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Pol (Polycrhonis) Koutsakis (website) is a Greek play, screenplay and book author. His first novel translated in English is called Anthenian Blues, part of the Stratos Gazis series, and it is a welcome addition to the assassin thriller subgenre.

Athenian Blues was published in Greek language in 2010. Early 2017 it will be not only released in English, but also published again in a Greek edition. Amazon has the English Kindle edition already available to purchase, while the paperback edition will be released in April in the US.

Here are the Pol Koutsakis books in order.

Stratos Gazis Series

1. Athenian Blues (Stratos Gazis #1), 2017

2. Baby Blue (Stratos Gazis #2), 2018

About The Author

Pol KoutsakisPol Koutsakis was born in Chania, Crete in 1974. He studied Electrical Engineering at the Polytechnic School of the University of Patras in Greece, from where he received his diploma in 1997.

He released his first novel shortly after, in 1998.

Next he got his Ph.D. degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering in 2002 from the Technical University of Crete, Greece.

In 2006 he left the country and moved to Ontario, Canada where he lived for the next three years with his wife and daughter, working as an Assistant Professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of McMaster University.

He returned to Greece at the end of 2008 and remained in Chania until 2016 when he moved with his family to Perth in Australia.

In 2007 his play called The Rotation System won the National Award for best Greek play.

His first thriller novel, Anthenian Blues is released by Bitter Lemon Press in the UK, Australia and the US early 2017. The series will continue with Baby Blue in 2018.

Paul Koutsakis is also the author of three young adult thriller novels (not translated to English) in a trilogy called Trilogy of Crete.

He previously wrote several other books and plays, all in Greek language.

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