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James Thompson books in orderJames Thompson was an American Finnish author enjoying great popularity with his Inspector Kari Vaara crime mystery series. It is a series that I’ve recently picked up as well, starting with Snow Angels, which is incidentally also the debut novel by this author.

He is considered a popular domestic Finnish author, which is extremely rare for a foreign author. He is not foreign to the Finnish language, however, as he was living with his wife in Finland, for the last 15 years.

In addition to writing novels, he was also writing for various popular blogs, including The New York Journal of Books and International Crime Writers Reality Check. Before starting his writing career, James Thompson has worked as a bartender, bouncer, construction worker, and even soldier.

The first three novels in the Inspector Kari Vaara series are to be turned into movies in the future, as the international firm rights for them has been already optioned.

The author passed away in 2014, so sadly the 5th book in his series will also be his last.

Here are the James Thompson books in the series in the proper reading order, which is also the publication order.

Inspector Kari Vaara Books In Order Of Publication

1. Snow Angels (Inspector Kari Vaara #1), 2009

2. Lucifer’s Tears (Inspector Kari Vaara #2), 2011

3. Helsinki White (Inspector Kari Vaara #3), 2012

4. Helsinki Blood (Inspector Kari Vaara #4), 2013

5. Helsinki Dead (Inspector Kari Vaara #5) – the book was left unfinished at the time of his death. Publication date is unknown.

Other Works by James Thompson

Helsinki Noir (collection of short stories), 2014 – editor, also included one short story by him

Jerusalemin Veri, 2008 – written in Finnish

Jumalan Nimeen, 2010 – written in Finnish

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