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Last Updated on April 1, 2024

Reading the New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry’s books for his several main series is not only a treat for crime mystery book lovers but also for zombie apocalypse fans. From his famous Joe Ledger series to the popular Pine Deep Trilogy, all the way to Gagen the Damned, the author has a flavor for every taste.

Here are the Jonathan Maberry books in order, because he wrote so many books ranging between many different series across genres, that it’s easy to get lost while trying to find your next favorite read.

Latest Jonathan Maberry Books

Necrotek (Necrotek #1), 2024
The Dragon in Winter
The Dragon in Winter (Kagen the Damned #3), 2024

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Joe Ledger Books in Order of Publication

  1. Countdown (0.5, prequel), 2011
  2. Patient Zero, 2009 (#1), 2009
  3. Zero Tolerance (#1.1), 2011
  4. Material Witness (#1.2), 2011
  5. Deep, Dark (#1.3), 2011
  6. The Dragon Factory, 2010 (#2)
  7. Dog Days (#2.1), 2011
  8. The King of Plagues (#3), 2011
  9. Assassin’s Code (#4), 2012
  10. Borrowed Power (#4.2), 2013
  11. Extinction Machine (#5), 2013
  12. Joe Ledger: Special Ops (#5.5), 2014
  13. Code Zero (Joe Ledger #6), 2014
  14. Predator One (#7), 2015
  15. Kill Switch (#8), 2016
  16. Dark of Night (#7.5), 2016
  17. Dogs of War (#9), 2017
  18. Deep Silence (#10), 2018

Joe Ledger Short Stories in Order of Publication

Joe Ledger Short Story Collections and Anthologies

short stories in the New York Times bestselling Joe Ledger universe

  1. Joe Ledger: Special Ops, 2014
  2. Joe Ledger: The Missing Files, 2012
  3. Joe Ledger: Unstoppable, 2017
  4. Joe Ledger: Secret Missions 1, 2021
  5. Joe Ledger: Secret Missions 2, 2021
  6. Joe Ledger: Unbreakable, 2023

Rogue Team International Series in Order of Publication

continues the Joe Ledger books, except the team is now independent, not working for any specific government

  1. Rage, 2019
  2. Relentless, 2021
  3. Cave 13, 2023

Books About Joe Ledger

Pine Deep Trilogy in Order of Publication

  1. Ghost Road Blues, 2006
  2. Dead Man’s Song, 2007
  3. Bad Moon Rising, 2008

Pine Deep Short Stories in Order of Publication

  1. Darkness on the Edge of Town, 2015
  2. Long Way Home, 2015
  3. Mister Pockets, 2015
  4. The Trouble, 2015
  5. Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard, 2015
  6. Long Past Midnight, 2023

Rot & Ruin Series / Benny Imura Series in Order of Publication

  1. Rot & Ruin, 2010
  2. Dust & Decay, 2011
  3. Flesh & Bone, 2012
  4. Fire & Ash, 2013
  5. Bits & Pieces, 2015

Benny Imura Short Stories in Order of Publication

  1. Tales of the Rot & Ruin, 2012

Broken Lands Series in Order of Publication

set in the world of the young adult novel series Benny Imura

  1. Broken Lands, 2018
  2. Lost Roads, 2020

Bewilderness Series in Order of Publication

Audible series

  1. Threshold, 2020
  2. What Rough Beast, 2020
  3. Destroyer of Worlds, 2020

Dead of Night Series in Order of Publication

  1. Dead of Night, 2011
  2. Fall of Night, 2014
  3. Dark of Night, 2016 (with Rachael Lavin)
  4. Still of Night, 2018 (with Rachael Lavin)

V-Wars: Chronicles of the Vampire Wars Books in Order of Publication

  1. V Wars, 2012
  2. Blood and Fire, 2014

V-Wars Related Books in Order of Publication

  1. All Of Us Monsters, 2015 (graphic novel)
  2. Night Terrors, 2016 (short story collection)
  3. Shockwaves, 2016 (short story collection)
  4. V-Wars: The Graphic Novel Collection, 2019

Limbus Inc. Books in Order of Publication

  1. Limbus Inc., 2013 (with Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Joseph Nassise, Anne C Petty, and Brett J Talley)
  2. Limbus, Inc. Book II, 2014
  3. Limbus, Inc. – Book III, 2016

Dylan Quinn Series in Order of Publication

Mystery series for teens

  1. Watch Over Me, 2016
  2. Cold Cold Heart, 2016

The Nightsiders Series in Order of Publication

  1. The Orphan Army, 2015
  2. Vault of Shadows, 2016

Kagen the Damned Series in Order of Publication

Dark epic fantasy novels

  1. Kagen the Damned (#1), 2022
  2. I Say Your Name in the Dark Nights (#1.5), 2022
  3. Son of the Poison Rose (#2), 2023
  4. The Dragon in Winter (#3), 2024

Sleepers Books in Order of Publication

  1. Alpha Wave, 2023 (with Weston Ochse)

Necrotek Books in Order of Publication

  1. Necrotek, 2024

Standalone Novels in Order of Publication

  • The Wolfman (movie novelization)
  • Mars One, 2017 (teen sci-fi novel)
  • Indigo, 2017 (supernatural thriller collaboration with Kelley Armstrong, Christopher Golden, Charlaine Harris, Tim Lebbon, Seanan McGuire, James A Moore, Mark Morris, Cherie Priest and Kat Richardson)
  • Glimpse, 2018 (horror novel)
  • Ink, 2020 (supernatural thriller)

Audiobooks in Order of Publication

Graphic Novels in Order of Publication

Series Contributed To

Short Story Collections and Anthologies in Order of Publication

Non-Fiction Books in Order of Publication

Who is Joe Ledger?

We first met Joe in Patient Zero, in the early days when he was still a detective with Baltimore PD. He is also a former Army Ranger and FBI agent.

When strange things started to happen and someone took notice of Joe’s heroic actions, he was recruited into DMS, the Department of Military Sciences led by a very cryptic and enigmatic Mr. Church, to solve the weird cases that noone else would touch.

Cases that involve zombies, vampires, genetically modified humans, bio-weapons, plagues, drones, aliens, and so much more…

Joe is now a specially trained agent who, in each book, travels around the world to save it from extinction. His killer instincts help him and his team more than once, and he has three different personalities – cop, warrior, and civilized man – due to some childhood trauma.

Still, those personalities are in constant war with each other, and often it’s a surprise to see which side comes out victorious at the time. Still, from book to book, he learns to control these personalities and bring out the right one for when it is needed.

Joe evolves, becomes stronger and more badass, and at some point he is almost a superhero. Not much can get him down, or if they do, he always gets up and kills them before they can do a final blow.

He has strong morals but he is willing to do whatever is needed to save the world. Sometimes this involves doing things dangerous and morally gray things that the average person wouldn’t dare do.

He is a flawed person, no doubt about it. But he is also not afraid of all that much, and that’s why Church trusts him to go out and do the things nobody else would. When he makes mistakes, he rises above them and moves forward.

One of my favorite Joe Ledger quotes:

When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week, then there’s either something wrong with your skills or something wrong with your world. And there’s nothing wrong with my skills. (Patient Zero)

Jonathan Maberry Biography – About the Author

New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry was born in Kensington, Philadelphia in 1958. He went to Frankford High School, after which he attended Temple University.

As his childhood was spent in a rough neighborhood, he took martial arts classes to defend himself.

Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry’s first works were non-fiction books related to the topic of martial arts with titles such as Judo and You, Ultimate Jujutsu and Ultimate Sparring. He holds an 8th-degree black belt in Shinowara-Ryu Jujutsu

The next step in his career changed his topics drastically from martial arts to the esoteric the occult and the paranormal, having written books including The Vampire Slayers Field Guide to the Undead, Vampire Universe: The Dark World of Supernatural Beings That Haunt Us and Wanted Undead or Alive, among others.

The author started writing on a professional level while in college, by selling magazine articles as a magazine feature writer.

Moving on to writing novels, he debuted with Ghost Road Blues in 2007, a novel which won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel.

Only when you really check out Jonathan Maberry’s books do you realize just how many genres he has touched over the years. From martial arts non-fiction and vampire books, he moved on to horror novels, science fiction, post-apocalyptic zombie stories, techno-thrillers, teen mysteries, science fiction stories and even comic books.

He is really a man of many talents, especially considering that he even wrote greeting cards back in the day (betcha you didn’t know this!).

Over the years, Jonathan Maberry had several jobs. He was a bodyguard, bouncer, martial arts instructor, a teacher at Temple University. As a teacher and content creator he also wrote textbooks for students. In addition, he created martial arts and self-defense programs for women and the police force.

When you think about it, his career could have taken really many different paths, considering that he also knew how to read the tarot and even tea leaves. But then again, Jonathan Maberry’s books on the occult and his horror novels do show this facet of his vast knowledge on all that is out there beyond our five senses. His short stories also appeared in the Nightmare Magazine.

One could say the Joe Ledger stories are Jonathan Maberry’s most popular series, however, it really depends on which genre is your favorite when you come across this author. I love mysteries and thrillers, so Joe Ledger was my entry point before discovering Rot & Ruin, but I have a Goodreads friend who started with the author’s zombie series and then transitioned to Joe Ledger.

For me, Joe Ledger is special. When I started reading this series, I was heavily into military thrillers and horrors, so Joe Ledger fits right in with the rest. It was also at a time when military thriller as a genre was booming.

So who is Joe Ledger anyway? The author created this hardened Baltimore cop who’s seen way too much in his days in a way that we got to love him from the very first book. Joe is approached by Mr. Church, who wants him to join a super-secret special ops government agency to deal with stuff that normal people don’t ever need to learn about. The agency is called DMS and over the next few books, Joe Ledger becomes one of its most important members.

I’ve so far read every book in the series that was published – as soon as it was published. If I were to read them now, I would definitely read them in order, starting from Patient Zero.

So, yes, I suggest that you read the Joe Ledger books in order because without it you’ll lose much of not only the character progression but also storyline. For example, Dogs of War starts right where Kill Switch left off, and without reading the former first, the latest Jonathan Maberry book won’t make much sense.

Not only that, but some books have recurring (bad) characters, but I won’t spoil it for you. So make sure you that read the Jonathan Maberry Joe Ledger novels in the proper reading order, and while you’re at it, read Countdown first. It is a short novella that really helps nail Joe Ledger down and sets the stage for what is yet to come.

The latest Jonathan Maberry series is Necrotek, a gripping science fiction thriller full of ghosts, Gods, and a battle for the soul of humanity. It features the author’s thrilling new novel with the same title. The series started in 2024.

Jonathan Maberry is the creator of CoffeeHouse, which is a monthly three-hour informal gathering for writers of all levels and genres, held in various locations across the country, where networking and discussions are open-ended.

He is also a member of the International Thrillers Association and is the head of the NJ-PA chapter in the Horror Writers Association.


  1. So many questions left unanswered in Pine Deep. Is there going to be another installment?

    1. Not another major installment, but a short story to be released in August with the title Long Past Midnight

    2. There is a collection of old and new Pine Deep short stories due out in August. LONG PAST MIDNIGHT: TALES FROM PINE DEEP. It will answer a LOT of your questions.

  2. Love Love Love Joe Ledger! Any talk of Book 2 of Rogue Team International Series?

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