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Last Updated on March 29, 2024

New York Times bestselling author Karen Rose’s books fall under the umbrella of the Romantic Suspense Series. However, they can be further classified based on their location (Chicago, North Carolina, Cincinnati, etc). In addition, she also has a new series separated from her main set of novels set in San Diego.

Here are all the Karen Rose books in order of publication, chronology and location in separate series.

Latest Karen Rose Books

Cheater (San Diego Case Files #2), 2024
Buried Too Deep
Buried Too Deep (New Orleans #3), 2024

All of Karen Rose’s books take place in the same universe and are connected. However, they are separated into series by their location. The location-based series are listed further down.

Chicago Books in Publication Order

St. Petersburg Books in Order of Publication

This is a novella that was initially included in an anthology called Hot Pursuit in 2004. The novella, set in St. Petersburg, was reissued separately in 2014.

Daniel Vartanian Books in Order of Publication

This is the only subseries that is named after a person rather than a location. It features Daniel Vartanian, a Special Agent at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Minneapolis Books in Order of Publication

Baltimore Books in Order of Publication

Cincinnati Books in Order of Publication

Sacramento Books in Order of Publication

New Orleans Books in Order of Publication

San Diego Case Files Books in Order of Publication

Short Stories in Order of Publication

Anthologies in Order of Publication

  1. Hot Pursuit (includes Dirty Secrets), 2004 (with Annie Soloman, Carla Cassidy)

Romantic Suspense Series in Reading Order

All the romantic suspense universe novels in order of publication.

  1. Don’t Tell (#1) 2003
  2. Have You Seen Her? (#2), 2004
  3. I’m Watching You (#3), 2004
  4. Nothing to Fear (#4), 2005
  5. Dirty Secrets (#4.5), 2004
  6. You Can’t Hide (#5), 2006
  7. Count to Ten (#6), 2007
  8. Die For Me (#7), 2007
  9. Scream For Me (#8), 2008
  10. Kill For Me (#9), 2009
  11. I Can See You (#10), 2009
  12. Silent Scream (#11), 2010
  13. You Belong To Me (#12), 2011
  14. No One Left To Tell (#13), 2012
  15. Did You Miss Me? (#14), 2012
  16. Broken Silence (#14.5), 2013
  17. Watch Your Back (#15), 2013
  18. Closer Than You Think (#16), 2014
  19. Alone in the Dark (#17), 2015
  20. Every Dark Corner (#18), 2016
  21. Monster in the Closet (#19), 2017
  22. Edge of Darkness (#20), 2017
  23. Death is Not Enough (#21), 2018
  24. Say You’re Sorry (#22), 2019
  25. Into the Dark (#23), 2019
  26. Say No More (#24), 2020
  27. Say Goodbye (#25), 2021
  28. Quarter to Midnight (#26), 2022
  29. Beneath Dark Waters (#27), 2023
  30. Cold Blooded Liar (#28), 2023
  31. Cheater (#29), 2024

Karen Rose Biography – About the Author

Karen Rose author

Karen Rose was born Karen Rose Hafer in 1964 in Baltimore, Maryland. She grew up in a small town outside of Washington D.C.

When she was 17, she met her future husband with whom she moved to Cincinnati, Ohio right after graduating from the University of Maryland. She graduated with a major in chemical engineering.

Later, she worked for several years in the pharmaceutical industry, while also working as a high school chemistry and physics teacher. At some point, she changed career and started writing books.

First, she wrote romance novels, but soon she changed directions and began writing books in the romantic suspense genre. This could give her more freedom in tackling complex characters and plotlines.

She published her debut novel, Don’t Tell, in 2003. It was immediately well received by readers and critics, and it soon established Karen Rose as a rising star in the romantic thriller genre. After Don’t Tell, Karen Rose wrote and published several other novels, including Have You Seen Her? and I’m Watching You, both which became international bestsellers.

Her stories are full of intense action, gripping suspense, a serial killer or two, and even steamy romance. All her books are set in the same universe, and they are only split in multiple series based on their location.

Her books are considered romantic thrillers and suspense, a genre that I enjoy reading when I want to pick up something lighter than the hardcore thrillers and crime mysteries I usually spend my time with.

Edge of Darkness is my favorite book in the Cincinnati series. The two main characters are Adam Kimble, a homicide detective, and Meredith Fallon, a child psychologist. The two had a short relationship in the past. Now, when they met again, they discovered that their feelings for each other were just as strong as before.

Meredith works with sexually abused children. While out celebrating her success with a patient, there is an attempt on her life, but she is unharmed. While trying to figure out who shot her, Adam is there for her, wanting nothing more than protect her with his life.

Both Meredith and Adam are “damaged goods” (some of the previous Cincinnati books go more in-depth into it) and, somehow, they manage to have deep feelings for each other. These feelings might just be what saves them both.

In addition, in 2023, Karen Rose started a new San Diego series, which features homicide detective Kit McKittrick and the kind-hearted psychologist who treats court-ordered clients, Sam Reeves. The series has currently two books.

Despite her success, Karen Rose is challenging herself to better her craft from book to book. She has a strong attention to detail, and she does indepth research for each of her stories. Often she spends months doing research on topics and places for any of her books.

Besides, writing, she is a strong advocate for literacy and education. Over the years, she has been involved in several activities to promote literacy and reading among children and adults. She also regularly participates in speaking evens that promote such causes. Karen Rose is one of my favorite romantic suspense authors. I’ve been reading her books ever since I came across her first novel, Don’t Tell, back in 2003 when I got hooked on her stories.

Currently, Karen lives in Florida with her husband, their two children, and the family cat, Bella.

Should we Read the Karen Rose Books in Order?

Having read pretty much all of the Karen Rose books (except for the last one and a novella), I can safely say yes, it’s best to read the Karen Rose books in the proper order. The reason is that several characters appear in various novels, and they don’t always correspond to the location/book setting.

If you read them out of order, you might find yourself lacking a few background details that make reading the books much more entertaining.

Sure, you can read them as you get them as well, but your enjoyment will not be as full, simply because some books nicely wrap up events that have taken place in previous books in the various location series (e.g. the Baltimore series, etc).

Classifying the Karen Rose books in reading order is not as easy as it seems, because various characters appear in several novels, and there are also place relationships between books.

For example, some of the Karen Rose books are set in Minneapolis, others in Baltimore, and yet others in Atlanta, Cincinnati, St. Petersburg, and Chicago.

As for characters, you have Ethan Buchanan who is featured in several books, Dr. Tess Ciccotelli is featured in  others, and Dana Dupinsky is featured in a few other novels (and not all these novels are the same with the ones featuring Ethan Buchanan).

For all intents and purposes, I think the best way to classify the books are based on the location/setting. In addition, the books are listed in chronological order, with the publication date listed in brackets at the end.

Have you read any of Karen Rose’s books and if yes, what did you think of them?

Karen Rose Awards

  • Die for Me – RT Reviewers Choice Award for best romantic suspense, in 2007
  • I’m Watching You – RITA Award for best romantic suspense, in 2005
  • Kill for Me – RT Reviewers Choice Award for Contemporary Mystery, 2009
  • Silent Scream – RITA Award for Best Romantic Suspense, 2011

Her books have been so far translated into over 20 languages and have been featured on various bestseller lists, including the New York Times, USA Today, London’s Sunday Times, and Germany’s Der Spiegel.


  1. Have read all the books. Mainly in series order,but have them in numerical order.
    Love all the characters and other than Mia (count to 10), have sort of got them in order in my mind.
    Hoping there are more to come with these characters.

  2. Have read all the books in order and find that some stories are almost a rehash of others! Don’t get me wrong, love the books but the crimes are all solved within a few days and most of the couples to fall for each other way too quickly – just spread it out further – yes it happens but not at this level. Some of the men come across as sexual predators with the thoughts and the way they pursue the women. Most of the characters have ridiculous backgrounds end up with equally dysfunctional partners

  3. I love all of her books, don’t really have a favourite book but love Deacon and Faith also Danni. i have read all of them but haven’tread all of them in order which was a bit annoying did manage to catch up with who the characters were and which books they were from. I’ve just finished Say no more and can’t wait to get her new book and find out which characters old and new are in it.

  4. I have read all her books! Just purchased Say No More. Would love to read the two in kindle form but I am hearing impaired. Love, love her style!

  5. Karen Rose – excellent read and I have nearly read all of them, can’t wait for her next book

  6. I am just starting the last book in the series. I enjoyed the series completely. Hoping another book is in the works. I love all the characters.

  7. straight into the bin,to many people, to complicated,couldnt keep up,ripped two books up and into the bin,and hardly got started,read reviews on 2nd karen rose book,same said,to many complicated people,that went in bin.now reading reviews saying must read in order has put me right off,ive about 10 other karen rose books thinking of just putting them in bin,but may give them away,to much like hard work,better things to do in life,wanted to get back into reading and i must say her books have put me right off,prologue was good in death is not enough,but then 19 years later i just lost the plot within a few pages and thought,no Dave this is to complicated,ripped it up and in the bin.try another writer to suit my simple needs.

  8. I have read every book written by Karen Rose. Loved them all. Yes these should be read in order as the characters become almost like family. They are the type of reading that you can’t put down. Waited & waited for Dani & Diesel’s, excellent as expected. Enjoying new Sacramento series too.

  9. I have walked many miles listening to her books. I am just finishing Dani and Diesels story and all I can say is Wow and ahhhhhhhhh. Have already preordered Say No More. Have loved her books from the very first one I read. Highly recommended and must read in order.

  10. I really really enjoy Karen Rose books and have 18 so far. I do have a question though, is it normal practice for the ME to contact the detectives when he/she has c found something and have them drop everything and rush to the mortuary to get news they could have got over the phone ?

  11. Please bring back
    Deacon and Faith. I presume they get married as I read that Faith was pregnant. I love all the books and Closer than you Think is the latest one I have read. Are there more in the Cincinnati Series?

  12. Totally love her style of writing… you can feel the emotional electricity between her characters … Karen you are awesome.. my favourite so far and I’ve read a few is Don’t tell … just wow.. Almost finished, You Belong to Me, and have it sitting on top of Alone in the Dark, hoping it’s as fabulous as You Belong to Me is .. off to the book store today as my husband has read all of the Karen Rose books we have in the house, a firm favourite author.. if you haven’t read them, why not? Must reads

  13. Love all her books. Thank you for the list, it really helps to keep them all in sequence. Can’t wait to get more.

  14. I have all the books now, just started Nothing to Fear,
    Absolutely love Karen Rose.

  15. I absolutely love Karen’s books, I feel as if I am in the book, I get so engrossed in them, and nothing else matters,i love the characters, and all their personalities, and I just can’t wait until the next book finally comes out,thank you Karen rose.

  16. Just started reading Karen Rose on my second book and can’t put it down .If the rest of the books are as good there will be no sleep for a long time

  17. These sound like an interesing read. I haven’t had the chance to check them out yet.

  18. I am listening to Watch Your Back as I write. I have read others out of order so this list is just what I was looking for. The names Ethan and Faith ring bells – my memory has waved bye-bye so I can re-read books or listen to CD’s

  19. I have read all her books except the latest one “Alone in the Dark.” I hope Ms Rose can see these comments because i’m begging her to bring back Deacon and Faith again. I can’t get enough of those two, they light up the pages and Faith is such a comical character. Please please bring back Deacon and Faith (Closer than you Think). Thank you for all the sleepless nights that i couldn’t put your books down, that is a compliment not a complaint.

  20. I am addicted to Karen Rose Books and am currently reading “Alone in the Dark”. I am so worried that I have only one more to read then I will be waiting for Karen to get cracking on another one. Please hurry Karen !!!

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