Lisa Unger Books In Order – Complete List

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger, often called the queen of psychological suspense, is best known for her psychological thriller standalone novels and series such as Lydia Strong, Ridley Jones, Hollows, Whispers, and House of Crows. Here are the Lisa Unger books in order of publication, which also match the reading order.

Latest Lisa Unger Books

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Lydia Strong Books in Publication Order

the series was initially published under the author’s maiden name, Lisa Miscione

  1. Angel Fire, 2002
  2. The Darkness Gathers, 2003
  3. Twice, 2004
  4. Smoke, 2005

Ridley Jones Series in Publication Order

  1. Beautiful Lies, 2006
  2. Sliver of Truth, 2007

Hollows Books in Publication Order / Jones Cooper Books

  1. Fragile, 2010
  2. Darkness, My Old Friend, 2011
  3. In the Blood, 2014
  4. Crazy Love You, 2015
  5. Ink and Bone, 2016

Whispers Books in Publication Order

a novella series in 3 parts to be read between Fragile and Crazy Love You

  1. The Whispers, 2014
  2. The Burning Girl, 2015
  3. The Three Sisters, 2015
  4. The Whispering Hollows, 2016 (omnibus of the 3 Whispers short stories)

House of Crows Novellas in Publication Order

  1. All My Darkest Impulses, 2021
  2. Fog Descending, 2021
  3. Circling the Drain, 2021
  4. Love the Way You Lie, 2021

Standalone Novels in Publication Order

Novellas and Short Stories in Publication Order

Anthologies and Collaborations in Publication Order

About the House of Crows Novellas

The House of Crows series by Lisa Unger is a collection of interconnected novellas that delve into the mysterious and sometimes supernatural experiences of a group of friends. The central narrative revolves around a haunting summer where these friends encountered bizarre and unexplainable events.

As they moved away and grew older, they each attempted to bury these memories. However, the secrets from that summer continued to influence their lives profoundly, creating an undercurrent of tension and unresolved mystery that lingers with each character.

The series captures the essence of psychological suspense with layered characters, a hallmark of Lisa Unger’s writing, and incorporates elements of the supernatural that add depth and intrigue to the story. The novellas explore themes of memory, trauma, and the inescapable nature of the past.

About the Hollows Series

The Hollows series is a collection of psychological thriller novels written by Lisa Unger which revolves around the character of Eloise Montgomery, who possesses the ability to see the secrets and truths hidden within people through touch. The series delves into the dark corners of human nature, exploring themes of mystery, suspense, and the complexities of relationships. The series is set in Hollows, a quaint, charming town outside of New York City.

The Hollows series is an engrossing collection of psychological thrillers, and Whispers offers readers a deeper understanding of Eloise Montgomery’s journey and her unique gift. News & Observer, Raleigh mentioned that Hollows “rivals Stephen King’s Castle Rock for continuity and creepiness.”

About the Whispers Short Stories

The Whispers series by Lisa Unger is a spellbinding novella in three parts centered around the reluctant psychic Eloise Montgomery, who discovers her psychic abilities in the wake of a personal tragedy. This series is particularly known for its gripping narrative and the exploration of the supernatural through the eyes of a reluctant psychic.

The series is connected to the Hollows series, as it serves as a prequel to the first book, Fragile. In Whispers, readers are introduced to Eloise Montgomery and witness the origins of her supernatural abilities. The novella provides background information and insight into Eloise’s past, setting the stage for the subsequent books in the series.

The novella includes three short stories:

  • The Whispers – This is the first story where readers meet Eloise Montgomery and delve into her journey of discovering her psychic talents. It lays the foundation for the character’s development and her subsequent experiences.
  • The Burning Girl – The second installment continues to follow Eloise as she comes to terms with her abilities and the impact it has on her life and the lives of those around her.
  • The Three Sisters – The final story further explores Eloise’s psychic gifts and how they shape her interactions with the world.

These stories are collected in a novella titled The Whispering Hollows, which is often recommended as a starting point for those new to Lisa Unger’s work or the Hollows series. This novella is a compilation of the three stories, allowing readers to experience Eloise Montgomery’s journey in a single volume.

Lisa Unger Biography – About the Author

Lisa Unger was born in 1970 in New Haven, Connecticut. During her early years, she lived in different countries like the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, making her childhood challenging. These experiences cultivated her observational skills and patience.

Her mother being a librarian influenced her to become a storyteller. In an interview, Lisa mentioned that she always wanted to be a writer. Her father, an engineer, also instilled in her a sense of practicality which pushed her to write every day from the moment she woke up.

In her adolescence, Lisa lived in Long Valley, New Jersey, which influenced her as a person and a writer. The town served as a backdrop for her future novels, including The Hollows. Although her brother thought Long Valley inspired The Hollows, Lisa kept the origins of her fictional world a mystery.

At eighteen, Lisa moved to Manhattan, New York, for education and self-discovery. Lisa worked as a publicist in a publishing house for thirteen years but felt discontent. The turning point came when she decided to finish a novel she had been writing for a decade. Eventually, it became her gripping debut, Angel Fire.

Alongside her writing journey, she met her future husband and moved to Florida from New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a published author.

Initially written under the name Lisa Miscione, the first four of Lisa Unger’s books set the stage for her successful career. However, as Lisa Unger, her debut Beautiful Lies in 2006 marked the beginning of international bestsellers, translated into twenty-six languages with over two million sales.

Unger received accolades, including the Silver Falchion Award for In the Blood in 2015. The transition to her new name brought critical acclaim, with her novels featured on “Best Book” lists by notable platforms like The Today Show, People Magazine, The Boston Globe, Pop Sugar, Crime Reads/She Reads Mystery Tribune, Harper’s Bazaar, and Entertainment Weekly, Today Show, Good Morning America, Entertainment Weekly, People, Amazon, Goodreads, L.A. Times, The Boston Globe, Tampa Bay Times, and Sun Sentinel.

A master of suspense, contemporary fiction author Lisa’s influence also extends to short fiction and non-fiction, published in prestigious outlets such as The New York Times and NPR. As the co-president of the International Thriller Writers organization, she remains connected to the literary community.

Lisa Unger’s reputation as an author remains strong with a bibliography that includes over twenty novels, novellas, and short stories to date. In her riveting thriller novels, she is known for her deep psychological insights and ability to craft gripping narratives that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Lisa Unger was featured in Writer’s Digest on October 24, 2023, where she discussed her writing philosophy and the idea that there is always light to be found in the present. This insight into her perspective not only gives readers a glimpse into her creative process but also underscores the thematic depth that she brings to her stories.

Lisa Unger’s books were recently mentioned in various lists such as E! News’s “14 Books to Add to Your Reading List in November,” PopSugar’s “Best Thriller and Mystery Books of 2022,” and AirMail’s “Best New Mystery Books for November 2022.” This highlights her ongoing acclaim in the literary community, the anticipation for her new book The New Couple in 5B due in 2024, and her recent feature in Writer’s Digest discussing her writing philosophy.

Over the years, Lisa Unger’s books were published by various publishing houses, including Broadway Books, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House, followed by St. Martin’s Minotaur, and then Simon & Schuster, which currently serves as the official publisher for Lisa Unger’s literary works.

Currently residing on Florida’s west coast with her family, Lisa’s journey from the bustling streets of New York to the serene landscapes of Florida reflects the suspenseful twists in her novels, establishing her name as synonymous with literary excellence and thrilling storytelling.

Lisa Unger Book Adaptations

Confessions on the 7:45, one of the best-selling novels by Lisa Unger, is being adapted into a show. The project has attached an exciting talent, with Charise Castro Smith set to serve as the showrunner. This adaptation will delve into the gripping tale of a working mom whose life takes a dramatic turn after meeting a stranger on a train.

Adding to the anticipation, Jessica Alba has boarded the adaptation to star in a lead role and will also serve as an executive producer. This collaboration promises to bring Unger’s intricate storytelling and complex characters to life on the screen in a compelling way.

The adaptation of Confessions on the 7:45 is part of a slate of book adaptations coming to Netflix in 2023-2024.

Lisa Unger Awards and Nominations

  • In the Blood – received the Silver Falchion Award in 2015
  • Under My Skin – nominated for Edgar Awards Best Paperback Original in 2019
  • House of Crows series:
    • #1 Bestselling Kindle Single
    • Top 10 Audible Bestseller
    • Silver Falchion Award Winner: Best Short Story Collection
    • Shirley Jackson Award Finalist
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