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Rick Mofina is a popular Canadian award-winning author of crime fiction and suspense thrillers who started his writing career in earnest in 2000 with the book If Angels Fall. This is the book that got me to read everything else he has written ever since.

Here are the Rick Mofina books in order for his several crime mystery series as well as standalone books such as Missing Daughter and Her Last Goodbye, and short stories and short story collections such as A Lifetime Burning in a Moment.

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Tom Reed and Walt Sydowski Books in Publication Order

Crime Reporter & SFPD Homicide Inspector

  1. If Angels Fall, 2000
  2. Cold Fear, 2001
  3. Blood of Others, 2002
  4. No Way Back, 2003
  5. Be Mine, 2004

Jason Wade Books in Publication Order

  1. The Dying Hour, 2005
  2. Every Fear, 2006
  3. Perfect Grave, 2007

Jack Gannon Books in Publication Order

  1. Vengeance Road, 2009
  2. The Panic Zone, 2010
  3. In Desperation, 2011
  4. The Burning Edge, 2011

Kate Page Books in Publication Order

  1. Whirlwind, 2014
  2. Full Tilt, 2015
  3. Every Second, 2015
  4. Free Fall, 2016

Ray Wyatt Thriller Books in Publication Order

  1. Into the Fire, 2022
  2. The Hollow Place, 2022
  3. Requiem, 2022

Standalone Books in Publication Order

Short Stories, Novellas, and Short Story Collections in Publication Order

  • Murder in Vegas: New Crime Tales of Gambling and Desperation (anthology including Lightning Rider) edited by Michael Connelly
  • Dangerous Women & Desperate Men (anthology including Blood Red Rings, Lightning Rider, Three Bullets to Queensland, and As Long As We Both Shall Live), 2011
  • Backup, 2012
  • The Last Pursuit, 2012
  • A Lifetime Burning in a Moment, 2012
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Rick Mofina Biography – About The Author

Rick Mofina grew up in Belleville, Ontario, in Canada, in a working-class family. Before writing novels, he wrote several short stories in grade school and at age 15, he sold his first short story to a U.S. magazine.

As a child, his mother encouraged the author to write stories. She even bought him his first typewriter, a portable manual Royal.

As a teenager, he had a chance to hitchhike to California, which sparked the very first of his attempts at writing about his experience, which he wrote at the age of 18, a story he never published.

Before attending university, he held various menial jobs, which included working at a horseracing track and delivering cars to California.

At the Carleton University in Ottawa, he studied American Detective fiction, English Literature, and journalism. During summer he spent his time as a rookie reporter at the Toronto Star (the same paper where also Hemingway worked at some point), propelling his way to becoming a journalist at Calgary Herald, Southern newswire service and The Ottawa Citizen, among others.

During his job as a journalist, he came across – and fact to face – with twisted serial killers on death row, where he covered serial killings in California, Alberta and Las Vegas. His freelance crime stories have appeared all over the world in prominent magazines and newspapers, such as The New York Times, Marie Claire, Reader’s Digest, The Moscow Times, and The South China Morning Post magazine. Such publications added several of his relevant works.

All this experience shaped what he would become later, one of our century’s most prominent crime mystery and thriller authors. His books often what is called a heart pounding thrill ride.

If Angels Fall is the first of Rick Mofina’s books in the Tom Reed and reed and Walt Sydowski series, which I have read several years ago. It left such a strong impression that I soon found myself seeking out everything else he has written since then. If features the fearless crime reporter and SFPD Homicide Inspector who join forces to solve several cases over five books.

The Rick Mofina book list currently includes five series, several standalone novels, and many short stories. His books have been printed over 2 million times in over two dozen countries. His latest book is Everything She Feared, published 2023, a standalone thriller novel. Someone Saw Something will be published early 2024.

He is a member of many book club associations, including Mystery Writers of America, the International Thriller Writers, the International Crime Writers Association, the Crime Writers’ Association, and Crime Writers of Canada. He is a constantly featured panelist at various mystery conferences in the US and Canada. His books have won and have been shortlisted for several prestigious awards.

One of my favorite of Rick Mofina’s books in order in (my favorite so far is part of the K. Page series, Free Fall, published in 2016. The series includes four books so far. In an interview, the author mentioned that he drew inspiration for Kate’s character from several female reporters he came across during his investigative work, along with inspiration from women in other jobs, along with moms.

In Missing Daughter, published 2019, the lives of Ryan and Karen Lane change dramatically when they discover one morning that their daughter’s room window is open and the girl is missing from the house. The police investigation reveals several damning facts, and now suddenly everyone is a suspect in Maddie’s disappearance. However, there is no sign of Maddie, and the couple fears that they have lost their child for good.

In Her Last Goodbye, the book motto is Family ties run deep. Family secrets run deeper. Perfect Wife. Doting Mom. The 2022 novel features a missing mother and wife, with the husband being suspected of harming her. The abducted wife theme is quite popular in the thriller genre, and the author made sure that his contribution is top-notch.

Before writing books, Rick Mofina’s time includes a lot of research for his materials. For example, he researched avionics and read several FBI reports focusing on plane crashes in several countries. He even talked to a previous NTSB accident investigator.

Being for a long time a reporter in his daily work, he found it easy to do this investigative work. That’s why, that novel is tangentially also a techno-thriller, touching on highly technical elements in the book, while also maintaining the crime mystery element as well.

He also drew from his rookie reporting work at the Toronto Star when he first created Rick Mofina’s Jason Wade trilogy. In The Dying Hour, Jason Wade is a rookie reporter chasing his first big story, just like the author was back in the day at The Toronto Star during his summer working at that newspaper.

At the moment, he no longer works as a reporter but still has a full-time day job in another arena of communications. Yet, he still finds time to write a book every year, much to the delight of his fans. He currently lives in Ottawa, Canada. The Rick Mofina books in order are getting more and more popular with new novels written every year.

Rick Mofina Awards and Nominations

Over the years, his books in order have been published in close to 30 countries, including an illegal translation of his thriller, If Angels Fall, produced in Iran. He is a twice-receiver of the Arthur Ellis Award, once for Best Novel in 2003, and once for Best Short Story in 2006. He was hailed as one of the best thriller writers in the business by Library Journal. Dean Koontz mentioned about the author that he wrote “a fine book series of thrillers to which Be Mine is a great addition: “swiftly paced, entertaining, with authentic details of police procedure.” In addition, Rick Mofina’s books have been lauded by prominent writers such as James Patterson, Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen, Jeffery Deaver, Sandra Brown, James Rollins, Brad Thor, Nick Stone, David Morrell, Allison Brennan, Heather Graham, Linwood Barclay, Peter Robinson, Håkan Nesser, and Kay Hooper. The Crime Writers of Canada have listed his titles among some of the best in crime fiction.

  • If Angels Fall – Finalist for an Arthur Ellis Award
  • Cold Fear –  Finalist for an Arthur Ellis Award
  • Blood of Others – Winner of the Arthur Ellis Award
  • The Dying Hour – Finalist International Thriller Award
  • A Perfect Grave –  Spinetingler Rising Star Award Finalist
  • Vengeance Road – Finalist Shamus Award and International Thriller Award
  • The Panic Zone – Finalist Shamus Award
  • In Desperation – RTBook Reviews – Reviewers’ Choice Best Book Award
  • Whirlwind – Finalist International Thriller Award
  • Missing Daughter – Winner Barry Award
  • Lightning Rider  – Winner Arthur Ellis Award
  • As Long As We Both Shall Live  – Finalist Arthur Ellis Award
  • Backup – Finalist Arthur Ellis Award and International Thriller Award
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  1. wow I just finished Last Seen. It was an awesome book. Very interesting and hard to put down. I don’t usually read books where children are taken because they give me nightmares but decided to try this one, and so glad I did! Very well written about a terrifying subject without going into any gory facts or elaborating on what didn’t need to be. Thank you

    1. Everything She Feared will be released this April. It’s already on preorder on Amazon.

  2. Her Last Goodbye is the first Rick Mofina book I have read. I was so engrossed I couldn’t but it down until I finished it.

    I will be reading alll of his works. I hope our local library has some. Ir good to know that he’s Canadian.

  3. Why can I only find The Only Human as a Kindle and not a hardback or paperback ?

  4. Rick Mofina is the best author, hands down. He keeps me from being lonely.i wish he would write faster.i have read every book and have loved them all.Thank you Rick.Im proud you are a Canadian.

  5. You wrote at the beginning of this article: “Rick Mofina is a popular American author of crime fiction and suspense thrillers” Rick is Canadian, not American.

  6. How do Mr. Rick from Placerville (Hangtown) Ca. I just discovered your library of well received titles by suggestion from Audiable Books. “Cold Fear” along with all of your “Reed Sydowski Series” crime novels are being offered to Premium Members as myself for free. And, I downloaded all five after listening to only a third of “Cold Fear” which I am throughly enjoying. Having been born in San Francisco, raised in the Bay Area and lived in Kallispell Montana with much time spent in Glacier National Park, it’s no wonder! I have lived in the Rockies and now back in the Sierra near So Lake Tahoe where I have also lived, “Cold Fear” just resonates. Looking forward to getting to know your work much better as all of your titles appeal to my senses and reading prowess; Harlan Coben, Karen Slaughter, Nick Pirog, CJ Box, Ania Ahlborn, Jo Nesbo, Lisa Gardner, Douglass Preston & Lee Childs Pendergast series, Mathew Fitzsimmon, Nick Cutter, Bentley Little, Greg Olsen, Robert Mccammon (a long time favorite), along with several others looks to include Rick Mofina in this coveted list of fiction genius! Sincerely, Ski Laughing-Bear

  7. Hi Rick
    Just wanted to let you know I’m enjoying your books!!
    I m reading all your books. Right now I have 2of them.
    Please let me know about any new ones.

  8. Amazing writer, I love Rick Mofina’s books…new twists and turns on every page…right until the very last page. Hard tp put the book down..

  9. I just read my first book by Rick I enjoyed it immensely now I want to start at beginning of his books so what should I start eith

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