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Lisa Unger (website) is a wonderful psychological thriller author with close to 20 books published to date. The first nove I’ve read from Lisa Unger was Beautiful Lies, which is also the first in the Ridley Jones series, published in 2006. I was hooked.

Currently I’ve read pretty much everything by this author except her latest novel, a standalone psychological supernatural thriller, Ink and Bone, published in 2016, a book which borders on horror.

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Lisa Unger moved out of country to live in The Netherlands and the UK for several years, after which she moved back to the US, settling in her new life at home.

At the age of 18 she moved to New York, went to college and lived there for 13 years. Being always on the move for many years of her early live, she felt a slight sense of disconnect with the world around her, which contributed a lot to her deep insights in her books to come.

Before becoming an established writer, she worked as a book publicist.

In an interview she gave to a magazine, the author acknowledged that she was writing her whole life, but it took for quite a while until she got her first novel published. However once her first book was published, the rest followed, much to the delight of all her fans.

Lisa Unger currently has 3 series, a novella trilogy and several standalone novels published. Here is the list of each in publication order.

Lydia Strong Series In Order Of Publication

the series was initially published under the author’s maiden name, Lisa Miscione

1. Angel Fire (Lydia Strong #1), 2002

2. The Darkness Gathers (Lydia Strong #2), 2003

3. Twice (Lydia Strong #3), 2004

4. Smoke (Lydia Strong #4), 2005

Ridley Jones Series In Order Of Publication

1. Beautiful Lies (Ridley Jones #1), 2006

2. Sliver of Truth (Ridley Jones #2), 2007

Jones Cooper Series In Order Of Publication

1. Fragile (Jones Cooper #1), 2010

2. Darkness, My Old Friend (Jones Cooper #2), 2011

Whispers Trilogy In Order Of Publication

a novella series in 3 parts to be read between Fragile and Crazy Love You

1. The Whispers (The Whispers #1), 2014

2. The Burning Girl (The Whispers #2), 2014

3. The Three Sisters (The Whispers #3), 2015

Standalone Novels By Lisa Unger In Order Of Publication

Black Out, 2008

Die For You, 2008

Heartbroken, 2012

In the Blood, 2014

Crazy Love You, 2015

Ink and Bone, 2016

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