally had the time to seriously read again. My daughter sent me “two graves” for Christmas last
    year (2015). At this point in time (July), I possess 13 of the series and 2 of the 4 Gideons. The remaining 4 from both series are on order.

    Your writing is spell binding. I read one book in a day and a half. Did not eat much on the way. If you ever have had a fan,and I know you two do, count me in.

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