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Last Updated on April 2, 2024

Mark Edwards is the bestselling author of several standalone psychological thrillers, including the latest, No Place to Run, the Kate Maddox books, and Detective Patrick Lennon series, along with his famous The Magpies books. Here are the Mark Edwards books in order for his solo and collaborative psychological thrillers in publication order and for his series, in chronological order.

Latest Mark Edwards Books

Kate Maddox Books in Order of Publication

  1. Co-authored with Louise Voss
    Catch Your Death (Kate Maddox #1), 2011
  2. All Fall Down (Kate Maddox #2), 2012

DI Patrick Lennon Books in Order of Publication

One Shot is a prequel short story to the DI Patrick Lennon series

  1. Co-authored with Louise Voss
    From the Cradle (Patrick Lennon #1), 2014
  2. The Blissfully Dead (Patrick Lennon #2), 2015
  3. One Shot (Patrick Lennon #2.5), 2015

The Magpies Series in Order of Publication

Mark Edwards Standalone Novels

Mark Edwards Biography

Mark Edwards books in order

Mark Edwards is a British author who was raised on the South Coast of England and started writing books while working menial jobs in his twenties. During his childhood, he enjoyed reading books from an early age. In primary school, he also began writing stories and comic strips. During his teen years, he was very much into Stephen King, so he began writing horror stories. He only began writing novels after graduating from the university.

At some point, he moved to Tokyo in Japan where he lived for one year, and after he returned back to England, he started working several customer service jobs, and then he began working in marketing in his 30s.

The author started his writing career in early 2000, after being contacted by Louise Voss, following a BBC documentary that was aired in 1999 about new writers, where Mark Edwards was also featured. This led to a long friendly and working relationship between the two authors, who have co-authored several novels over the year. Killing Cupid was their first book written together.

While they have both written books together and alone, Mark was not published for several years yet, which led to his giving up on writing for a while, being burned out by all the publishing house rejections he received. He focused instead on his marketing job which paid the bills because the books did sadly not.

In 2010 when self-publishing became big online, Mark decided to give it a go. Afterall if other authors became successful through self-publishing, so could he. Thus in 2011 the first collaboration between Mark and Louise went up on Amazon. And something strange happened. Soon it became a top seller on Amazon, hitting #2 in the genre within a few short weeks. Their second collaboration, Catch Your Death became in fact #1.

In the meantime, Mark began writing solo books as well, with The Magpie being his solo debut novel in 2013. It also became a top seller on Amazon. Eventually it became The Magpies series with a shorter novella and a full-length third novel. Currently, Mark Edwards is a full-time writer and stay-at-home dad, living with his wife, three children, and a cat in the West Midlands, England, where he writes  at full-length novels and short stories as time permits, all psychological thrillers. His books have topped the various bestseller lists from his debut novel.

While I enjoy his three series, I have to admit that in the case of this particular author I prefer his standalone psychological thrillers about ordinary people who encounter terrifying events more than his series. Reading the books in order for his series is recommended.


  1. I just wanted to say how I enjoyed your latest novel Here to Stay. It was terrific. Kept me concentrating until the very end. Brilliant. Read it in a week on holiday because I could not put it down. Well done.

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